3 Replies to “To disclose or not to disclose?”

  1. We do disclose. All podcasters that we know are extremely discrete. The people that gossip are the ones without blogs or podcasts.

    As for making money on podcasting:
    You are better off in a well-paying job, like flipping burgers. 🙂


  2. If it's in your profile and you've been contact via the profile I would think you wouldn't need to bring it up in conversation. Then again I might just be assuming too much of people.. So maybe you'd want to actually still bring it up.

    If you just meet someone at a meet and greet or party, I would mention it.. That way the other party knows you may blog/podcast about it and they know you will be discreet. It then gives them the ability to either opt out or ask you not to blog/podcast about it if they don't feel comfortable.


  3. Personally, I've kept my blog separate from my local, real life community. I find it hard to blog freely and opening if I'm worried about who might be reading and then turning around to gossip.

    Now that my blog is moving further away from sharing specific experiences to sharing philosophy gained from personal experience, I'm playing around again with the idea of disclosing and becoming more active in my local community.


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