Lifestyle Apps – Which ones would you recommend?

In learning more about the Lifestyle, there are a ton of podcasts and blogs that are very helpful. We have several linked here on our blog that we would recommend you check out as they are very fun and educational. Of course there are sexy shows such as Swing that really have been both exciting and educational to watch.
Naturally there are a lot of people in the Lifestyle on twitter, Instagram and there are also several webpages and apps that are very helpful in your journey. 
What are some of the best apps for the Lifestyle? Such as games for ice breakers, parties, calendars, club finders, etc. When looking in the App store, there seems to be slim pickings, so please share your thoughts of Lifestyle apps or Sexy apps in general.

One Reply to “Lifestyle Apps – Which ones would you recommend?”

  1. Hello! very glad I found BOB!
    We are a couple from Brazil, and while initiating on this exciting world we didn't know how to start an honest engagement. When we found another couple that we thought were also interested, we didn’t know what to do!
    We wanted something that could make us feel confident with new friends and decided to create a game, first cardboard, then evolved to a new app “BlameItOn”, now available in the app store.
    We are no app developers, we have been able to learn what we needed to put together this simple yet exciting app from scratch.
    I think this is the only one of it's kind for the Iphone.
    The intention of the game is to break the ice and progress with hot tasks and to hook up couples that want to play with other couples but do not know how to start. Its a simple and fun game, no Ads at all.

    I'd be glad to provide you with a free promo code so you could evaluate and provide some feedback to us. Just email me back.
    Our website is and its very basic. Remember, we are no web-experts!

    Thank you


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