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We have a lovely couple that we know from fun gatherings in the past, B&J. We are posting their take as a guest blog post for their second time returning to Desire. 


Guest Blog: Returning to Desire for the second time

As we get our things together for our second trip to Desire, our thoughts go back to that first trip. For transparency, be aware that we were two years into our Lifestyle (LS) journey before we stepped foot into Mexico, so we were not complete newbies. We had already attended a few hotel takeovers, visited multiple clubs, etc. so we were excited but not afraid of what we would see. Plus, we had some friends whose trip overlapped ours that we would be meeting. I’ll refer to us as B&J, because if those are your initials, why not?

We booked pretty last minute through the resort website and had maybe a month to get outfits together and think about what the resort would really be like. Photos on a website can be misleading and some of our club experiences back that up, so expectations were high because of reviews but also realistic. We didn’t think the resort would be filled with only the model types they use on the website. The flight was fun; trying to scope out who might be heading our way is a must. The instructions they give for your hotel transfer were helpful and specific, so we had no problems finding our driver. J likes it warm but B was happy the car had the ac cranked for the trip over.

When you walk in the door, you are treated with respect; the service is amazing. Our luggage disappeared, we were shown to seats and handed flutes of champagne. J had to go through three or four glasses by the time we went through check in, wristbands, the rules. Every time your glass is empty, another magically appears until you say no thank you. The check-in process is meant to make sure everyone has their privacy protected and feels safe. No means no everywhere, even at an LS resort 

After a quick tour, we headed to the pool bar with our carry-on and grabbed seats and drinks. People in various states of dress and undress were mingling on the deck and in the water. The bar has a dry side that faces the lunch buffet and a swim up the side so you don’t have to leave the water (side note: the pool deck can be VERY slippery when you get out, proceed with caution). Before you know it, some very nice couples had introduced themselves and stated: “First time here, huh?” B & J wondered if we had newbie wristbands but were assured it was because we were still clothed.

We hadn’t thought to pack suits in our travel on, but it took very little encouragement for J to head to the ladies room to ditch her travel clothes. J loves being naked. B is usually more of a voyeur and less of an exhibitionist, but the resort feels safe and natural, so he headed to the men’s room and we both were down to undies before our friends found us. It wasn’t long before someone came and informed us our room was ready, our luggage was waiting for us and we went to change into suits.

We’ll be honest, the room we paid for is not a high-end luxury suite. We’ve stayed in fancier rooms. But the rooms are clean, bright, large beds and functional bathrooms. The mini-fridge is stocked with water, soda, and beer. J always unpacks when we get into a hotel room, so she loved the large closet that held all our outfits and luggage. The view from our room was amazing and we lucked out on the location. Just far, enough away from the lobby bar to mute late night noise, but close enough to be a quick trip to all the action. And hopefully, you won’t be spending much time in the room anyway.

The pool is a great place to meet new people. The Riviera Maya pool is more active, chatty… lots of kissing and touching. The Pearl pool was a bit more reserved, maybe because it’s larger and people are spread farther out. There is also beach areas at both resorts, RM having more room and a bar right on the beach. It also has a row of beds behind the lounge chairs. The year we were there, they were off limits for sex. The beach has security even at night so we felt safe heading down together or alone at any time.

We both felt the food was great. Breakfast was a buffet in the largest restaurant. Definitely, try one of the special juice blends for a quick recovery/ morning pickup. You can get a made to order omelet, browse dishes that range from traditional Mexican to what you would find in an American place. J’s a foodie, so she tried as many different foods as possible. She also doesn’t eat dairy and was thrilled to find many choices that were dairy free. Lunch for us was at the poolside buffet most days. One day we were spending a lazy day poolside (reserve a bed early if you want to be sure to get one) and they delivered us wonderful hamburgers and drinks without having to leave the lounges.

Dinners have choices. Reserve early if you want one of the smaller places or your only choice will be the larger restaurant where breakfast is served. We ate at all of the restaurants at Desire Riviera Maya and one at Pearl. Service is outstanding! You have choices and will never be hungry. They have no problem bringing you a second entree if you are still hungry. We did manage to get the Hibachi show one night. Space is limited on that so book early if you really want it. They were also super accommodating and seated our group of twelve at Sahlo, which is supposed to be a more intimate setting. They also were willing to seat our party of 10 at Pearl when the tables are for four; we sat five ladies at one table and the five men at another. The talk was great and the men sent over champagne.
Remember that although this is a clothing optional resort, the board of health rules require

Picture is NOT J; just an example 

clothing at restaurants. B would just throw a shirt over his bathing suit at lunch; J bought a variety of beach wraps, some were sheer, but still acceptable for breakfast and lunch. After a day of lounging around naked or nearly naked, most people dressed nicely for dinner (theme night outfits would show up after dinner). Evenings after dinner are about the club, drinks and late night made to order pizza (note: you are not supposed to feed the raccoons your pizza crusts, but they show up looking for it anyway).

Thoughts on clothing (or not)
You will see a variety of dress and a variety of body types. One of the things J took away from this trip is how quickly the lack of clothing just becomes a non-issue. What you put on for theme nights is more interesting than when someone takes it all off later. The first day at the resort, J was walking on the beach while B took a recovery power nap. A charming young man wandered up to introduce himself (and point out his wife taking her recovery power nap on one of the beach beds). He started with “Hi! Does it make you nervous to have a naked stranger walk up and introduce themselves?” To which the answer was no.

Theme nights: 
J loves them, so of course, she packed outfits for both her and B for every night. She wore one or two. Not sure if it was just that week, but most nights the themes were ignored and people went from dinner to the club to the hot tub or the bar in the courtyard. J was typically in panties eating pizza by 1 or 2 am. B prefers shorts. J is hoping the theme outfits are more prevalent this trip.
(Resort sponsored) Yoga (Pearl had Zumba while we were there), pool volleyball (we missed the foam party by a day, making sure we’re there this time), couples massage which B wouldn’t do but we heard great things (remember he’s more of a voyeur), Pearl had beach volleyball every day, they had a popular LS radio show doing live broadcast every other day at each resort. There were other options but we really spent our days talking or relaxing.
The People: 
Even if you hit a time, when there are not tons of LS people, anyone who chooses Desire for their vacation is going to be pretty open minded. Most LS people will be open, honest, and straightforward and it was not any different here. Be ready to hear stories about how asking a couple walking past to take pictures in their room turn into amazing foursomes. Chatting in the pool, I had a couple compliment my breasts and ask if they could kiss them. We never had anyone be disrespectful or touch without asking.
Favorite memories: 
B took his first yoga class, went for his first massage and would actually lounge completely naked at the pool! J loved waking up as the sun was rising, tottering naked to the bar and getting a cup of coffee to take to the beach and watch the sunrise. Having late night sex in the forbidden beach beds with the security guard pretending to not notice. We hear they are not off limits anymore, which takes some of the fun out of it. Dancing in the rain to a reggae band with the sexy ladies. Dancing like a Jamaican according to the band requires the ladies to line up in front of the stage, feet wide, knees bent and get nice and loose 🙂

The men’s changing room at Pearl!

We took our day pass over to Pearl to spend the day with friends and asked if there was a place that we could change before dinner. They showed us to the ladies and men’s rooms near the lobby. The men’s room leads to the spa. For safety, men are not allowed into the ladies room (J checked it out, nice but a bathroom) but ladies are allowed in the men’s room if accompanied by their partner. There were lockers that we ditched our clothes in then walked through to find the showers. Beautiful is an understatement. Big hot tub, deep plunge whirlpool, steam room, showers with multiple shower heads… I can’t believe we were the only couple taking advantage of it.
We didn’t know there was a Desire Resorts forum, we didn’t know the hot tub was the place to be in the afternoon and late night, and we have a great knack for making friends with people you’d swear are LS to find out they’re just open minded. We are masters of the friend zone.

The yoga mats were bad and they will give you the Premier time-share sales pitch. Honestly, we have no other complaints.
And for the sake of transparency, we’re now Premier members.