Hello Lovelies,

We hope you are having a sexy and sensual holiday season! What crazy times the last two years as we approach 2022!

While we are bummed we missed out on our first lifestyle cruise in November 2021, and other events. We are hopeful that 2022 brings a sexy year and allows us to enjoy some sexy trips to places we have had in mind for some time, and perhaps some new adventures we haven’t dreamed of yet. We are enjoying our sexy stockings night between Christmas and New Year. Perhaps some sensual pictures and reviews of products will be coming in the new year! We’re excited for what 2022 may bring.

We hope everyone is able to enjoy some downtime with their loved ones and have some sexy time as a couple. We are incredibly grateful for health, family, and happiness, and wish all the same to you.

Wishing you and yours a happy, sensual and sexy swanilla holiday season!


Mr. & Mrs. Swanilla

Beyond Our Bedroom