Nominated for the Best Lifestyle Blog 2018 & New Affiliate Program

Hello Lovelies!

We are very excited and honored that we have been nominated for Best Lifestyle Blog at the 2018 Annual Lifestyle Awards. We are humbled that we’ve been nominated yet again, and that many of you are enjoying our sexy stories on our blog. We consider this a fun and creative outlet to share our journey and stories and it’s pretty special to be in the same category with so many other great lifestyle blogs.  If you have a chance to head to the web page linked here and feel we made a positive impact or you enjoy our posts and think we are worthy of your vote please vote for us here: Annual Lifestyle Awards

There are also categories for Best Lifestyle Podcast, Best Lifestyle Resort, Best Lifestyle Clubs, and Best Lifestyle Educators. While we have our favorites, each podcast, blog, educator, resort, club, etc. offers something for just about everyone in the lifestyle or those that are curious to learn more.  Regardless of the outcome we feel we have already won, as we have heard from so many sexy readers here and on twitter that have told us they enjoy our blog and the topics at hand. Thank you!

We are also excited that we also have teamed up with the fine folks at TooTimid They have been very easy to work with and we are happy to work with such a sex positive company that understands the needs couples may desire for sex toys, lingerie, lubes and more. Plus they have been around for almost 20 years and understand the need for discretion.

We will be posting reviews of products and will be offering additional coupon code discounts here and via twitter. We have our first two reviews below. Be sure to check them out through the link on our blog or in this email. In the meantime feel free to use code 121810 for 10% off any order.

TooTimid – The Romance Company, focuses on enhancing the sexual well-being of women and couples. Through education, advice, discussion and various sexual aides, TooTimid makes a positive impact on women and couples around the World.

Founded in 2000, was initially a simple website for people to purchase items they may be too embarrassed to buy in person. Today, with thousands of educational articles, product reviews, product videos and a message board for like-minded people to discuss a variety of topics, TooTimid has evolved into a leading company catering to people who wish to improve their intimate relationships.

Review of the Double Delight Masturbator 

Mrs. Swanilla and I received this toy and we weren’t sure what to expect. We have had a few similar ones over the years. Many were “free” toys that were included in the purchase of other toys for her. Almost as if they were after thoughts to throw a sleeve into the box after ordering a new vibrator for her. After a few uses they started to rip apart and just didn’t hold up. It’s like the product developers leave out the toys for men? However, we both were excited to use this. I was curious how it would feel and she was excited to use it on me and see how fast it would make me cum. She also was intrigued by the teeth in the mouth area. We started to make out and she told me “I want to see you how your new toy feels!” We got it out and she lubed me up. As she was getting me ready she really examined the toy to see how realistic it was. One side has the mouth with teeth and the other side has the pussy look and feel. She rub her fingers on the pussy side and then stuck her in tongue in it and said “wow, pretty realistic”. She proceed to lower it on my cock and asked me how it felt. I was surprised at how great it felt. The pussy side felt very realistic and she could see it in my eyes that it felt very good. She switched sides and had me try the mouth side. This felt great! It wasn’t as tight as the pussy side and felt very realistic. This was such a great sensation that we use it on a regular basis in our play. She enjoys using her magic wand on herself while watching me using this double masturbator up and down on my cock. This toy makes me cum very fast and I fully recommend picking up one for yourself!

We will have an upcoming post featuring a review of a new toy that Mrs. Swanilla tried out and will offer her sexy thoughts.

Hugs & Kisses,

Mr. & Mrs. Swanilla
Beyond Our Bedroom

Desire: Sex On The Beach? Why not!? New Friends & experiences

Hello lovelies,

Sex on the beach? 
While this trip was our second time at Desire it was very familiar, yet a very different experience, in a great way! We talked at length ahead of our trip about how excited we were to returning and we knew that the fear of the unknown was gone. But the excitement of what the week there would bring. We knew we would have a great time between the two of us being together, laying naked by the beach, having intense sex and anything else that may happen would be sexy fun between new friends.

There was a KIK group started by some new friends that was dedicated to the week we would be there. It was a great way to get to know people ahead of time, learn their stories, answer questions for newbies and learn other things from those that had been there several times. Posting sexy fun pictures was always a fun way to build the excitement as well. We came up with an idea closer to our trip as our KIK group grew, to have a KIK Welcome Dinner one night. We found a common night that 99% of the group would be there, which happened to be the first day for most of them. Since we arrived a few days ahead of time we arranged the dinner with the staff and were excited to have some time with everyone we had been chatting with for months. Our dinner consisted of about 12-13 couples. As we sat and enjoyed a nice dinner with new friends we were able to get to know people on a different level than meeting for the first time hours earlier at the pool or hot tub naked.

We took up an entire section in the restaurant and we could tell some newer people had a look on their face of what group is this? as we had so many fun jokes and stories from chatting for months.

In talking with our friends throughout the trip one brought up a great point. They mentioned they had been to Desire several times but this was the first time that they had so many people they knew ahead of time before arriving. This provided a new circle of friends you knew from the chat group, we all had dinner the first day for most and immediately you had 12+ couples you had as a friends in the pool, beach, lunch time or the dance floor in the club that you could always go to if you were somewhat nervous approaching another couple, or ask your friends to introduce you to someone they knew. It may have looked cliquey from the outside but that wasn’t our goal at all. To this day our KIK group has stayed active and many of us stay in touch and we may go several weeks without anything, and we all pick up right where we left off. We even had a KIK/Desire reunion recently at a club. More to follow on that in a later post.

This trip provided a lot of things for us as a couple besides sexy naked fun. It provided clarity, communication, personalities and traits we were able to take back to real life and apply to our daily lives as professionals, and of course as a loving couple that ensures we always put each others needs first.

Last day at Desire
Always fun at the foam party 
Our last full day at Desire was full of a lot of sexy fun and sexy experiences. We knew the foam party was a few hours away and just planned on enjoying our last day as much as possible. As we finished breakfast we ran into two couples we knew from our KIK group that were also finishing breakfast. We decided to join them for a coffee and just chat for a bit. What we thought would be a 10 minute conversation turned into over a hour of chatting and the six of us just having fun conversations. As we all left to go our own ways to have quiet time, take a nap or walk the beach Mrs. Swanilla and I went into the gift shop at Desire. A few minutes later the couples popped their heads in and asked us if we would like to join the four of them for dinner? It sounded fun to us and we happily accepted.

Mrs. Swanilla with a unicorn in our room
Throughout the day we enjoyed time by the pool, saw our core group of friends from our KIK dinner, and all had a great time at the foam party in the pool. There was shift on Friday as some people had left and new couples started to show up, so the energy shifted, in a fun and sexy way. I was chatting with some friends and look over a few minutes later and notice that Mrs. Swanilla is not only doing fine by herself but having a very sexy moment with some new friends. I slowly walked through the crowd to enjoy the show and realize not only was she fine, but the only help they needed from me was to hold up her new friend laying on her back as the ladies and gentlemen took turns getting to know their friend! This time we brought a few fun surprises for the pool and hot tub.We bought a handful of blow up unicorn drink floaties. It was fun seeing them floating on top of the foam and hours later they made their way to the hot tub where a couple of them floated in different areas of the hot tub. What’s funny is several days later we tweeted a pic out of the floaties and a sexy couple from Mexico tweeted back that they were in the hot tub and remember seeing them and that they had fun with the floaties and the ping pong balls! That was another fun game that was played sponsored by our friends from Edmonton, Canada! Miss you guys!
Sex on the beach? Sure, why not?
As the day progressed we went back to our room to get ready for dinner, and were so turned on that we had very passionate sex before meeting our friends for dinner. Dinner was a lot of fun and we got to know everyone more, and talked about life and other experiences. This is one thing that we enjoy about the lifestyle. That it is not 100% sex in your face or 24/7 sex talk. We can talk about things you do with your vanilla friends, but when the conversation shifts to sexy talk or sexual discussions there is no hesitation or weirdness in discussing sexual topics with lifestyle friends.

Dinner with new friends
After dinner we all ended up at the outside bar to watch the band perform and dance to the Latin music they were playing. Mrs. Swanilla and I enjoy dancing, especially to Latin music and had a great time dancing outside on the patio before the club opened upstairs. As we were cooling off from dancing before we headed into the club where there was air conditioning, our friends from dinner (we’ll refer to them as the Utah couple) asked us “would you guys like to join us later on the beach?” We both agreed that it sounded like fun and accepted. We went upstairs to the club, have a drink and dance a few more songs. After a few songs we all decided it would be fun to head to the beach. As we walked to the beach Mrs. Swanilla and I held hands knowing there was fun to be had but went in with zero expectations and didn’t want to overthink anything. Someone suggested we go skinny dipping in the ocean. We all went into the ocean just a few feet out and all chatted for a bit. Our friends said that they had been to the resort several times but this was the most fun they had at this point, and that it had to do with getting to know so many people ahead of time. Mrs. Swanilla usually will share anything on her mind with me privately. Both lifestyle related and other areas of life. As we were all talking she talked about how this has been a life changing trip for her and us as a couple. I said out loud, “wow, guys I am hearing this for the first time with you as well”. But it showed how comfortable we were at this point in our journey into the lifestyle and how comfortable we feel around certain people we meet. As everyone was chatting, and flirting we had a security guard run down to us with a flashlight telling us to leave the water as there were manta rays out at night. We all left the water in a hurry and dried off next to our beach bed. The ladies laid next to each other to dry off and stay warm.

Our friends mentioned their room was the first building and they needed something from their room. I volunteered to go to the room. I quietly asked Mrs. Swanilla if she would be fine without me for a few minutes. She either didn’t hear me or I missed the cue of “I am doing just fine”. As I walked back to our beach bed our new lady friend was truly enjoying Mrs. Swanilla, and being the two gentlemen there, we didn’t want to interrupt, until we were invited to join in. As all got more comfortable we all had a very sexy time and sexy experiences together. Towards the end of our experience we heard other couples having their own fun just down the beach. I could tell Mrs. Swanilla was getting close and whispered to our friends “to listen” and within a few moments Mrs. Swanilla let out such a loud and intense orgasms. Something about the sound of her moans that traveled up and down the Riviera Maya beach into the late night Mexican moonlight that just made a great ending to the night. As we all had sexy fun together, we laid on the beach bed just talking about sexy fun and life in general. We shared life stories and it was a great ending to our last night at Desire. We slowly put our Desire robes and towels on and decided to get a late night snack at the beach bar.

We woke up the next morning and had our reconnection sex and looked at the passion in each others eyes. As we got ready to head back home, we said our goodbyes to many of the friends we met through our KIK group, new friends we met at Desire and exchanged information to stay in touch with new friends. When you leave Desire and are heading back to the airport in the shuttle there really is a sense of sadness that comes over you. You realize that you can’t be naked at the airport or be naked in a pool with friends, unless you are in a private pool with a different set of fun friends.

We collected many moments here!
We arrived at Desire with no expectations except to have fun with each other, celebrate some milestones in life and as a couple and we did that and more. As we arrived home and slowly got back into real life, we made it a point to talk about our trip, discuss our experiences and ensure we both were good. As we both said to each other with a smile, we are in a different place now and we are having a lot of fun!

Hugs & Kisses

Mr. & Mrs. Swanilla
Beyond Our Bedroom

Desire Pearl & a Sexy Catamaran Trip

Hello lovelies,

A few days into our week-long trip we were approached by one of the staff members who recognized us from the year prior when we checked in at the start of our trip. He had asked us if we were interested in a fun catamaran trip the following day leaving out of Desire Pearl? We agreed as it sounded fun. He explained it was an earlier pick up in the morning, and that another two-three couples would be joining us.

The following day we got ready and grabbed our bag, and took the shuttle with another couple. A third couple joined us as well, and we noticed as that got in the shuttle they were at the Rivera Maya the previous day as a couple that were putting on couple massages at Rivera Maya and Pearl the following day. So the plan was for them to go on the catamaran with us and then put on this seminar at Pearl afterwards. We recognized her immediately as she is former adult film star and we had recognized him from the Playboy channel as a licensed sex therapist and from Twitter of all places. We joked around for a few minutes and had to explain that we have enjoyed her films as a couple over the years and it was nice to meet her. We all got on the catamaran and just had a nice relaxing late morning ride about an hour from the resort. We all were a little tired but by the time we got there we each had a cocktail, and the music and sun woke everyone up. Mrs. Swanilla and I decided to go snorkeling for the first time. It was beautiful seeing the coral, and fish but the current was stronger than expected and really took us away from the boat. After about thirty minutes or so, our guide swam back with us to the boat and we felt like we just had an intense workout.

Sexy times at Desire 
Once back on the boat the staff passed out cold beers, and lunch was served. Everyone was a little more relaxed and we all started to chat for a bit and get to know each other. We chatted about a number of things related to sex, the lifestyle, and just spending time as a couple in a sexy environment. We talked about various adult film stars that they knew personally, lifestyle podcasts, and Desire. We disclosed at this point about our blog and that if we decided to write about our experiences we would of course use discretion. We asked for the same in return as sexy pics were happening and we followed each other on Twitter, and had to make sure no faces or names. After lunch and relaxing for a bit the boat took us to another location where the water was just a beautiful blue and we were able to swim and hang out in the water for a bit. Once back on the boat the party went up a notch and anyone who had bikinis or swim trunks on quickly lost them as the music was turned up louder and the drinks and shots really started flowing. Before we knew it, it was ladies time at the front of the boat. Chocolate syrup was flowing, a lot of licking, sucking and eating. The guys had to be complete gentlemen and at least watch to make sure no one fell overboard. And of course participated when needed! After a nice play session on the boat, we were all naked on the front of the boat just standing there and taking in the ocean breeze, the music, and enjoying the last 15-20 minutes of the trip. I remember standing at the front of the boat with Mrs. Swanilla and just thinking, here we are at Desire on vacation, celebrating life together. Having the time of our lives and just taking it all in and enjoying each moment. From little moments to large parties. I remember standing there naked with her and having our “I am the king of the world” moment. Little did we realize the sunscreen we had on came off and we would be burned the following day.

Mrs. Swanilla enjoying a dip in the ocean

As we made our way back to Desire Pearl, our friend on the boat dropped her phone into the ocean and Mrs. Swanilla went right in after it. She really is a caring person. We were able to spend the afternoon at Pearl and enjoy the pool, and take in the other resort. The seminar was going to start in late afternoon with the couple on the catamaran hosting the couples massage session. We walked into Pearl just as sexy games were underway. It felt nice seeing a different resort and being able to check it out for the afternoon to see if we would like to book a stay there someday. As we were walking in and the sexy games were getting started, Mrs. Swanilla dove head first into the action and before I realized what happened she was at the human sundae table making new friends! Many were happy to become new friends! We finally grabbed a spot in the shade and just chilled for a bit before the seminar started.

We made our way to the nightclub at Pearl as that’s where the seminar was being held. We entered the room, we saw small beds laid out around the area, with low lighting, soft music and a very sensual atmosphere. As Mrs. Swanilla laid on the bed, there were toys, lubes, and more. We had several new friends lay by us  and one lady said “you guys are fun, we want to lay by you for this!” As the host couple from the catamaran started the seminar they explained the art of the massage, pleasure points on the body and how to connect. The mood and the environment were perfect and everything was done in a very classy and sensual way. As the seminar begin the coach instructed us how to slowly massage our ladies in certain areas. Mrs. Swanilla was very relaxed from the sexy atmosphere, long day in the sun and a needed to decompress. I could tell that many of the ladies were enjoying their partners focusing on them. Being in such a sensual atmosphere with quiet discussions from the host couple, you could hear soft moans from the ladies. After spending time on the ladies, it was time for the guys to be massaged. The coaches were great in saying certain words or phrases that made everyone feel comfortable. They said quietly if the mood strikes do what you want.

The disco at Pearl turned massage play area

Slowly you would start hearing couples nearby going at it, watching them and then we found ourselves getting really into it. The coaches said as couples were fucking all around the room “we have both been on porn sets hundreds of times, and there is nothing hotter than watching a couple have sex who are in love, as they want to be there and aren’t being paid to be there.” Before I knew it we were going at it and Mrs. Swanilla was very into it. She was very loud and orgasmic. Everyone in the room knew she was having a great time! We noticed several couples looking up and those watching seemed to enjoy the show we were putting on. But in reality it wasn’t a show. It was just us having fun and we started getting off knowing sexy couples were watching us. Which just feed the energy. As we were going at it for awhile and then as she was cumming she grabbed me and said out loud “I am squirting, I am squirting and I can’t stop”! I whispered back to her “I know! It feels great!” After finishing we both were ready to take a nap. We laid in the room for a bit as couples slowly started to clear out. About twenty minutes later we found our friends from Chile who were in a bed nearby and were on the catamaran with us. As we walked through the courtyard of Pearl we had two couples stop us and say “thank you for such a great show, you guys were hot to watch!” We thanked them for the compliment and honestly couldn’t quite place them as they had clothes on at this point.
As we grow in the lifestyle and have sexy and sensual moments, both as a couple and with new friends, there is one thing we have both noticed. Mrs. Swanilla really is a screamer and is not afraid to let everyone know she is having a great time!

The four of us shared a shuttle back to Riviera Maya where we all were ready for a nap and to freshen up for dinner in a couple hours. This night was going to be a fun night as we had a total of 14 couples from our KIK group all arriving this day and we had a Desire KIK dinner set up for all of us.

As always you can reach out to us via the comment section, through our webpage or twitter.

Hugs & Kisses

Mr. & Mrs. Swanilla
Beyond Our Bedroom

Giving each other and yourself permission to play…

Hello Lovelies,

After a spending a sexy day at the beach and just taking cat naps on the beach beds we went to the hot tub to see some friends. Time really does fly in the hot tub, as you may think you have been in the hot tub for twenty minutes, and you look up and the sun is setting and realize you have been there for two hours! We decided to head back to our room to get cleaned up for dinner and have some sexy time together. On our way back to our room we saw a couple we had chatted with at the lounge the night before. They asked us if we would like to join them for dinner. They mentioned that they were staying in one of the new villa’s and had a private dinner set up and we were welcome to join them. We gladly accepted and went back to our room to shower and get ready for the night.

We joined them for a dinner a short time later and the villas are truly amazing and they look great! They gave us a tour of their villa and how the plunge pool goes right up their door. What’s funny is little did we know what would be happening outside their door later that night! We spent the next couple hours enjoying a full course dinner being delivered to their room with each new dish coming every 15-20 minutes. We enjoyed spending time with them and learning their story. They were a very easy couple to talk to and get to know. They felt like old friends by the end of the night. We talked about so many things, from our careers, family life, and how we all have approached the lifestyle and trips like Desire. It was a truly a nice time and we hope our paths cross again.

Dinner went longer than expected which was fine by us as we were enjoying dinner and conversations with new friends. But it was BDSM night and we both had outfits that we were looking forward to wearing. We went to our room to change into our outfits and went to the disco to dance, see sexy people in their sexy outfits and have fun!

A party in the villa with our sexy Mexican friends

Many sexy memories made here
While in the disco we were hanging with our friends from Michigan we met a day earlier. It was getting to that point when the dance floor was starting to clear out somewhat as people went to the playroom, the hot tub or back to their rooms. We ran into some mutual friends who were there from Mexico. They too also mentioned they were staying in the new villas and were having an after party and invited the four of us over to the after party. So after a few minutes of talking the four of us decided to head over to the party. The new villas are truly amazing and there is a lot of room to party. We arrived to see our new friend who invited us over. There were four other couples all traveling together from another part of Mexico all naked in the large plunge pool or making drinks at the bar. The four of us all had our club clothes on still, whereas our new Mexican friends all were naked in the pool. After a few minutes of feeling out the vibe, they asked us if we were coming in and wanted to join them. I went to the restroom for a minute to freshen up, and hear this loud cheering. I am come out and see Mrs. Swanilla naked in the pool with a drink in her hand. I didn’t think twice and of course got undressed and joined her within seconds. There was a lot of flirting in between all of us chatting and getting to know each other. It was about this time that our new friends from Michigan decided to call it a night and headed back to their room.

Giving each other and yourself permission to play…

Our new friend who invited us to the party was a big flirt and we kept ending up in the same general area of the pool. We shared a few kisses. She made out with Mrs. Swanilla, then made out with me. Then Mrs. Swanilla and I made out with her together. There were several people in the pool now and just a couple villas over someone noticed a couple having sex on the second floor in clear view. So many of the people were swimming down to see who it was as we were curious if we would recognize them.

As everyone swam down to watch the show and cheer this couple on, I stayed in the area I was in prior to this with our new Mexican friend. Things were starting to heat up between our new friend and myself. We weren’t just flirting anymore and part of me was a little unsure how to relax without Mrs. Swanilla next to me, even though she was just 15-20 feet away having laughs with new friends. As things started to really heat up between us, many of our new friends were swimming/walking by in the pool and I slowly was reaching out to Mrs. Swanilla to get her attention so she knew what I was doing. It was at this moment that things got really hot. Mrs. Swanilla said out loud “Hi baby, it’s okay, just have fun, I am good”. There was something about her saying this to me that was very sexy! It allowed me to have fun with our new friend, and it took a lot of the pressure off. It provided that reassurance that I felt I needed to truly enjoy myself. It was this point that we passed the point of giving each other permission to play, and what we were okay with. It was at this point after I heard what Mrs. Swanilla say that I had to give myself permission to play as well.

At this point I just leaned against the pool wall, while our new friend was wrapped around me, kissing me, and we allowed our hands to explore each others body. After a bit of kissing, touching and rubbing  Mrs. Swanilla made her way over to us where we started to share. I excused myself to freshen up my drink and came back and noticed Mrs. Swanilla had our new friend against the wall having her way with her now. Almost being the dominant one which was new territory for us. It was something that I was more than happy to return to. As Mrs. Swanilla was playing with our new friend, I was getting friendly with a Brazilian unicorn who happened to join the party from her room a few minutes earlier. A few minutes later Mrs. Swanilla and I found ourselves reconnecting with many couples around us. As we were kissing, and touching and looking each other in the eyes we could tell we both were extremely turned on, hot and okay with everything. As we were kissing the mysterious unicorn returned to see us kissing and playing. Mrs. Swanilla started kissing her and playing with her too. I enjoyed the show right in front of me. Our friend had asked her how long we had been together. When Mrs. Swanilla told her how long we had been married, the unicorn was getting super excited and would make out with me, and then Mrs. Swanilla. We had fun basically passing her back and forth between us. The more Mrs. Swanilla told her about how long we had been married, how much we love each other and that we are okay playing she was getting more excited and turned on which lead to more playing. After a short time of playing, I look over and Mrs. Swanilla is making out with another new sexy friend at the other end of the pool.

I found myself back with our original friend having more fun. As we all were enjoying ourselves Mrs. Swanilla joined us and was very turned on and leaned back in the water near the stairs to get into the pool. I got in front of her and started fucking her really hard. She was hanging onto the handrail, while the Mexican couple were on each side of her each sucking on her tits. They also took turns kissing her in between her loud screams. At this point, I was fucking Mrs. Swanilla and our friend leaned over and was kissing me as I fucked Mrs. Swanilla. This went on for quite some time. As we finished up, we joked around that Mrs. Swanilla probably woke up part of the resort with how loud she was screaming. As we started to get out the pool, our friend was leaning on the stairs and she grabbed me for one last kiss. I kissed her goodnight as we knew it had been a long night but had no clue what time it was. We got back to our room and Mrs. Swanilla grabbed her Hitachi Magic Wand got on her knees/stomach and I got behind her as she was grinding her Magic Wand. She was asking me to tell her about our night and what I thought. We proceeded to fuck slowly for a very long time. As we finished after several long, loud and intense orgasms I said “do you know what time it is?” Mrs. Swanilla said 3am? I said its 6am! We saw the sun coming up as we were going to bed after a very long and sexy night. We finally passed out in bed.

We were up within a few hours of going to bed due to the sun shining and cleaning crews making noise around the resort. We were slow to getting around due to lack of sleep. So after breakfast we made our way to a beach bed to take a nap and reconnect with each other. We talked throughout the day to check in with each other and we were more than on the same page, and I had asked her “did you see her kissing me good night on the pool stairs?” She said yes, and I asked her if she saw her grab my cock and slowly rub it on her clit one last time? Mrs. Swanilla said she hadn’t seen it but it turned her on hearing this and other things that happened under the water. She also explained to me that the ladies whispered earlier in the night and our new friends were a soft swap only couple. So this made Mrs. Swanilla excited and turned on that she felt that comfortable with me that she was teasing herself with my cock at the end of the night like that.

We still relive this night several months later with sexy pillow talk, as it really gets us going. It was a night we will remember for a very long time and we had an exciting and intense hot time!

As always you can reach out to us via the comment section, through our webpage or twitter.


Mr. & Mrs. Swanilla
Beyond Our Bedroom

Sexy Summertime Fun at Desire & more….

Hello lovelies,

We hope everyone is off to a sexy 2018!

We apologize for our very long delay in getting our posts up. As some of our sexy friends with podcasts and other bloggers have also apologized for taking longer than expected to have things posted. Life happens and life sure has been crazy the last several months. With family events, weddings, and extensive work travel and changes to our schedules/routine it took some time to adjust to. You know things are very busy when you look at each other and say we’ll get through this, get in bed for sexy fun, and both fall asleep. Our goal going forward is to have a much more constant post on a regular basis (hopefully monthly). Enough of our vanilla stories, we really have had some great experiences from the summer time forward, including some sexy and life changing experiences.

What have we been up to? Well, we went to Desire for the second time over the summer and had an absolute sexy, sensual and life changing experiences! We were on cloud nine for several weeks last summer into the fall. About a month after getting home from Desire we visited Toronto for the Xclub’s anniversary party in September and met some sexy friends from the general area, that we were able to spend time with at Desire just a few weeks prior. Fast forward another six weeks and we had a mini-Desire reunion in Toronto for their annual sexy Halloween party. We will have several new posts going up and are excited for what we have in mind for 2018 and beyond. So while we haven’t been active on our blog, we have made many sexy memories!

Mrs. Swanilla waiting for our flight in the Sky Lounge
On top of sexy fun getting back to reality after a wonderful time at Desire this summer was really tough. We remember landing back in Michigan after a week in such a sexy resort, with such sexy people. Just being naked, having fun conversations you don’t have with your neighbors at home and it doesn’t phase you at all to be talking about a number of different things. The day after we returned home, we spent the day at a family pool we enjoy hanging out at with our vanilla friends. We remember being in such a daze sitting around the pool with all the grown ups having their swimsuits on and just keeping to themselves. There are a few sexy MILFS that frequent this pool that we would love to see in Cancun! I remember whispering to Mrs. Swanilla during this first day back, and saying “this sucks!”
Breakfast before our flight to Desire
Our trip this time was so much more relaxing as the fear of the unknown was gone. We knew we were going in with no expectations except to have a great time with each other. We were excited to meet several new friends as there were at least a dozen couples or so chatting online ahead of time. Sharing pics of outfits for theme nights, sharing past stories of going to Desire and just other aspects of fun sexy talk that wouldn’t fly with your daily vanilla friends. The great thing was, by the time we all met at Desire it felt like we knew each other. We all knew each other on a first name basis, knew a lot of everyone’s story of how they found Desire, found the lifestyle, and decided to take the plunge of trying such a sensual vacation with a group of like-minded people.

Our first day back to Desire we arrived just as lunch was winding down and our room wasn’t ready. We checked our bags and this time we knew to pack a bikini and swim trunks in our carry-on. We changed after we checked in and it felt good to be entering Desire mode as we made our way to have a cold drink at the pool bar. We slowly eased into the vibe while we waited on our room (about a 3+ hour wait and one of our only complaints about Desire) and met a nice couple at the bar. Everyone is just so easy to start a conversation with and we ended up chatting with them for awhile. We splurged this time and got a superior room which was a nice treat to ourselves as we were celebrating some special moments this trip. We got settled in our room a short time later and finally felt we were 100% in vacation mode. Just knowing you have your room, your stuff all together and being able to relax feels great. We were able to turn off our “work mode and parent mode” and just be in ‘couple mode’ and meet sexy new friends along the way.

Welcome Back
Our first night as we finished dinner and made our way to the live entertainment we walked passed a couple briefly and within a minute or two we looked at each other and said: “weren’t they here last year?” We ran into them later in the evening and started talking and realized we hung out with them about a year or so earlier. After chatting, even more, we realized we had chatted with each other a few times online and they put two and two together and said “wait, you guys are Mr. & Mrs. Swanilla?” After we had some laughs he asked if we would be blogging from Desire. I told him not blogging that week but for sure posting a few things on Twitter as we had time. They are a fun couple and we refer to them as the California couple.

We headed to the disco to dance and to see the show that is put on nightly from Desire and the entertainment staff they have. We made our way to the dance floor and it felt good to be connecting as a couple in a sexy environment and to notice other sexy couples around and to notice a few sexy couples may be giving us a sexy smile back. We took a break from dancing and notice a couple on the couch and we started chatting. Turns out they are from our hometown about a 30 minutes away, and we also realized we had also chatted with them online. We had some laughs as we realized we had chatted recently and put the screen names together. They told us they saw us when we arrived that day while we grabbed lunch while they were relaxing in the pool. We ended up hanging out with them and just having some drinks and fun on the dance floor. What’s really great about Desire and the Lifestyle in general is that you make some nice friendships, and not everything or everyone will lead to play or even kissing. Sometimes the friendship is there, but the attraction isn’t. Or perhaps you have different play styles but enjoy hanging out with them at the pool or dinner. There isn’t a right or wrong way to be part of the lifestyle as long as you are honest with each other as a couple and are respectful to any new friends.

We have so many wonderful memories of our second trip to Desire and as we mentioned in the top of the blog, we experienced some truly sensual and life changing experiences. We pushed each others boundaries and comfort levels and smiled at each other (and moaned) while enjoying it. Be sure to check back for new sexy stories soon!

As always you can reach out to us via the comment section, through our webpage or twitter.


Mr. & Mrs. Swanilla
Beyond Our Bedroom


Happy Halloween from Beyond Our Bedroom

Hello lovelies,

While we have not had a chance to post our wonderful memories of our amazing and life-changing trip to Desire from a couple months ago, or our trip to a sexy club with friends last month. We promise the stories will be worth the wait!!! We have several stories ready to go, and even ended up having intense passionate sex while typing them, reading them and talking about our memories. A laptop repair also delayed us in getting our posts out.

In the meantime, have a sexy and naughty Halloween! We are headed to Toronto to see a few couples we met at Desire. It will be a lot of fun to see everyone and have a mini-Desire reunion.

We did change our blog address to so be sure to bookmark the new address! Look for several new blog posts soon.


The Swanilla’s 

Are these our costumes for the sexy Halloween party?????

Guest Blog: Returning to Desire for second time

Hello Lovelies, 

We have a lovely couple that we know from fun gatherings in the past, B&J. We are posting their take as a guest blog post for their second time returning to Desire. 


Guest Blog: Returning to Desire for the second time

As we get our things together for our second trip to Desire, our thoughts go back to that first trip. For transparency, be aware that we were two years into our Lifestyle (LS) journey before we stepped foot into Mexico, so we were not complete newbies. We had already attended a few hotel takeovers, visited multiple clubs, etc. so we were excited but not afraid of what we would see. Plus, we had some friends whose trip overlapped ours that we would be meeting. I’ll refer to us as B&J, because if those are your initials, why not?

We booked pretty last minute through the resort website and had maybe a month to get outfits together and think about what the resort would really be like. Photos on a website can be misleading and some of our club experiences back that up, so expectations were high because of reviews but also realistic. We didn’t think the resort would be filled with only the model types they use on the website. The flight was fun; trying to scope out who might be heading our way is a must. The instructions they give for your hotel transfer were helpful and specific, so we had no problems finding our driver. J likes it warm but B was happy the car had the ac cranked for the trip over.

When you walk in the door, you are treated with respect; the service is amazing. Our luggage disappeared, we were shown to seats and handed flutes of champagne. J had to go through three or four glasses by the time we went through check in, wristbands, the rules. Every time your glass is empty, another magically appears until you say no thank you. The check-in process is meant to make sure everyone has their privacy protected and feels safe. No means no everywhere, even at an LS resort 

After a quick tour, we headed to the pool bar with our carry-on and grabbed seats and drinks. People in various states of dress and undress were mingling on the deck and in the water. The bar has a dry side that faces the lunch buffet and a swim up the side so you don’t have to leave the water (side note: the pool deck can be VERY slippery when you get out, proceed with caution). Before you know it, some very nice couples had introduced themselves and stated: “First time here, huh?” B & J wondered if we had newbie wristbands but were assured it was because we were still clothed.

We hadn’t thought to pack suits in our travel on, but it took very little encouragement for J to head to the ladies room to ditch her travel clothes. J loves being naked. B is usually more of a voyeur and less of an exhibitionist, but the resort feels safe and natural, so he headed to the men’s room and we both were down to undies before our friends found us. It wasn’t long before someone came and informed us our room was ready, our luggage was waiting for us and we went to change into suits.

We’ll be honest, the room we paid for is not a high-end luxury suite. We’ve stayed in fancier rooms. But the rooms are clean, bright, large beds and functional bathrooms. The mini-fridge is stocked with water, soda, and beer. J always unpacks when we get into a hotel room, so she loved the large closet that held all our outfits and luggage. The view from our room was amazing and we lucked out on the location. Just far, enough away from the lobby bar to mute late night noise, but close enough to be a quick trip to all the action. And hopefully, you won’t be spending much time in the room anyway.

The pool is a great place to meet new people. The Riviera Maya pool is more active, chatty… lots of kissing and touching. The Pearl pool was a bit more reserved, maybe because it’s larger and people are spread farther out. There is also beach areas at both resorts, RM having more room and a bar right on the beach. It also has a row of beds behind the lounge chairs. The year we were there, they were off limits for sex. The beach has security even at night so we felt safe heading down together or alone at any time.

We both felt the food was great. Breakfast was a buffet in the largest restaurant. Definitely, try one of the special juice blends for a quick recovery/ morning pickup. You can get a made to order omelet, browse dishes that range from traditional Mexican to what you would find in an American place. J’s a foodie, so she tried as many different foods as possible. She also doesn’t eat dairy and was thrilled to find many choices that were dairy free. Lunch for us was at the poolside buffet most days. One day we were spending a lazy day poolside (reserve a bed early if you want to be sure to get one) and they delivered us wonderful hamburgers and drinks without having to leave the lounges.

Dinners have choices. Reserve early if you want one of the smaller places or your only choice will be the larger restaurant where breakfast is served. We ate at all of the restaurants at Desire Riviera Maya and one at Pearl. Service is outstanding! You have choices and will never be hungry. They have no problem bringing you a second entree if you are still hungry. We did manage to get the Hibachi show one night. Space is limited on that so book early if you really want it. They were also super accommodating and seated our group of twelve at Sahlo, which is supposed to be a more intimate setting. They also were willing to seat our party of 10 at Pearl when the tables are for four; we sat five ladies at one table and the five men at another. The talk was great and the men sent over champagne.
Remember that although this is a clothing optional resort, the board of health rules require

Picture is NOT J; just an example 

clothing at restaurants. B would just throw a shirt over his bathing suit at lunch; J bought a variety of beach wraps, some were sheer, but still acceptable for breakfast and lunch. After a day of lounging around naked or nearly naked, most people dressed nicely for dinner (theme night outfits would show up after dinner). Evenings after dinner are about the club, drinks and late night made to order pizza (note: you are not supposed to feed the raccoons your pizza crusts, but they show up looking for it anyway).

Thoughts on clothing (or not)
You will see a variety of dress and a variety of body types. One of the things J took away from this trip is how quickly the lack of clothing just becomes a non-issue. What you put on for theme nights is more interesting than when someone takes it all off later. The first day at the resort, J was walking on the beach while B took a recovery power nap. A charming young man wandered up to introduce himself (and point out his wife taking her recovery power nap on one of the beach beds). He started with “Hi! Does it make you nervous to have a naked stranger walk up and introduce themselves?” To which the answer was no.

Theme nights: 
J loves them, so of course, she packed outfits for both her and B for every night. She wore one or two. Not sure if it was just that week, but most nights the themes were ignored and people went from dinner to the club to the hot tub or the bar in the courtyard. J was typically in panties eating pizza by 1 or 2 am. B prefers shorts. J is hoping the theme outfits are more prevalent this trip.
(Resort sponsored) Yoga (Pearl had Zumba while we were there), pool volleyball (we missed the foam party by a day, making sure we’re there this time), couples massage which B wouldn’t do but we heard great things (remember he’s more of a voyeur), Pearl had beach volleyball every day, they had a popular LS radio show doing live broadcast every other day at each resort. There were other options but we really spent our days talking or relaxing.
The People: 
Even if you hit a time, when there are not tons of LS people, anyone who chooses Desire for their vacation is going to be pretty open minded. Most LS people will be open, honest, and straightforward and it was not any different here. Be ready to hear stories about how asking a couple walking past to take pictures in their room turn into amazing foursomes. Chatting in the pool, I had a couple compliment my breasts and ask if they could kiss them. We never had anyone be disrespectful or touch without asking.
Favorite memories: 
B took his first yoga class, went for his first massage and would actually lounge completely naked at the pool! J loved waking up as the sun was rising, tottering naked to the bar and getting a cup of coffee to take to the beach and watch the sunrise. Having late night sex in the forbidden beach beds with the security guard pretending to not notice. We hear they are not off limits anymore, which takes some of the fun out of it. Dancing in the rain to a reggae band with the sexy ladies. Dancing like a Jamaican according to the band requires the ladies to line up in front of the stage, feet wide, knees bent and get nice and loose 🙂

The men’s changing room at Pearl!

We took our day pass over to Pearl to spend the day with friends and asked if there was a place that we could change before dinner. They showed us to the ladies and men’s rooms near the lobby. The men’s room leads to the spa. For safety, men are not allowed into the ladies room (J checked it out, nice but a bathroom) but ladies are allowed in the men’s room if accompanied by their partner. There were lockers that we ditched our clothes in then walked through to find the showers. Beautiful is an understatement. Big hot tub, deep plunge whirlpool, steam room, showers with multiple shower heads… I can’t believe we were the only couple taking advantage of it.
We didn’t know there was a Desire Resorts forum, we didn’t know the hot tub was the place to be in the afternoon and late night, and we have a great knack for making friends with people you’d swear are LS to find out they’re just open minded. We are masters of the friend zone.

The yoga mats were bad and they will give you the Premier time-share sales pitch. Honestly, we have no other complaints.
And for the sake of transparency, we’re now Premier members.  


We’re headed back to Desire!

Hello Lovelies,

We hope everyone is having a very sexy and sensual summer so far. Things have been busy in our vanilla/day to day life and we haven’t had a lot of time for sexy fun. But the good news is we are headed back to Desire Riviera Maya very soon and staying a week this time!

It has been a lot of fun chatting with not only sexy couples ahead of time on various platforms and getting to know many couples that will be there the same time as us. But knowing, that they all seem like good people. We are really looking forward to getting away and enjoying ourselves. Life has been hectic for a long time and we are ready for cold beverages, meeting new friends, naps on the beach, craziness in the pool, happy hours in the hot tub, dressing up for dinner and sexy theme nights. But overall we are really looking forward to spending time together as a couple. We have a lot to celebrate and we are looking forward to a sexy vacation!

 We have a lot of sexy, sensual and swanilla fun planned for the new few months and look forward to seeing old friends and making new ones.

Also, we are going to do a few different things on our blog from time to time. With one being having a guest couple post a sexy story or two. It could be related to Desire, a Lifestyle club/hotel takeover or a fun experience somewhere else, etc. We will have a guest post shortly from a couple that we know from fun times in Toronto & who will be at Desire the same time as us very soon.

Be sure to check back often for updated blog posts, you never know where our journey may take us.

Kisses, 💋💋💋

Mr. & Mrs. Swanilla

Summer is here! What’s new with The Swanilla’s???

Hello Lovelies,

Mr & Mrs. Swanilla checking in after quite some time since our last post! We hope everyone is doing well!

Simply put, we have had been extremely busy the first several months into 2017 that we have struggled to have our regular date nights and reconnect. Life has been busy but we are finally seeing some commitments coming to an end so we can focus on things that are sexier!

We had a lot of family events from before Thanksgiving through the holidays and well into 2017. Because our logistics and schedules were a little off the last few months, it actually took us until the second week of January to exchange our sexy stockings that we do. Thanks to Mr & Mrs. Jones from the We Gotta Thing podcast for the idea of the sexy stockings! We have done it a couple years in a row now and it does make it a lot easier to have a dedicated theme night and fun gift exchange. In years past we would try to sneak a gift when no one was around or later in the day. So having a separate night that is essentially a Sexy and fun Christmas date night does make it easier. Especially when you know that the house will be full of family and friends for days at a time. We had a lot of fun on our stocking exchange, even if we had to wait until mid-January to do it. Mrs. Swanilla got a new toy, the cordless version of the Magic Wand and also some sexy lingerie (see pic)

..and the model even looks like Mrs. Swanilla too!- Swinger Diaries 
We ended 2016 with a fun trip to Toronto and a visit to the club for their annual Halloween party. We were able to make a weekend out of it this time and spend a few days in Toronto and enjoy some time together. We decided to go for the weekend and noticed it was Latin Dance/Club Havana night at the club. It was our first time experiencing a Friday night at the club and we weren’t sure what to expect. As we looked into going both nights, we realized that select single guys were allowed on Fridays. As we discussed it Mrs. Swanilla said: “If the club is as classy as we know they are, I trust their judgment on finding guys that would be respectful and not creepers”. It made me feel a lot better hearing her not only say that but that she was at ease. Other husbands/boyfriends may relate to this, but it makes the night and experience more enjoyable knowing that your beautiful wife is not only at ease but feels safe and respected so she can enjoy herself and focus on things like the shoes that match her outfit. Plus we really wanted to experience a night of fun latin dancing. We both enjoy Latin dancing of merengue, salsa, and bachata. We went to a nice restaurant beforehand and had a great romantic dinner just the two of us and felt good just to reconnect after some busy schedules in our lives. We try to make an attempt to do that in our vanilla world as well on a regular basis.  

After dinner, we headed back to our hotel to change into outfits that were a little sexier and may not have been appropriate for the restaurant. Unless we were having dinner at Desire! As we were leaving we noticed several young kids around the hotel playing hallway hockey and their parents all in one room just drinking with the door open. We somewhat thought “well it’s Friday, I am sure they will all be gone by tomorrow when the hotel is full of fun people in the lifestyle headed to the Halloween party.”

We arrived at the club, grabbed a drink and checked out the place. The music was fun and we knew we would have a great time no matter what, as we have each other first and foremost. We didn’t notice any single guys anywhere and honestly forgot about it being a Friday night. We did notice that as the night progressed that there were maybe 30-35 people there total and it was a slower night than we had thought. But then it hit us, this is the night before one of the biggest Swinger/Lifestyle events of the year. In the lifestyle, it seems that Halloween, Valentine’s Day and New Years are very big events of course. Although it was slower than we thought, we had a lot, of fun just dancing latin music together, and noticing some of the other couples. We could tell there were a few couples that it may have been their first time there and they looked a little nervous. There was one couple that had a little look of nervousness but looked sexy, Mrs. Swanilla whispered to me “I  just stared at them like I was eye fucking them and she turned away nervously

After a few dances, Mrs. Swanilla said she was going to the bar to get us a couple of cocktails. Because it was slower than usual, and we had already spent our first time at Desire in Mexico, we both felt like our confidence has improved and didn’t have anywhere near the nervousness we had in the past. When she came back, she mentioned that there was a guy at the bar really checking her out up and down. She said she gave him a smile and looked for his wife or girlfriend, and then she realized he was alone. Agh, the single guy. More on this in a future post.

Towards the end of the night, we realized that the mood wasn’t quite there for us to head to the back playroom. But we did notice two couples that hit it off and they both had a little nervousness between the four of them. We thought of possibly heading to the back area to at least play near them and enjoy the show. But we couldn’t tell if they had a private room or went to the open play area. So we decided to call it a night, head back to the hotel and have our own fun! As we were ready to call it a night, a lady that had been friendly to us earlier stopped Mrs. Swanilla and says “aren’t you guys going to the back playroom?” Mrs. Swanilla said to her, “no, not tonight sweetie but we will be here again tomorrow for the Halloween party”. The girl had a playful pout on her face as we smiled. Only if she had asked 20 minutes earlier.

Once we got back to the hotel, within seconds we were both just going at it in a very intense and sensual way! Just being in that environment with only a small crowd still got us in the mood. The combination of being away for the weekend, having a great time together all night and perhaps the confidence or spark that a couple people had flirted with us got us both very hot! We both had a few cocktails in us and weren’t at home so didn’t care how loud we were at 2am! Of course the next morning we realized right across the hall were several rooms full of kids and parents for a hockey tournament! We totally forgot! That made an awkward and somewhat fun time at the continental breakfast buffet in the hotel!

The next day we decided to head to downtown Toronto and do a little exploring while in town. We have been to Toronto several times, both for sexy fun weekends and for family vacations. We love the city and always find something new to see, a cool area to check out or just to head towards Lake Ontario or downtown and check it out. After spending the afternoon playing tourists, we headed back to the hotel to start getting ready for Halloween party. We both were excited as this brought back memories of theme nights we had from not only previous club visits but our trip to Desire a few months prior. We both decided to wear outfits that were a little more revealing than we would have in the past. It may have been because we feel more comfortable after spending several days in Mexico with new friends naked most of the day. And perhaps we both just felt like we were in good shape and could pull off certain outfits.

Sexy Halloween Party

As we got ready to our fun and sexy playlist #SexySwanilla full of sensual music, Latin dance, and music that just makes you smile! We reassured each other how great the other looked and how we were looking forward to a fun time. It’s always fun to leave your room to the hotel lobby not knowing who you will see in the hallway and hope you don’t bump into several families or vanilla’s on your way to the lobby to meet others headed to the club. Of course, as we open our door the hockey parents are in their room with other parents in their sweatpants, watching TV and see us headed to some sort of Halloween party! What were they thinking…..?????

As we reach the elevator there are two other couples that are all dressed up, or actually not really dressed at all with their outfits. We all smile and laugh and say “where are you guys headed?” It almost seems when you’re in a hotel that isn’t a complete take over you’re always nervous as to who may see you that isn’t part of the lifestyle or the party at least that night. But once you reach the elevator or other like-minded people or the hotel lobby where there seems to be several of us it’s very easy to hang out, share some laughs and strike up conversations with others about the club or the lifestyle in general. Perhaps strength in numbers. We ended up chatting with a couple from New York as we waited on the shuttle about Desire and our trip and how they go a couple times a year as well. It’s fun to chat so you have a familiar face at the club later you can say hello to again or have taking fun pics while dressed up in your costumes.

Once we arrived at the club in the shuttle we were able to skip the line since so many people staying at the hotel had done an early check-in with the club earlier that day. The crowd Saturday night compared to Friday night was night and day difference. You could barely find a place to stand let alone dance on Saturday. We were able to stand, dance, sit anywhere we wanted on Friday. This was our third Halloween party at the club and it had to be the biggest we had seen.

Despite being in such a larger crowd, we had the pleasure of finally meeting the lovely Penn & Paige from the Swinger Diaries podcast. They are such a wonderful, fun and sexy couple who compliment each other very well. It actually felt like we already had known each other from chatting over the years and of course listening to them on car rides or over a glass of wine. While chatting Penn laughed and of course we recognized his laugh from the podcast. It was great to finally catch up with them, and have a drink together. If you haven’t met them in person yet, they are just as sweet as you would imagine!

As the night progressed the temperature of the room was definitely heating up on many levels! We noticed several people getting in the mood on the dance floor, on the couches around the dance floor so we decided to head to the back playroom. Depending on the time you head to the back playroom, you tend to see sexier things on the dance floor as the mood hits people at a certain time of the night. As we got undressed and made our way back to playroom, we both felt very comfortable and not nearly as nervous as we had in the past. We figured being at Desire for several days a few months prior help shed certain nerves. We had butterflies on the possibilities of the evening, but nervous wasn’t the right word as we undressed and walked slowly through the playroom enjoying the scenery around us. We found ourselves in the larger back playroom. We had never been in the room before besides looking in briefly. But the sounds, and views were too much and we just had to see more. After taking our time to enjoy the sights and sounds by slowly walking around and stopping and kissing along the way we finally found a spot on the large play area.

The perfect place to meet new friends 

As we are started to kiss and slowly touch each other the sounds were turning us both on to another level. Mrs. Swanilla couldn’t handle it and slowly pushed my face down her body until I was able to slowly kiss and lick her in all the right places. After a few minutes of tasting her, I opened my eyes and noticed some sexy hands caressing her body. She really was enjoying the attention she was receiving and was on sensory overload. After a few more minutes of enjoying my tongue and the hands of new friends, she turned me over and started sucking me. We watched each other in the mirrors all around us, watched the sexy couples next to us on the side, the foursome on our other side. Mrs. Swanilla finally told me to start fucking her! She was so wet and juicy on top of her surroundings that she was becoming one of the loudest in the room! It was pretty hot to see so many couples in the middle of playing, stop in the middle of play and just pop their heads up and watch us. Almost like little prairie dogs sticking their heads up to watch, and then went back to their own fun! To say we enjoyed ourselves that night would be an understatement.

About a week later we were having a fun sexy twitter chat and doing some Q&A with others about their sexy Halloween fun! We tweeted on the chat that we enjoyed ourselves at the club in Toronto, and noticed a response from Swinger Diaries that said: “We enjoyed the show that Mr. & Mrs. Swanilla put on for everyone“. We started laughing as we hadn’t realized they were in the same room, as we had ‘lost’ them in the puppy pile.

A few weeks later there was a fun chat on Twitter among some lifestyle couples and the question was about possible sexy gifts for Christmas. I posted the pic above of model in the pink lingerie and that I was going to buy that for Mrs. Swanilla for her naughty stocking gift. There was a fun response from Swinger Diaries that said ….and the model even looks like Mrs. Swanilla too! After Mrs. Swanilla opened her stocking and tried on her sexy lingerie, I showed her the tweet and she smiled in her usual playful way!

Stay tuned for more blog posts and updates as we have some fun topics in the works, some sexy travel scheduled, and other events we are thinking of attending.


Mr. & Mrs. Swanilla

Best Lifestyle Blog 2017! We’ve been nominated!

Hello Sexy Friends! 

We received notice that we have been nominated for Best Lifestyle Blog at the 2017 Annual Lifestyle Awards. We are very humbled that someone nominated us, and that many of you are enjoying our sexy stories on our blog. We consider this a fun and creative outlet to share our journey and stories and it’s pretty special to be in the same category with so many other great lifestyle blogs. 

There are also categories for Best Lifestyle Podcast, Best Lifestyle Resort, Best Lifestyle Clubs, and Best Lifestyle Educators. While we have our favorites, each podcast, blog, educator, resort, club, etc. offers something for just about everyone in the lifestyle or those that are curious to learn more. Just like there are 31 flavors at Baskin Robbins, chose your favorite flavor. However, vanilla probably isn’t on the menu!

The Swanilla's
Swanilla, not Vanilla

Please take the time to vote for us if you feel we provide a fun look at the lifestyle through our blog.

Vote Here: 

While we wish we could be at Naughty in N’awlins this year with the other sexy nominees in all the categories, we are unable to make it. But in other sexy news we are headed back to Desire this summer. 


Mr. & Mrs. Swanilla