Ho Ho Ho! Happy Horny Holidays & Sexy New Year!

Have a Swingin’ Holiday Season!

It has been a long time since our last post which talked about our nice Halloween treat with each other. ‘Tis the season for crazy schedules, shopping, holiday parties, and over committing ourselves at times. Things have been busy in our ‘vanilla’ lives for sure. 
As 2012 comes to an end we would like to thank all of you for the nice messages we have been receiving. We started this blog to share our ideas and thoughts about exploring the lifestyle and to learn more about each other and to learn from the lifestyle community as well. We have grown a lot in 2012, including visiting our first Lifestyle club. We feel ourselves growing and changing in a very positive way.  We also would like to give a few shout outs to a few people. Thank you Sabrina from Sabrina Swingsfor the messages and we look forward to seeing you as a guest on here in 2013. We also wanted to say hi to our friends over the border in Canada.
As we mentioned above it’s the season for busy times. However we have also made the time to be very busy in the bedroom! We have found ourselves relaxing on the weekends and enjoying a bottle of wine, and catching up on episodes of SWING on the Playboy channel. We watched our first episode in October. 
 I approached Mrs. Swanilla about the show and explained what it was a few months back. So we got in bed early one night, had our bottle of wine, and put the show on. As we both were a little relaxed from the wine and just unwinding, she puts her arms around me as we are sitting in bed and we are watching the opening credits/preview of what is to ‘cum’. How a new couple is headed to the swing house to explore their fantasies and test their limits with each other and possibly other couples that have been in the lifestyle for some time. We hear the host Anna David say the following during the intro “Ever wonder what your neighbors are doing behind closed doors? Many married couples think about it, some even talk about it and these couples actually do it. We’re talking about swinging.

So as we watch the preview together as the show starts I am a little unsure how Swanilla will respond even though we have been to a swingers club recently and have both talked about having an interest in the lifestyle. Then as the preview is ending after a few steamy scenes I hear Mrs. Swanilla say “Baby, this is soooo hot!!!!!” It not only felt very good hearing that, and she noticed how hard my cock got when she said that! So we proceed to watch the first episode and were very turned on by what we saw and by learning several steps along the way. Hearing the couples in the lifestyle talk to each other and explain a lot to the new couple about communication, boundaries, mutual respect, having rules as a couple, it’s okay to say no, different levels of the lifestyle (voyeurism, girl on girl, same room sex, soft-swap, full-swap), and how it makes you grow as a couple, IF you are ready for it and are mature enough to handle it. We watched and even told each other that we were more turned on watching this than any porno in recent memory. Perhaps it may have been a little more real or familiar to us than porn? Plus we stopped watching most ‘scripted’ porn a long time ago. We prefer the amateur stuff from online that shows real couples having a fun time together.   
The Lovely Anna David
We both agreed that the host Anna David (from season 1) is extremely classy and sexy and just seems like a good match to be the host of the show. Not sure why she wasn’t involved in season 2? Okay, so we both admitted to being slightly turned on by her as well!  
So the last several weeks we have been catching up and have watched all of season 1. There were a lot of great couples and a few drama type moments. It was nice to see that emotions can and do get involved in the lifestyle, however, it seems one of the younger couples may not have been mature enough in their relationship to handle a few things and it seems alcohol may have played a factor in some moments of immaturity. But we feel it comes down to the where you are in your life. There was another couple who had only been together 4-months! But they were honest and open with each other and tried out soft-swapping. They both were very sexy and we have seen a few follow up segments about the lifestyle on other channels and they were on there still having a great time together. 
We have really enjoyed watching the show with our glass of wine while in bed as it really gets us in the mood and leads to some amazing conversations of where we would like to explore in the lifestyle.  There is nothing like seeing some passionate scenes play out that are similar or in some cases identical to what has been on our minds, and then turning on some sensual music and getting under the covers and just start touching and kissing passionately! The first few times we both could see it in each other’s eyes that we wanted to talk about the show and thoughts that may be on our minds. Thoughts about our limits and comfort levels but may have been a little nervous in how the other might react even if we have been honest with each other for well over a decade. However, we have learned that by being honest with each other we have had even more amazing sex! It is such a turn on for your partner to ask you to tell them what is on your mind as you start playing and that they want you to be completely honest, and then by telling them you see how turned on it makes them and hearing them moan even louder in excitement! 
We have had several discussions of where we would like to explore and where we would like to be involved in the lifestyle. We know that a full-swap is not for us, but we both enjoy watching others, and being watched. Mrs. Swanilla has shared that she is very bi-curious and would like to be with another woman. She feels that if she is with another woman and I am left out, that this may be some form of cheating or that she would ‘owe me one’. We have talked about this on a few occasions and I have explained that from a guys perspective that just being able to watch your woman enjoy something like that is a major turn on, and that we will be together later anyway. We also heard Michael & Holli from the show SWING say the following: “Cheating is based on lies; the lifestyle is based on truth and communication”. When we both heard that, we looked at each other and smiled and it just seemed to click and it makes so much sense.
We also have thought of same room sex, where we play together in front of another couple on the same bed. Or possibly some combination of the guys watching the ladies have fun and when/if we are asked to join we would join in with our significant other and just watch and listen to each other in the same bed, hot tub, couch or wherever we may be. We aren’t exactly sure what 2013 has in store for us, but the last two years we have had some of the most amazing sex we have ever had together. We seem to be turning it up a notch each year and we are enjoying every minute of it!
Come and unwrap your gift!
This will probably be our last post of 2012, as we have a lot of commitments through January. However, we wish everyone a great holiday season, be sure to have fun with candy canes (oh, how they can be dipped into some hot places) and fun under the tree! Just don’t let Santa catch you!
We will be sure to post what naughty things we do over our holiday break and if Mrs.Swanilla wants me to open my gift under the Christmas tree!