Hello Lovelies, 

With March now here, and spring just a few weeks away, we are excited for the warmer weather and fun possibilities this year. Many sports fans turn to March Madness for their entertainment. We thought of March Madness Sexy Music edition, brackets are optional. 

No matter the time of the year, one thing we really enjoy are music playlists for just about any occasion. Whether we are in our own worlds with headphones on, working out or listening to music while having dinner, it helps set the mood and tone. This is also very true for date nights and sexual encounters. Both as a couple or partying with friends. 

We have several playlists that are very sensual in nature, and make a great soundtrack to what the night (or day) may lead to. We have some that have so many songs, that it is easy to set it on shuffle, hit play and the tone is set. Add in mood lighting with led lights, and color light bulbs and you have a very intimate area with just a few minutes of planning. Of course being spontaneous is just as much fun. However, the wrong type of music can sometimes lead to an odd encounter. Having a random song pop up on shuffle that reminds you of an odd or difficult time in life, is a sure way for the mood take a turn in the wrong direction. Or it could be good natured fun, and still lead to sexy times, and even some laughs as a couple, or with friends.

One sexy event we attended was a night out at a lifestyle club. We had hit it off with another couple, and had some drinks. A really fun song came on and we all headed to the dance floor. We all were having fun, a lot of smiles, flirting and then the second song came on. Our new friend was like “I love dancing to this song with my kids”. This somewhat was awkward, as things were heating up and when we are at a club, we do our best to disconnect and be a sexy couple first. Believe us, we love and adore our kids and are parents first. And of course there is nothing wrong with being authentic and partying with other parents, and couples without kids that are being their true selves. Timing is always key. The night was still a very fun and sexy time, but after that, we consciously made an effort to make playlists for sexy times that are fun, sensual, intense, and easy to listen to. We sometimes listen to playlists of songs without words for this reason. We also have playlists that are fun songs we listen to while getting ready for an evening. This playlist is filled with sexy Latin music, fun pop songs with a couple tracks of EDM. When/if the mood strikes, later we have some great playlists that can feel like you are at a club, or in the backroom of a club. Anytime we travel we ensure we pack a large speaker to help set the tone.

Fun tip. Investing in a commercial free account for Spotify, Pandora, Amazon Music or Apple Music is always a great idea. We have had Pandora on when a commercial came on for not the sexiest product. 

We thought, why not share a couple of our sexy and fun playlists here. We have a free Spotify account for our blog that we will link to our web page. In the meantime, you can find a couple of our sexy playlists below. Feel free to give them a listen to see if anything may sound good to you for your fun and sexy times. Of course, music is so subjective for each person. There are a couple playlists for different types of moods, and they may not be your jam. But damn if music isn’t sexy for the soul!

What are some of your favorite songs or artists to listen to while playing?  We would love to see your ideas via email or on Twitter. 


Mr. & Mrs. Swanilla


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