Hello Lovelies,

We hope you are staying warm and cuddly this winter. While life can be busy, we always try to ensure we have times during the week and weekend to have cuddly nights in front of the fireplace, with a glass of wine, and to connect. Even laughing together as a couple on mindless TV or funny YouTube videos is another way to connect. While we crave the days of warm weather, beaches, pools, and sexy resorts where we can shed bikinis and swim trunks with like-minded friends. We try to embrace and enjoy the cold weather as much as possible. 

With Valentine’s Day approaching, we thought what better way to share ideas on how to make your special day sexy and sensual? Of course for some, with Valentine’s being on a Monday this year, it may make certain plans or activities more difficult. Moving your sexy night a few days before is always an option. 

This list is more for couples this Valentine’s Day, and while there could be several other lists that involve very sexy situations that involve more than two people, this is focused on couples. 

Of course, in some parts of the country and world, the ongoing pandemic has put many plans on hold. Of course, this is based on your own comfort level, where you are traveling, etc. 



  1. Buy a new sexy piece of lingerie or sexy outfit – Of course, there are several sexy pieces of lingerie for ladies to order and this can be a very sensual gift by itself. But gentlemen, don’t forget there are sexy jammies, silky pants, shorts, and underwear that many ladies may find sexy. Don’t forget dressing up and looking sexy is a two-way street. 
  2. Buy new Sex Toys – This can be very fun shopping for things by yourself to surprise your partner but also is a lot of fun to shop together. We have had many fun nights of looking at different products, reading reviews, and wondering if a certain toy, lube, or product will not only be sensual, but is also high quality, within budget, and last the test of time. We have had cheap products that weren’t worth the time or money. But we have also found toys that were worth every dollar and have become fun additions and enhancements in our sex life. “The Magic Wand just rocks my body and orgasms at a different level” – Mrs. Swanilla 
  3. Invest in Sex Toys, Sex Machines, or Sexy Furniture – This is another category in itself. While there are sex toys at all different price points, there are other toys and furniture at another level. This includes fun toys like The Symbian or The Motorbunny. These are at different price points and are an ‘investment in pleasure’ as some have said. While we don’t own one of these (yet). We have had fun times with them at events. 
  4. Host a Sexy Fashion Show – Perhaps you have a lot of sexy lingerie and aren’t sure what piece to wear? Have a sexy show for your partner with your sensual playlist on the speaker. There could be pieces you haven’t worn in a long time. There could be a renewed spark that is lit from seeing yourself or your partner in a piece that just looks hot! Again this is a two-way street for the gentlemen to show off what they have. Dress up in sexy shirts, ties, t-shirts. Items you know your partner loves to see you in. 
  5. Play a Sensual Game – this could be a fun game of sexy truth or dare, a spin of the classic game Twister, a sexy puzzle, oral dice games, card games, and of course, there are app versions for several sexy games. 
  6. Watch Porn that appeals to both of you – We prefer erotica in a tasteful and classy way. Finding a movie, show, or scenes that you both enjoy and that is a turn-on is a sensual way to start a night of fun! Always fun to have a list of videos you both enjoy. This way you don’t spend hours searching without having fun or end up watching a video that doesn’t appeal to you and doesn’t set the right tone.  
  7. Sexy Subscription Kit – There are online versions you can subscribe to or you can always get creative and make your own kit. Have different reminders set up to surprise your partner one day/night per month. Mix up the days to keep it even more interesting and steamy! 
  8. Have a Sexy Staycation – if you find yourself in an empty house, make a fun bed area in front of the fireplace or turn your room into a sensual area with mood lighting, candles, and more. Planning is key, as no one wants to see laundry or other things in the area during sexy time! Going to a hotel close by also is a fun option. 
  9. Write out your fantasieseven if they’re scary or make you nervous. This can be a fun exercise any time of the year. Writing them out ahead of time and reading them out loud to your partner is one way. Bonus points for reading them with a sensual tone in your voice. Discussing them out loud can lead to sexy conversations and possible intense sex. You can also whisper them to each other in the middle of playtime for an added experience. Remember to take this slow, as some fantasies could shock or scare your partner. Go at your own pace.
  10. Make your Favorite Dinner Together / Order your Favorite Dinner – Cooking a favorite meal together with a fun playlist and having a deep conversation about each other could be fun. Not the time to talk about bills, kids, school, and whose turn it is to run errands next weekend. Connections can start in the kitchen too. If you want to skip cooking, ordering from your favorite place is a fun way to have a picnic in front of the fireplace or favorite movie. 
  11. Have Sensual Dessert in Bed – There are the classics of whip cream and chocolate syrup. Having messy fun can be very sensual and a turn-on. We have found this works in a hotel room so you don’t have to worry about the mess on your favorite comforter. Of course, showering off together is a perfect way to clean up. What are some of your favorite sexy desserts? 
  12. Order Flowers with a Twist – most women would love to have flowers on your special day. Why not mix it up and order a flower that brings much more lasting smiles and joy? The Rose Suction and Vibrator & Flicker  is a fun option just in time for Valentine’s Day. Be sure to place your order soon due to shipping delays. 


No matter what you decide to do with your partner on Valentine’s, have fun together! We would love to turn the month of February into a sensual month in the middle of winter instead of just one sexy day on Feb 14th. 

What are your plans for Valentine’s Day? We would love to see your ideas via email or on Twitter. Of course, sexy pics and examples are welcome. Edited to your comfort level of course.


Mr. & Mrs. Swanilla


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