Hello Lovelies,

Hope everyone is staying warm now that winter is officially behind us and spring is here. As the summer months approach, we are very excited to be going to Naughty In Nawlins and possibly some other events to see friends old and new. Speaking of friends old and new, one of the things that attract us to the lifestyle is not just the sexy and playful times with like minded people, but the friendships that naturally develop over time. When you are able to spend quality time with like minded people especially in a setting like Desire where you have a  few days together with very hot, incredible, and sexy experiences that took us to a different level in our journey into the lifestyle, we knew something “clicked” on this trip.

As we have written about in past blog posts, during our last trip to Desire we met some wonderful people that have become friends and some friends with benefits. We stay in touch with most of them as well through certain social media platforms and although most are several States away, we sometimes laugh at things together and know we all have a shared sexy secret. It makes it difficult at times when you hang with your vanilla friends who we love dearly, but when they call it a night at 10pm on a weekend night during a 40th birthday party, you realize some of your vanilla friends can’t keep up in just a fun night out atmosphere.

Even the rest stops are fun in Canada

As we said our goodbyes to our new friends in Desire we knew we would see them again, and it was just a matter of when and where. After a few months of chatting online sharing some laughs and missing each other, a good friend of ours from New York mentioned it was her birthday in a few months and we should celebrate. We all looked at our calendars and figured out logistics of when and where. We would meet in Toronto to spend a wonderful night together with each other. We had friends driving in from New York, New Jersey, and our Canadian friends flew in from Edmonton to Toronto the day before. They just happen to bring their sybian machine with them. And we drove in from Detroit. As we made it to the hotel,  we were checking in and got settled. As we walked to our car to grab a few things, we bump into our Canadian friends who had flown in the day before. Turns out they were coming back the liquor store with drinks, snacks and their suite was right next to ours. This would be very convenient later that night!

The plan was a fun afternoon to see everyone, hang out for a bit, and get all cleaned up and head out for a birthday dinner nearby, then to a sexy lifestyle club to celebrate our friends birthday. As everyone made their way in, we all hung out in the suite and just caught up with everyone. We shared pictures and news of our families, life, and more. As we had group conversations and smaller conversations between everyone it hit us that while we may be States/Countries away these are people we would hang with in our normal day to day life. If any of them found themselves in our city, and wanted to hang we would do our best to be available. All of them would also know to push pause on the lifestyle if vanilla friends were with us as well.

What’s funny, is Mrs. Swanilla and I were talking about how friendships can blossom in life and of course the lifestyle. We joked and said isn’t it funny we have friends that we share such naughty, sexy secrets with? Sometimes shared experiences, sometimes not. But that you have a bond and mutual understanding about the rules of lifestyle. We laughed as we said “we don’t even know any of their last names” but feel closer to many of them than other friends in real life.

We had such a fun time in the afternoon, but there was no sexual play, but a lot of open discussions about sexual things. Just fun to catch up, have a couple drinks, some snacks and just to see everyone. We did inspect our friends sybian machine. Their suite had two rooms, the sybian room and their private room. As we all had laughs and some of us got a little tipsy we realized our window for a fun dinner out was slowly closing, as everyone needed to start getting ready. Someone suggested, why not order take out and have it delivered so we didn’t have to be rushed. We checked with the birthday girl and all decided to stay in so we could have dinner, catch up and still get ready for the club.

After we all got ready we meet in our friends suite before heading out to the club. As we enter we see a couple we didn’t recognize and had to do a double take that we were in the right room. But they had the look and vibe that they were headed to the club. We introduced ourselves and realized there too were from a nearby town in Canada and had met our friends from Edmonton about a year earlier in Desire as well. Turns out we know and have mutual friends in the lifestyle. As many have said, the lifestyle is a sexy but also small community.

Hands roaming everywhere at the club & hotel

We all ended up at the club and had a great time dancing, and having fun in our area that we all hung out in. It was the first time to this club for two of the couples, and they were impressed. They had many stories and mentions of the club from friends, podcasts and our own blog. As we danced and celebrated our friends birthday throughout the night, we asked the birthday girl if she was interested in going to the back room to celebrate. We all undressed and headed to the back playroom. For the newer couple who had never been to a club like this, they were very impressed and had to jump right in. We realized we may have waited just a little too long to head to the back room. It was difficult to find a spot on the massive bed, let alone get comfortable. As we all were standing there naked, some of us kissing, some doing more, someone asked the group if we would like to go back to the hotel and try out the sybian machine? We all got dressed and headed back to the hotel.

Once we got to the hotel, we had sexy music on, some grabbed a drink and others freshened up. As everyone was getting comfortable, I realized I had to grab something from our room next door. I mentioned to Mrs. Swanilla that I would be back but she was in her element and comfortable with friends. I came back about 5 minutes later and Mrs. Swanilla was sitting naked on the couch along with a couple friends. I walked into the room and noticed comfortable she was. In a weird way, it reminded me of Desire, being naked with friends, comfortable and just a lot of smiles on peoples faces.

So many toys, so little time…..

After a few minutes we all headed to the sybian playroom, and our friends showed us how it worked, the various attachments and how it can sound like a jet taking off. We also had brought several of our toys and had them with the sybian. The ladies were excited and maybe a little nervous as it was most of the ladies first time on a sybian. The ladies slowly got on the sybian and took turns enjoying it. Slow to medium, to slow, to faster, to a friend sitting in front of them while they were on the machine having fun. After each lovely lady had a turn, and usually several orgasms, Mrs. Swanilla jumped on again for round two. As we all enjoyed the show, a friend jumped up with her and the two of them had fun. Before we realized it many of us were naked in bed with lots of yummy things happening. Mrs. Swanilla became “the birthday cake” for our friend the birthday girl. As everyone was enjoying themselves, the night was slowly winding down as we approached 5:00am. Many hugs while naked, high-fives and many late night snacks. As we left our friends room, I noticed Mrs. Swanilla walking back to our room holding a couple of her clothes, as she slowly walked naked to our room. We were really close in the hall, but I mentioned to her the next day, “seems like we are ready for our first hotel takeover?”

The next morning was pretty rough with everyone, and the majority of everyone had 4-8 hour drives home. Our friends had a 3.5 hour flight home later that afternoon. We decided to all go out to brunch and just catch up a little more. As we enjoyed our brunch and said our goodbyes, we all had kisses, longer kisses and hugs and fun whispers of what do the people sitting around us think as we all our kissing everyone goodbye. It was a long drive home but a wonderful trip to see everyone and celebrate our friends birthday with her.

This was a really fun trip to see good people and it truly was a Desire reunion. We were bummed a few other friends weren’t able to make it. But when people are spread out all over the country or other countries, it does make it challenging at times. There is a talk of another Desire reunion this fall, with a few friends looking into flights already. It would be great to see everyone again.

Hugs & Kisses,

The Swanilla’s