Happy Halloween = A Nice Treat!

Oct 31, 2012 – Halloween is here.

As you know from our previous posts and our blog we are busy parents and we have a lot going on. This Halloween would be a busier one as well. We have made the mistake of not getting out of work early enough in years past and had that rushing around feeling, we both hate that. We both left work early this year to get things in order before the kids came home from school and our house was full of neighborhood kids and their parents having a few adult beverages before we all headed out to walk the neighborhood in the cold weather.

We both found ourselves alone in the house with no kids, no neighbors and no kids running around. We just smiled as we looked at each other. As we ran upstairs we decided to get under the covers to warm up, and turned on some cable porn. We found one that looked promising, a few things happening on the TV that sparked an interest and then, the quality acting kicked in! Nothing like bad acting in what was an erotic movie that made us both laugh! We are both so done with cable porn, but it is fun to laugh at!

I have a large meat lovers delivery here

The wife decided she wanted her own treat as it was Halloween. I wasn’t sure what she had in mind until she pulled out her favorite toy. She was really enjoying herself and had me take over with holding it in the right spot. As she moaned louder and louder she had me get up on my knees as she was laying on her back so she could suck me while she warmed herself up before we fucked! After a few minutes of getting a wonderful blowjob from the wife I could tell it was starting to feel way too good! I realized that the more she was clinching to her toy and watching her body move as she was ready to cum, her mouth felt even better! Before I knew it she had made herself cum three times with her toy going in and out of her while she was sucking me faster and harder. She just gave me that look with her sexy eyes with my cock in her mouth. No words exchanged, as this is one of the few times where as a guy, I can be a mind reader! 🙂

I knew she wasn’t stopping as she wanted to taste me and was going to make me cum any second. Within another minute her mouth was filling up with my hot cum and she couldn’t get enough. Even when I thought I was done, she kept sucking my cock so she would get every last drop!

Once we finished I just looked at her and said wow! “How’s that for a treat on Halloween baby?” She smiled and just kept sucking and sucking until there was nothing left!
We fell onto the bed, cuddled, laughed, and smiled about how hot that was and how bad that movie was! Definitely a great time to hold us over until date night a couple days later and a great way to help relax for that cold night of walking around with neighbors, a wagon full of mommy juice, beer and drinks for the dad. Little did I realize that is how our parents got through it 30+ years ago too! I always thought my parents hot cider smelled funny. Now I know it was filled with rum!

Perhaps better cable porn?

Our First Time at a Lifestyle/Swingers Club! Full Review

Hello! So sorry it took so long to leave our review of our first time at swingers club!  We were planning to post our review sooner of our night, but just didn’t have time with all the touching & playing, and replaying that night in our heads the last several weeks!


Our first time to a swingers club was very sexy, exciting, and passionate! Because it was so exciting and in reality a big step in exploring our comfort levels, we have a more in depth and detailed blog post this time. We feel if there are other couples that have thought about doing this or have done it, then its fun to share this with them. There are several podcasts and blogs that have been very helpful to us the last couple years, so we felt the need to share our experience with others.

We took our time getting ready for the night, and both felt very excited, nervous and sexy as we got ready. It was sexier knowing the wife was going commando in a very short black dress that night! We arrived at the club around 10pm so we could have a tour before anything got started. When we walked through the doors there was a very nice host couple that made us felt very much at ease and relaxed. After a few introductions from the host couple, he proceeded to give us a tour of the club.  You have your bar area, dance area and some VIP/Bottle Service areas. After the general tour, he showed us the play-area which was towards the back of the club, and there is a separate ‘check-in’ with a lovely girl who assists you in letting you know what areas are available, getting a locker, etc.  This club not only has a large open play area, but also several private rooms with mirrors on the ceiling and some have windows so you can watch the action. More on that later!
The host explained the rules and a little history on the club. We felt very safe when he told us that there were close to 10,000 members at their club, and in 10 years they have never had a fight. He explained this has to do with mutual respect, understanding and privacy. This made us feel a lot better and asked us to be a little quiet in the hallway as a few doors were already closed and in use! He showed us the open area and what the rules are, the locker rooms, towels, and how everything is clean and keeping it clean is the goal. We felt so much better after seeing the open area (no one was playing just yet). He explained regardless of our comfort level in the lifestyle that we are welcome to watch, play, be watched, play with others, whatever our comfort level was.There was a large white leather couch next to the large open bed areas.  We loved how he described the couch as being like Switzerland – neutral ground and doesn’t get involved! Any questions we may have had went away, as he answered everything on our mind before we had a chance to ask. We’re sure that happens a lot with newbie’s!
View of the bar/dance area
So we go to the bar to get a drink and just took in the vibe. We noticed several nice looking couples around and we joked to ourselves “Do you think the regulars can tell we are newbie’s?”
We enjoyed ourselves at the bar for a bit and just somewhat confirmed a few things with each other of our own personal rules and a few what-if’s so neither of us was caught off guard if a situation presented itself that evening. We went in with no expectations except to have a great time with each other. But she knows that my biggest turn-on is to see her with another woman, and I know that she is curious from time to time. We’ll get more into fantasies in a future blog post.
After a few drinks we decided to head to the dance floor, as it seemed it went from 2 couples dancing one minute to a near packed floor in no time. We headed over to the floor and just danced and enjoyed each other for several songs. We just kept kissing, smiling, touching, laughing and noticed a few different hot women that got up on the dance poles. We enjoyed the views and noticed a few couples had some lite touching/flirting amongst each other while dancing. It felt nice to take it all in and be around other couples that were there for similar reasons and just being very open-minded. What was really hot was there was a very attractive lady who kept smiling at the wife. She didn’t have the courage yet to dance with her, but there was some mutual flirting from the distance happening. After talking about it, and hearing the wife say “that girl is totally checking me out, should I go dance with her?” I of course encouraged her. She decided to grab one more drink before she approached her. In that time she somewhat disappeared.
So as the night went on we started noticing a couple here and there head towards the back play area. We decided to do a shot before we went in but by no means were wasted. As were dancing one more dance on the way to the play area, we noticed her ‘friend’ headed to the back. Granted we are newbie’s, but we were guessing etiquette would say not to approach someone while in line to get to the play area or in the hallway.
We checked in with the lovely girl at the lounge area. We agreed earlier in the night that we would check out open area and take it all in, and if it wasn’t for us, we would get a private room. Well, the private rooms were all taken and the open area was packed! So we told her to keep us in mind for a private room but we would change out of our clothes and go to the open area. We go into the locker room and we both strip down and it felt great to shed our clothing! We each put our towels around each other and headed towards the back play area.
We walked down the hall and just got very turned on seeing couples together in the private rooms, hearing them having a great time. We noticed several threesomes, foursomes and one on one action in the rooms. It felt great to take it all in!
The Hallway to the private rooms & open area in the distance
We got to the open area and walked around for a few minutes. Just took all the sights in and we both got very turned on! To our surprise the girl she had her eye on was in the middle of playing on one of the beds! What was funny and hot is she looked at the wife with a very sexy look while in the middle of playing with another couple and almost had that “you guys took too long to flirt with me” look. We didn’t mind watching her for a bit! It was nice and she seemed to know what she was doing!
So we stand near the couch (Switzerland) as there is another couple going at it on one side of the couch. We weren’t sure if playing on the couch was allowed, but once we saw another couple playing we figured why not? Within a few minutes they were done. So we decided to sit on the couch and just take in the views, the sounds and everything while waiting for an open area in the large play area in front of us.
The view from the couch!
 We started kissing and touching each other and couldn’t believe how hot it was to see what we were seeing, and hear what we were hearing. There had to be a couple dozen people all in the area just playing. We have had a fantasy for a long time to watch couples and be watched and it was essentially coming true. We started getting more and more into it, and before we even realized it, we found ourselves playing on the couch as there was no room in the beds or private rooms. We kept kissing, fingering, and touching while we were watching others in front of us. Before long she started riding me while I was sitting on the couch. I was sitting normal on the couch and she turned around and gave me a reverse cowgirl while facing several couples in front of us, to the side of us, and it felt great! We adjusted ourselves once we were alone on the couch (see that story below) and she proceeded to really fuck me hard. Hard enough that I knew I was going to cum inside of her soon, and I knew that is what she wanted. She fucked me harder and harder as I licked her tits. It felt so good to fucking in front of others knowing we were making them hot as well. She kept going faster the more I licked her until I just lost control and came inside her. We both enjoyed ourselves very much and lasted longer than we thought we would. It was very hot to look over and see other couples enjoying the show we were giving them. So Switzerland did get involved for once!
To play or not to play?
There were a couple funky things that happened but are in no way a reflection of the club. When we started playing with each other on the couch, there was another couple next to us that had just sat down a couple minutes after us. The way we were sitting, I personally couldn’t make out who they were or anything, as the wife’s hair was in my face. But at one point, while we were playing the guy started touching and rubbing my wife’s back while he was sitting with his girlfriend/wife. She looked over and realized it wasn’t my arm. She didn’t tell me while this was happening. He did it again, and she pushed his arm away. A minute later, this guy and his girl start arguing somewhat, and we think she didn’t want to be there. She was complaining about something and was starting to be a buzz kill. We both thought about how important communication is BEFORE heading to the club, let alone the play area. Thankfully a minute later they left. She told me to take over the couch. So now that I knew something was making us somewhat uncomfortable, we just laid back and took the whole couch so this couple wouldn’t come back. It was fine after that.
What was kind of hot is afterwards we talked about the guy touching her. I explained I had no idea and that anyone should ALWAYS ask first. She was actually okay with it, saying “I mean if you are in the middle of playing, and want to touch I think I may be okay with that, just not this guy as he wasn’t attractive at all to me”. So we agreed that no one should touch without asking, but at the same time, it possibly brought us to a new conversation. When she told me her view that she could see why someone would want to touch in a nice, respectful way in the middle of playing, (perhaps by getting caught up in the moment) it made me very hard and turned on that she told me this. She knows I have fantasies of certain things and sometimes she teases me. I have told her that I have thought of her sucking another cock while I was going down on her. So once in awhile I will be going down on her and notice she is sucking on her favorite vibrator. She knows this teases me and turns me on and makes my mind wonder!
We have talked several times and know that we enjoyed watching/being watched, as it was a major turn on! We would love to do it again, but are unsure if a club is the only way to go, or perhaps other possibilities? I think it would be fun to experience meeting other open minded couples at a bar, house party or hotel and of course other swinger/lifestyle clubs. In a perfect world it would be great to have other open-minded/non-vanillafriends that we see at a club or event and maybe explore our comfort levels with once in awhile. Possibly her playing with another girl. She knows that I would be okay if there was another couple that had sex next to us on a bed or couch either at club or maybe a hotel someday. But keeping our vanilla world separate from our non-vanilla world is important of course. It’s too early to say but let’s just say we have replayed the night in our minds and out loud while having fun in bed a several times already!
Happy Endings?
One last thing that was somewhat comical that night. While she was on top of me on the couch, her hair was in my face and I couldn’t see much at one point. However, since we started playing on the couch we somewhat lost track of what else was around us besides other couples. There was a water jug in the corner for guests to grab a sip. The wife was facing towards the water jug while she was fucking me with her on top.
We heard a couple people getting drinks of water and I remember hearing them getting so much water and thinking “well, they just got done and probably are really thirsty”. My wife proceeds to tell me that she could see everything and there was a guy standing there practically posing while drinking water and the guy’s dong was nearly in her face as the way he was standing there and not in a good way! The only thing I could hear was the water jug sounding like some was filling a gallon of water. She said he burped out loud too and she was like “really, how is that HOT!?!?! Move on!” She didn’t tell me this until afterwards and we ended up laughing about it. We both have a pretty good sense of humor so it was all good, even if awkward for a moment. Thankfully this didn’t ruin her big moment as it happened shortly thereafter!
We can’t wait to return to the club sometime in the near future. But we have a lot of commitments in our vanillalives through the end of the year. Hopefully in the winter we can make our way back to the club or explore other options or curiosities that may come up.
If any of you are on the fence about going or unsure of what to expect. Just do it! As long as you are open-minded and have good communication as a couple, your only regret will be you didn’t go sooner!
Have any of you been to a swingers/lifestyle club or party? If so, please feel free to share your comments, stories or advice.

We’re headed to a sex club!

One of our fantasies for a long time has been to attend a lifestyle club or resort. Not to swing, but to enjoy the views, watch others have fun, and have fun in front of others as well. But we have had a lot of questions on expectations from others, rules, etc. There is a resort in Cancun – ‘Desire‘ that we have heard about for a long time, and have listened to several podcasts on Bath Talk Weekly with Kidder & Jade about it. There are a few others around the country and Caribbean, and we have talked about going to one someday. We have had a few concerns about the vibe and atmosphere at some of the places but have heard a lot more positive feedback then negative. However, we agreed that in order to go that far away from home, we should dip our toes in the water closer to home first to find out our comfort levels.

So we are headed to a lifestyle club and are very excited! We have been reading a lot of great reviews and are excited for our first visit. The club we are going to is a dance club that is open to couples and single females and the occasional single male is allowed in on certain nights. In the back there is another area that has an on-premise play area. We are excited because there are both private rooms and an open area where couples are on several beds just having a really good time. We have talked to so many people that have attended and said it was just a great experience and that it really is very sensual and a lot of fun.The thought of getting all dressed up and having a fun time together is really hot. It makes us hotter thinking about what may happen later in the night. Stripping down and having fun together in front of others.

We have enjoyed going to strip clubs a handful times together as well. Once was with a bunch of friends and it was more for a laugh and a few drinks. We both got a lap dance together, and it was fun. But because we had friends there that were more on the vanilla side, we felt like we couldn’t enjoy it the way we wanted to. Another time we found ourselves in another city on vacation and decided to go to a club that was a little more upscale and just the two of us. This was definitely a fun time! We each had some drinks and just enjoyed the views of the dancers and bought each other a couple dances. It was very hot watching each other have a dance. To make it even hotter, we each picked out the girls that had to give us a dance. When we got back to our hotel room later in the night, we had some of the hottest sex just thinking about what we just had seen!

We have enjoyed strip clubs but felt we have moved on. They still may be fun once in a while, but we feel we are ready to turn it up a notch. We will post soon about our journey and see what happens with attending the lifestyle club. But just the thought of having fun with each other, while watching others and hearing and seeing the sounds, slaps, moans and screams really gets us both very hot!

Can’t wait to share our experiences with all of you!

“Are you ready dear?”

WOW! What a night!


The night started just right! We both were tired from a long week of crazy schedules and demands. So we got the kids to bed asap, and finally were able to relax!

There is something about getting in bed, with a bottle of wine, and having some good conversations with each other. After talking for a bit, we decided to watch one of our favorite shows, No Reservations with Anthony Bourdain. We really enjoy just watching and learning about other cultures and their food. After watching our show and finishing a bottle of a nice red blend, the mood struck!

I go to the bathroom and freshen up. To my surprise I come out of the bathroom and there is my hot wife laying on the bed with the lights off, nice music playing on the Ipod and her watching a very hot amateur porn on our laptop. I slowly crawled into bed next to her, not knowing what to expect. She said that she wanted to watch the video with me. What’s hot is the video was of 4 couples all playing in the same room, couples watching other couples, and just playing in front of each other more than with each other. We both got excited and hot watching everything happen, the sounds of the sucking, the moans, the screams and the slapping from behind all just got us really hot! Maybe because what we saw made us think of a really hot fantasy that we both share that may come true in the near future. 🙂

It didn’t take long and we were kissing passionately, touching, and  teasing. After grinding against each other, I just started kissing her body slowly as she pushed me down lower and lower until I reached her hot pussy just wanting to be licked. She slowly spread her legs and the wetness looked like she had already came, but she didn’t, she was just really turned on. I love eating her pussy, and she knows it! As I was enjoying her taste, she just keep moaning and told me how good it felt. I told her just to relax and not hold back if that is what she wanted. She responded with, “I want to feel your hot cum inside of me, Fuck me now!” I stood up and she proceeded to lay on the edge of the bed as I stood up ready to fuck her. She grabbed my hard cock and just started sucking and sucking getting it nice and ready. She knows she has this technique she does on me with her tongue that can make me cum really fast. After a few minutes of teasing my cock, she turned around so her pussy was at the edge of the bed, so I could fuck her while standing up. Once she slowly put it in, I could tell how wet she really was! It felt so good I didn’t know how long I would last. We started to fuck nice and slow until our bodies were in sync with one another. As I was leaning over her to kiss her, she realized I was in the perfect position to suck on her tits. Ohhhhh, the sounds of her being fucked while her nipples are being sucked is such a nice sound!

Just as I start pumping her faster, I feel her pussy start to tighten up and then her hold body. Knowing she is about to lose it and just start cumming, I decide to just go faster so she loses it. I love the feeling my cock gets when she comes all over it. I can just feel the warmth of her wetness all over me. I could tell how good it felt not just by the sounds of her screams while cumming, but by the look on her face. As she was done cumming, I just started exploring her body more while fucking her passionately. I sucked her tits more and more as I was feeling really good from her body, not to mention the wine also made us feel good too. Within a few minutes we fucking harder and harder and then she noticed my body start to tighten up as well. When this happens she likes to move her legs just in the right position, as she knows how good it feels and it makes me lose my load. Sure enough, I started cumming inside of her and it just felt so good. Once I was done cumming, we had very passionate kisses knowing we had another great night in the bedroom!

 Until next time……………