One of our fantasies for a long time has been to attend a lifestyle club or resort. Not to swing, but to enjoy the views, watch others have fun, and have fun in front of others as well. But we have had a lot of questions on expectations from others, rules, etc. There is a resort in Cancun – ‘Desire‘ that we have heard about for a long time, and have listened to several podcasts on Bath Talk Weekly with Kidder & Jade about it. There are a few others around the country and Caribbean, and we have talked about going to one someday. We have had a few concerns about the vibe and atmosphere at some of the places but have heard a lot more positive feedback then negative. However, we agreed that in order to go that far away from home, we should dip our toes in the water closer to home first to find out our comfort levels.

So we are headed to a lifestyle club and are very excited! We have been reading a lot of great reviews and are excited for our first visit. The club we are going to is a dance club that is open to couples and single females and the occasional single male is allowed in on certain nights. In the back there is another area that has an on-premise play area. We are excited because there are both private rooms and an open area where couples are on several beds just having a really good time. We have talked to so many people that have attended and said it was just a great experience and that it really is very sensual and a lot of fun.The thought of getting all dressed up and having a fun time together is really hot. It makes us hotter thinking about what may happen later in the night. Stripping down and having fun together in front of others.

We have enjoyed going to strip clubs a handful times together as well. Once was with a bunch of friends and it was more for a laugh and a few drinks. We both got a lap dance together, and it was fun. But because we had friends there that were more on the vanilla side, we felt like we couldn’t enjoy it the way we wanted to. Another time we found ourselves in another city on vacation and decided to go to a club that was a little more upscale and just the two of us. This was definitely a fun time! We each had some drinks and just enjoyed the views of the dancers and bought each other a couple dances. It was very hot watching each other have a dance. To make it even hotter, we each picked out the girls that had to give us a dance. When we got back to our hotel room later in the night, we had some of the hottest sex just thinking about what we just had seen!

We have enjoyed strip clubs but felt we have moved on. They still may be fun once in a while, but we feel we are ready to turn it up a notch. We will post soon about our journey and see what happens with attending the lifestyle club. But just the thought of having fun with each other, while watching others and hearing and seeing the sounds, slaps, moans and screams really gets us both very hot!

Can’t wait to share our experiences with all of you!

“Are you ready dear?”