The night started just right! We both were tired from a long week of crazy schedules and demands. So we got the kids to bed asap, and finally were able to relax!

There is something about getting in bed, with a bottle of wine, and having some good conversations with each other. After talking for a bit, we decided to watch one of our favorite shows, No Reservations with Anthony Bourdain. We really enjoy just watching and learning about other cultures and their food. After watching our show and finishing a bottle of a nice red blend, the mood struck!

I go to the bathroom and freshen up. To my surprise I come out of the bathroom and there is my hot wife laying on the bed with the lights off, nice music playing on the Ipod and her watching a very hot amateur porn on our laptop. I slowly crawled into bed next to her, not knowing what to expect. She said that she wanted to watch the video with me. What’s hot is the video was of 4 couples all playing in the same room, couples watching other couples, and just playing in front of each other more than with each other. We both got excited and hot watching everything happen, the sounds of the sucking, the moans, the screams and the slapping from behind all just got us really hot! Maybe because what we saw made us think of a really hot fantasy that we both share that may come true in the near future. 🙂

It didn’t take long and we were kissing passionately, touching, and  teasing. After grinding against each other, I just started kissing her body slowly as she pushed me down lower and lower until I reached her hot pussy just wanting to be licked. She slowly spread her legs and the wetness looked like she had already came, but she didn’t, she was just really turned on. I love eating her pussy, and she knows it! As I was enjoying her taste, she just keep moaning and told me how good it felt. I told her just to relax and not hold back if that is what she wanted. She responded with, “I want to feel your hot cum inside of me, Fuck me now!” I stood up and she proceeded to lay on the edge of the bed as I stood up ready to fuck her. She grabbed my hard cock and just started sucking and sucking getting it nice and ready. She knows she has this technique she does on me with her tongue that can make me cum really fast. After a few minutes of teasing my cock, she turned around so her pussy was at the edge of the bed, so I could fuck her while standing up. Once she slowly put it in, I could tell how wet she really was! It felt so good I didn’t know how long I would last. We started to fuck nice and slow until our bodies were in sync with one another. As I was leaning over her to kiss her, she realized I was in the perfect position to suck on her tits. Ohhhhh, the sounds of her being fucked while her nipples are being sucked is such a nice sound!

Just as I start pumping her faster, I feel her pussy start to tighten up and then her hold body. Knowing she is about to lose it and just start cumming, I decide to just go faster so she loses it. I love the feeling my cock gets when she comes all over it. I can just feel the warmth of her wetness all over me. I could tell how good it felt not just by the sounds of her screams while cumming, but by the look on her face. As she was done cumming, I just started exploring her body more while fucking her passionately. I sucked her tits more and more as I was feeling really good from her body, not to mention the wine also made us feel good too. Within a few minutes we fucking harder and harder and then she noticed my body start to tighten up as well. When this happens she likes to move her legs just in the right position, as she knows how good it feels and it makes me lose my load. Sure enough, I started cumming inside of her and it just felt so good. Once I was done cumming, we had very passionate kisses knowing we had another great night in the bedroom!

 Until next time……………