Hello Lovelies,

We are happy to announce our new web page and a complete redesign! We are very excited for the clean new look, with so many great capabilities and features. We had been notified from our previous web hosting company that our previous site violated their terms of service (TOS) saying our site was pornographic in nature. We found out that our logos were what they considered a ‘violation’. The good news is we had a wonderful sexy friend help us out and offer a lot of advice with better platforms and tools. Including a better mobile experience and a much easier format to enjoy. We are so excited for our new site and what we are able to do going forward.

We have had a very sexy summer with our first trip to NIN and the sexy foam party with Club Euphoria. We are looking forward to sharing many sexy stories, toy reviews and more coming soon.

We do have a new sign up for our newsletter and encourage to resign up to stay up to date on our latest blog post and news. Be sure to sign up on our new page.


Mr. & Mrs. Swanilla