Hello Lovelies,

We are happy to announce we are taking the plunge and headed to Desire for the first time this summer! After talking about a few ideas for a sexy trip we settled on Desire Riviera Maya. To say we are nervous, anxious, excited, and ready to be naked for a nice vacation is an understatement. This is our first time to a clothing optional resort and a resort that has this amount of sexiness with it.

One of the many things we do to prepare for any sexy event at a lifestyle club, or our trip to Desire is to have not only deep and personal conversations on our likes/dislikes. But to be 100% honest with each other and tell each other what we would love to see while on vacation, or anywhere where we can be sexy and sensual with each other without judgement. This is what attracts us to the lifestyle in general. The openness, the mutual respect from others, the sexy secrets we all share, and seeing other couples that love each other and want to experience things together in a judgement free zone. As we have said before and others have said, there is no ‘right or ‘wrong’ way to be in the lifestyle.

Keep reading for a true sensual story…..

Recently, we were discussing the possibilities of our first trip to Desire. No expectations, just open and honest communication, without fear of anything, just honesty. Which lead to open and honest Desires being shared while having those sexy pillow talk moments as the mood strikes. While discussing several ideas, we both were very turned on and ready to play.

I started slowly kissing Mrs. Swanilla and caressing her body. Before I knew it, I was on top of her and slowly grinding away at her. As I was on top of her, she begged for me to go down on her. I kissed her mouth and slowly started kissing her body when she grabbed me and pulled me up to embrace me before I went down. As I put my arms around her, she grabbed my hard cock and started to put it inside her very hot, wet and juicy pussy. I let her do it and after just a few seconds and pulled it out to tease her! I proceeded to slowly go down on her and slowly start kissing her tits, moving towards her stomach, as she started to open her legs wider and wider until I could see all of her wetness just waiting for me. I slowly started kissing around her sweet spot when she furiously guided my face and tongue into her juicy pussy. I kissed her lips very slowly, with my tongue going slowly in and out of her pussy and the sounds she made were so sensual. Each lick and movement with my tongue she moaned a little harder. After a few minutes of hearing her moan while she was begging me to fuck her, I slowly got on top her, and entered her pussy. There was no reason for her to suck me to get me wet, (or hard) it just slid nice and easy right in.

As we started to fuck very sensually, we kissed and she told me how good it felt. Within a few minutes she started to cum. She was cumming so powerful and I could tell her orgasms were very intense. She always has intense orgasms and is very multi-orgasmic. But I could tell she was very turned on, by the third time she was cumming I felt my cock get very wet as she came all over it. After cumming four times all over my hard cock she slowly rolled me over, and slowly kissed my chest and body all over, until she reached my cock. She took my hard, throbbing and wet cock from all of her cum and proceeded to suck it very slowly. She was going up and down very slowly and had her beautiful eyes just slowly stare at me with my cock in her mouth. Mrs. Swanilla has the sexiest fuck me & suck me eyes. She started to go faster up and down my cock with all of her pussy juice being licked and sucked up by her. She couldn’t believe how rock hard I was. I whispered “I wonder why?” (Sexy conversations of our Desires while my beautiful wife is sucking me tends to get me rock hard!) I held her beautiful black hair up for her so it wouldn’t be in her way as she was starting to go faster and faster and she could hear my moans getting louder as she made eye contact with me.

Mrs. Swanilla loves to suck me until I cum and this time I didn’t need to say anything as she knew my hot cum was about to be shot down her throat. As I started cumming I could feel myself cumming very intensely and it seemed way more than normal. I knew I had cum a lot when I was moaning as I was cumming and she made that sound of “hmmmmm” like she could barely handle how much I was giving her. She knows how intense it feels right after I cum, and at times she has to stop because it’s so intense. This time she proceeded to keep sucking and licking after I came which made me feel so good! As soon as she was done, she climbed up on me and we slowly embraced in a passionate kiss while staring into each other’s eyes and we both said “that was so hot, and so intense!!!!” WOW! Just typing this out is making us very horny!

Until next time…..

Be sure to check out the newest link we added to our blog and the sexy song we enjoyed during play time recently! Open Love 101 from Jackie & John. They own two lifestyle clubs in New Orleans and Dallas. Jackie & John also have a great blog and video podcast via their YouTube link. They discuss so many great topics related to the lifestyle and having a great relationship in general. If you check out their webpage and listen to their advice, it will be time well invested for your own relationship.

PS – Be sure to listen to this sexy song we enjoyed during playtime recently! We challenge you to listen to this and see if the mood strikes!