Hello Lovelies,

Mr. & Mrs. Swanilla here! It sure has been awhile since our last post, but better late than never. We wanted to share how our trip to Toronto was for the Everything To Do with Sex Show & The Sexy Halloween Party at the XClub!
We drove from Michigan to Toronto through a down pouring of rain for almost 3.5 of the roughly 5 hour trip. It sucked at times, but being with each other and having couple time alone, and be able to have sexy conversations and catching up on sexy podcasts along the way made the ride much more enjoyable. After getting to the hotel in the early afternoon, and relaxing for a few minutes before checking in, we cleaned up and headed out (in the rain again) and went to downtown Toronto to the Enercare Centre for the Everything to Do with Sex Show. We weren’t sure what to expect. Would it be sexy? Would it be classy? Trashy? It was actually pretty cool and within the first 25 feet of walking in we realized this was not your normal convention or trade show that you attend for professional or career related reasons. We made our way through so many sponsors and companies that were offering some very unique and cool products, toys, and clothing. We watched the sexy lingerie show and also attended some workshops. We were able to see JessicaO’Reilly (or Dr. Jess)  from Playboy’s Swing and other programs. She gave a great workshop on Hotter Oral Sex for Her 
Her husband was there passing out information and let us say, they are one sexy and hot couple!
One thing we noticed while walking around in the afternoon with some of the guys walking around (it was noticeable for both single guys & guys as part of a couple), that they were dressed like complete slobs. I mean, you are not headed to a club, but there are a lot of sexy people in a semi-sexual environment, talking about and discussing sex in all types, shapes, and so on. You are able to see many sexy women in one environment, some professionals and many hot looking ladies that were attending. It just seems you would want to make a bit more of an effort to look half way decent and not like you just rolled out of bed.
After spending most of the afternoon walking around the exhibits and seeing demonstrations (the Sybian machine was to die for!) and grabbing some sexy swag we decided to head back to the hotel to get ready for our fun and sexy Halloween party at The X-Club.
After dinner and cleaning up we got dressed in our sexy costumes, had a cocktail while getting ready and were ready to head to the club. Now, we noticed a few families with kids and stuff that were staying at the hotel as well as many of the guests of the X-Club. When checking in at the hotel, you kinda of just know who is there for the party. It must be a sexy vibe, look or smile we put out there! Once we were dressed and ready to go Mrs. Swanilla had me walk downstairs to make sure there we no kids and stuff in the common areas as she was dressed in a very sexy and revealing costume as Bat Girl! I went as Clark Kent. It was after 9:30pm so I assumed no kids would be around.  I scoped the area and we had the all clear. Mrs. Swanilla had very revealing bottoms that were beyond short shorts. She asked to wear my suit jacket to help ‘cover’ a few things at least on her way out of the hotel. At first I was like, “Are you sure? You’re fine, there is nothing to worry about, just other X-Club guests downstairs and in the hallway all laughing and looking sexy!” But it made sense after talking for a minute. So she had on the sexy costume, high heels, and my sport jacket as we got into the elevator. All was good. As soon as we get to the first floor, the doors open and there are three small kids, with mom, dad and grandma all standing there in towels as they just got out of the pool and were headed to their rooms. Our faces had to be priceless, but not as priceless as the dad, as his mouth was on the floor, even with the cover up of the sexy costume, he could tell we weren’t going out for tea!  After we walked out of the elevator, we both started laughing and had our funny WTF moment. Within a couple minutes we were in the shuttle with a few other couples on our way to the XClub for their annual Halloween party.
Once we arrived at the club, we were surprised to see the red carpet rolled out, and a larger tent set up and a classy hostess that greeted us and verified a few things. This was great, as the year before we were outside for a long time waiting to get in. One thing we noticed this time as we were checking in was two single guys approached the club. The hostess explained to them that there we no single guys allowed for this event. We overheard one of the guys say “I called earlier and they said it was fine”. A minute later a bouncer walked over and handled it very professionally. It’s not that we have anything against single guys per se. We know that many couples enjoy having a single guy and there are some nice gentlemen out there who probably make great connections for those desires and fantasies come true. It’s just that the year before there were a few guys who we thought were ‘single guys’ and they walked to the back room and proceeded to stare at us going at it. It’s all about class and being polite.

Once we were inside the club and got a drink and just took in the wonderful sights around us. The club looked great with all of the decorations and fun cocktails. We got into the groove pretty early and hit the dance floor and saw some very sexy things on the dance floor. The whole environment was so sensual. From the DJ spinning tunes to the extras such as the violin player & conga player that performed alongside with the DJ. After a bit on the dance floor we recognized some friendly faces that we met a year earlier at the Halloween party. We chatted with them for a bit and they introduced us to some of their friends.
On our way to the playroom
As the night progressed Mrs. Swanilla and I really started kissing on the dance floor along with touching and getting into our groove. Seeing the sexy ladies dance topless next to us and watching sexy costumes slowly being taken off on the dance floor was making us very hot. Once we saw a lady standing on the dance floor getting a quick lick on the pussy from another lady as several of us on the dance floor watched. It became sensory overload. Mrs. Swanilla grabbed my hand and we proceeded to the back playroom. There was a slight line to the locker room. We then changed out of our costumes, got naked with everyone else and headed to the playroom. As we slowly walked into the playroom we took our time as a couple to walk into the main play area and slowly notice others all around enjoying themselves. It was very hot to hear and see all of the action amongst the others in the room, especially when everyone was at all different levels of play. You would walk a few feet and see and hear someone finishing in the sexiest of sounds to watching two couples lay on a bed next to each other that were just getting started in a hot foursome. Watching them slowly kissing on each other and it turning into more was so hot!  Side note:  Many guys and some couples dress as skeletons with face paint for Halloween. While it may be cute to a degree, we found it somewhat odd to watch a couple guys naked in the playroom with skeleton paint on their face while they were having fun with their partners. It just seemed odd, to us at least. But whatever does it for ya!

We proceed to the farthest playroom (there are two playrooms all connected by a large window ) which is mainly one large bed to accommodate at least 12-15 people. We took in the vibe there and stayed for a few minutes. We weren’t feeling the sexiness as much as the other room so we went back to the main playroom. At this point we had been walking around with towels around us for about 5 minutes but it felt longer as we took in the atmosphere and tried to find an open spot on a bed or couch.  Mrs. Swanilla saw a sexy couple signal to us that they had room on the couch for us to join them. We walked over and I whispered if they had room for one more (just to be sure) he said “of course”. Mrs. Swanilla sat me down on the couch and slowly dropped to her knees. As I started to

Sexy Swanilla’s

look around to see all of the sexy things happening around us, Mrs. Swanilla started to kiss me and slowly stroke me as this hot couple next to us were in the middle of playing. Before I knew it Mrs. Swanilla was sucking my cock in a very sensual way. She always gives great blowjobs but this was different. I think all of the sexiness around us just made her perform differently. She knew she was being watched by others and did she ever give them a very nice show to look at! While all of this was happening the couple next to us was really having fun. There was no talking or a connection really between us or we didn’t see them on the dance floor that we could remember, so we laid down and started to fuck really hard. We both were watching all of these sexy people around us and wanted them to watch us and us watch them. One thing we noticed was as the playroom was filling up with more people, the staff was stretched. As there is someone in the locker room to give you your private locker and also someone up front to guide you to the private rooms or answer any questions you have. Once you enter this area, its pretty much understood that you have to be naked in the playroom. If you go to a private room you can change in there. The private room is separate from playroom. As we were playing on the couch, I noticed a few guys walking into the playroom fully dressed in their costumes. After about a minute or two, the girl from the locker room, stopped them, and said they had to go change or back to the dance floor. This made us feel better. One of the many things we like about the playroom is that it’s a level playing field. Everyone is naked or has some lingerie on. Having others fully dressed just walking around starring isn’t sexy. Having others walk around while they are naked and want to watch for a minute, very sexy!

After a few minutes of being sucked Mrs. Swanilla sat down on the couch next to the couple and asked me to lick her. Thinking of some of the new oral techniques that Dr. Jess was sharing with everyone earlier in the day, I was happy to do so! As I was busy licking we heard the girl next to us screaming as she was cumming. Then we heard her say “I am squirting I am squirting” it was very hot to be right next to them as this was happening. The guy made a joke afterwards that he had worked so hard in the last hour that he was glad she came. We all had a little laugh and giggle. They excused themselves after and we had the couch to ourselves.

After a few minutes we switched positions and I sat on the couch and Mrs. Swanilla started to ride me reverse cowgirl. Just as we started to find our groove, another couple sat next to us. To say it nicely they weren’t the most attractive. But that wasn’t what bothered us. We know we come in all

shapes and sizes, but the lady got on top of him and they started to argue with each other in a different language. Based on their tone, it didn’t sound like a sexy conversation. So it started to be a mood killer, but we were close and within another couple minutes we both came and it was very hot to be in front of everyone while we had a very hot moment. We made our way back to the locker room and changed back into our costumes. We went back to the dance floor, danced for a few more songs and grabbed one last drink and headed for the hotel.

The next morning, we woke up and had very passionate and hot sex thinking of all of the sights and sounds that surrounded us just hours earlier. We got ready and went to the hotel lobby for breakfast. What’s funny or another way you can tell you are in a hotel with a bunch of swingers or lifestylers is when you go to the breakfast buffet, almost every couple that was dressed half way decent or had on sexy and cute sweat pants and more. Compared to the regular hotel guest that showed up unshowered, bed hair, and generally sloppy looking. We noticed as we drank our coffee which tables had couples from the night before to the ones that did not. Because there were a mixture of vanillas, including families and kids, there were just a lot of smiles, winks and laughs. Everyone seemed very respectable of their surroundings and it was fun to see all of these people who all shared a hot evening together in some way or another, from the dance floor, to compliments on costumes to the playroom and back to the dance floor.
 As we go through the journey of learning our place in the lifestyle we are certain we are definitely voyeurs and exhibitionists. We love watching and being watched while we play. Everything else is just a bonus! 

Overall, we had a great time as a couple. It was a nice weekend away and it was fun at the sex show and we recommend anyone attend at least once, as they are in a few different cities. The Halloween party is just one of the biggest parties of the year and it was so much fun this time.