Hello Lovelies, 

We hope you and yours had a wonderful and naught holiday season, we sure did! When you are able to disconnect from work, unwind, and just decompress. It can do wonders to your mood and desire to connect on a daily, or few times a day basis.  

This time of the year so many people make New Year’s resolutions related to goals they may have. The most common New Year’s resolutions are dieting & exercising, saving more money, doing better in school or work, and hitting other personal or professional goals. 

We started thinking, what about having New Year’s resolutions during your journey in the lifestyle? What would those look like for you as an individual or as a couple? 

This is based on your comfort level as a couple within your journey in the lifestyle, and comfort level related to the ongoing pandemic. With so many events or resorts being global now, there are several countries around the world that don’t have access to vaccines, and testing on a large scale. However, sometimes pushing boundaries or doing something outside of your comfort zone can also be a lot of fun! 

Here is the Top 10 list that we thought of for New Year’s resolutions, Lifestyle Edition. 

  1. Better communication with your significant other on what you would like during your journey. Expressing your interest, desires, wants and needs is very important as a couple in daily life. It is even more important during your journey into unconventional areas. By having open communication to understand what you both would like is a crucial first step. This has evolved for us, and many others as we would think. There are a ton of resources now, including podcasts, blogs, books, shows, and more. Picking what you enjoy and listening together over a cocktail can lead to a lot of sexy conversations.


  1. Joining a Lifestyle dating site. There are several options to choose from now, including SDC, Lifestyle Lounge, Kasidie and Double Date Nation. Both Kasidie and Double Date Nation are what works for us. If you choose Double Date Nation be sure to use code Swanilla to try for free for 3 months.


  1. Attending your first event at a Lifestyle Club. This is a good way to dip your toes into a night of sexiness. Whether attending a club to dance and have a good time, or meet likeminded couples to share some laughs. One of the scariest things is the first time going to an event. What will we see when we walk into the event or club? Will there be naked people everywhere? Will we see someone we know? Will our neighbors be there? A fellow PTA mom or soccer coach dad? Will I see a coworker there? It is much easier after going for the first time, and realizing the Lifestyle is full of amazing people, who are there to have a good time, let loose after a long week and to enhance their relationship.


  1. Private House Parties. These are typically private parties, and you may or may not see some of these online. Many of these are word of mouth. We have not attended a house party yet, but were invited to one. It wasn’t our jam at the time, but we would be interested in learning more and attending one from people we know, or friends we know would recommend.


  1. Going to a large Lifestyle event such as Naughty N’awlins (NIN), where a few thousand people convene each year in New Orleans. The event is made up of sexy and fun workshops, seminars, and bar takeovers during the day. There is a lot to do in New Orleans as a couple, or with sexy friends. Believe it or not, many couples enjoy hanging out with other likeminded couples that enjoy sightseeing, grabbing lunch together or playing tourist. There are other takeovers around the country that have a similar vibe, but much smaller and intimate and curated to help be part of the event, but not overwhelmed by the event. See below for more.


  1. Attending a smaller, but exciting Lifestyle event to ease into things, and meet great people that can be a sounding board and meet potential new friends. An event such as Podcast-A-Palooza also known as PCAP, is an event that started in 2017 in NYC. It was held again in 2021 in Miami after a couple delays and reschedules, and will be in Palm Springs, California in June of 2022. This may be more ideal to those new or those wanting a smaller, more intimate event. There are also seminars, panels and sexy games and activities. Cate from The Wanderlust Podcast / Swinging Downunder Podcast has done amazing work on planning events around the U.S., all while living abroad several time zones away. We were scheduled for Miami in 2020, and rescheduled. We weren’t able to make the 2021 rescheduled event, but 2022 sounds fun!


  1. Booking a trip to a Lifestyle resort that you may have been thinking of. This includes Hedo in Jamaica, Temptations in Cancun and of course Desire in Cancun, Mexico. We have been to Desire and miss it greatly. We are hopeful we can return in the near future, as it really is a special place for us. There has been a saying about Desire, “If you have been, no explanation is necessary, if you haven’t been no explanation is possible”. We agree and cannot wait to go back!


  1. Local dates or Meet & Greets. These events are found online on certain dating sites or through word of mouth. There are many that meet a local bar, winery, restaurant, etc. This is a no pressure, no play event to get together with likeminded people, and get to know what works for them, what doesn’t work for them, share what works for you as a couple, and have a friendly face you may know at a future lifestyle event. There are other meet & greets that have an afterparty that can lead to playtimes.


  1. Attending an upscale event such as Just For Dinner. The concept sounds really intriguing and the events from what we have heard sound like a great time. They hold events most weekends around North America. They may only be in your city once or twice a year. The mastermind behind this concept, George, was interviewed on the We Gotta Thing Podcast episode 61 and they discussed in great detail what you can and cannot expect. We are very interested in attending an event like this, and hope to attend one in Detroit or another city in the near future.


  1. Meeting another couple for a date. You met a fun couple online or at a larger meet and greet or old friends from a past vacation are in town. Everyone is excited, nervous and wondering what the night may bring. Of course, you can meet for drinks, dinner with a strong possibility of going back to a hotel and connecting in whatever way works for you. Hosting a sexy night with 1-2 other couples also may fall into this category.


These are the Top 10 New Year’s resolutions we thought of. There are a few we would like to add to your New Year’s resolutions. Are any of these New Year’s resolutions something that may be on your list of resolutions? What would you add to this list? What other Lifestyle resolutions would you add? 

Share your thoughts in the comment section or head over to Twitter @BeyondRBedroom to see what others may be saying. 

Happy New Year!

Mr. & Mrs. Swanilla