Have a Sexy Holiday Season!

Hello Lovelies! Tis the season!

We wanted to wish everyone a wonderful Holiday season filled with joy & so much more in 2017! Hopefully, you get to be naughty this season and have lots of sexy fun!

New stories and posts coming soon!

Hugs & Kisses

Mr. & Mrs. Swanilla
Beyond Our Bedroom

Desire Trip Report: Our last night & last dance (snapshot)

Our last night & last dance at Desire!

This is our version of a snapshot that we shared together on our last night at Desire. Snapshots are a great story or memory that Mr. & Mrs. Jones from the We Gotta Thing podcast have been sharing, and we wanted to share ours.

It was our last night at Desire and we knew we were going to live it up and make every moment count. It was masquerade night and we both wore sexy outfits and love the theme nights. We went into the disco and the night was just getting started. Due to weather most people were in the disco, so it was packed. After saying hello to some new friends, we hit the dance floor and lived it up. We both enjoy dancing but Mrs. Swanilla likes it even more when there is Latin music playing. Being on the dance floor to the right type of music, with the right mix of sexy people, having a great dinner earlier with new friends from Brazil, and having a great experience earlier in the day we were both on cloud 9 at this point. Just embracing each other in the music, the sensual dancing, and soaking up every minute of it while staring into each other’s eyes!  After about 20 minutes of dancing, we head to the bar to grab a drink. A couple approached us and the gentleman said to Mrs. SwanillaIf you don’t mind me saying so, you are absolutely beautiful and you guys are very sexy to watch on the dance floor!” 

Dancing our night away
Mrs. Swanilla thanked him and we all chatted for a few minutes. He explained he recognized us from a private online group that was set up for those headed to Desire so we introduced ourselves and we chatted with him and his lovely wife. He proceeded to tell us both the following: “It has been a true pleasure watching you guys dance, and having a great time out there. We can tell that you guys are truly in love with each other and just wanted to say it’s been a lot of fun just watching the two of you get lost in each other in a room full of so many sexy people”.
We both truly felt the sincerity of his words and we chatted for a little about the resort, the lifestyle and more. Then, one of our favorite songs came on, (see song below) and we said “can’t miss this song, give us a minute and we can chat again”. As we embraced each other on the dance floor after hearing such nice comments, it gave us a sense of even more love and affection than we already had that night and truly made us feel special that another couple took the time to say something so sweet to us. It just made us feel so nice hearing that from someone that isn’t part of our daily life.
As we lived it up on the dance floor and just had an amazing time between the two of us. We realized after awhile that we had the dance floor to ourselves and a few other couples, as most of the place cleared out as everyone headed to the playroom or hot tub. The DJ just kept playing great songs in a similar latin dance style. He was definitely reading the room by playing the right music. We then realized what time it was, and went into the playroom to see if we liked the vibe happening in there. We decided to head to the hot tub to live it up there one last night before heading home to reality in the morning. At one point on the way to the hot tub, I asked Mrs. SwanillaDid Pitbull and Enrique Iglesias cock block me from getting to the hot tub sooner?” We both laughed and she said: “Pretty much! Thank you baby, I needed that night!” I told her it was my pleasure and love dancing with her.

We have so many memories from our first trip to Desire but this one really touched our hearts and made us feel like newlyweds after close to 20 years of marriage! 
As we headed to the hot tub, we slowly got undressed and went to dip our toes in the tub! But may have slipped and ‘fell in’ to the good times to be had with many new friends waiting for us to join them! Many kisses to Mr. & Mrs. Argentina, Mr. & Mrs. Las Vegas & Mr. & Mrs. Mexico for having such a wonderful time in the hot tub with us in our circle of fun! 

As we heard Mr. & Mrs. Jones say on their podcast We Gotta Thing recently in talking about their trip to Desire this summer, they said something just stuck with us and we related to. 

If you’ve ever been to Desire no explanation is necessary, if you haven’t no explanation is possible

Caution: Slippery When Wet!

                         A great song that has many memories of our last night at Desire! 

Desire Trip Report – Part 4 – New Friends & New Experiences

Desire Trip Report – Part 4 – New Friends & New Experiences

As we finish up our Desire trip reports, we have a few more memories that we wanted to share that may answer some questions for those that haven’t been there yet. For those that have, they may relate to some of these perspectives as well. 

Some other memories of our first trip to Desire was meeting new people at the resort who became fast friends by the end of the trip. There are a lot of friendly and open minded people at a place like Desire, and many people are easy to talk to and open to having a conversation. Some may seem unapproachable because they may seem like “seasoned” swingers or lifestylers. Some may just know people from previous trips or just talking to others that they met there a couple days prior.

We found it very fascinating to learn a lot of people’s stories and their journies, both in the lifestyle and just life in general. There was one couple that we chatted with throughout our time at Desire. They were from Chile and they were an older couple. They looked great and we couldn’t quite guess their age. At one point I saw Mrs. Swanilla chatting with them later in our visit by the pool. She was asking them a lot about their trip to Mexico and how often they visit. They said they were in their late 60’s (which we would have never guessed that) and they have had a great time in the lifestyle over the years. But that they are at a point where they love to visit Desire, people watch and see others having a great time and they feel they are passing the torch to others that are in the lifestyle or are dipping their toes to find their place or set their own pace within their journey. They essentially were telling us that their play days are somewhat winding down and to enjoy life and just have a great time! We felt that was both really sweet and humbling at the same time.

We were finally able to grab a beach bed on our last full day there and as we laid there, we had some great moments. We had our speaker with soft sensual music playing while we were ready to fall asleep in the afternoon sun and shade with the ocean in front of us. We then noticed these clouds way in the distance of the ocean, and how dark they were. But also how fast they were approaching our beach. We grabbed our things and before we realized it we were running towards one of the bars to get out of the rain. It was fun because we just grabbed a drink and ended up meeting a lovely couple from Canada and from Kansas. The Canadian couple knew of the XClub and had been there a few times themselves. They told us some fun stories and of experiences they had while traveling as well. 

After the storm passed we realized the beach beds were soaking wet and decided to head to the pool and ended up spending more time with our friends from Texas, Oklahoma, Argentina, and Brazil. After a long afternoon of more partying and playing we headed to the hot tub to warm up from the rain. As we started to relax in the warm water, things started heating up in the hot tub between a lot of us in late afternoon. There was a lot of flirting, group kissing, touching and then the vibe just happened. It was very natural with so many sensual and sexy couples around. As things were heating up, we were making out while standing up in the hot tub with our new friends around us.

Mrs. Swanilla had me sit on the edge of the hot tub with the stairs just behind me. She proceeded to give me an incredible blowjob with so many sexy people around us enjoying themselves and others that needed a little more help than just 1 on 1 next to us. A lady we had chatted with earlier in the pool was outside the hot tub and walked up behind me, grabbed my cock and essentially was feeding it to Mrs. Swanilla. It took me a minute to realize who was holding my cock! As she was sucking me, she had this very sexy look in her eyes. That look of pure bliss while making eye contact the entire time she was sucking me. As I look around the hot tub as Mrs. Swanilla is eye fucking me with my cock in her mouth, I notice the mood changed quickly in the hot tub, and there were several couples engaging in fun sexual activities.

Many guys were sitting on the edge of the hot tub while they were all being pleasured. All of this while a warm tropical rain was coming down and just made it much more passionate.  As we realized it was time to get cleaned up for dinner and the theme night, the Sexy Brazilian couple invited us to dinner at Sahlo our last night. It was a lot of fun, as we had a long conversation about many things in life and talked at length about many things that we have in common. We all noticed The Texas couple were also a few tables away from us. We invited them to join us but they were having a quiet evening with just the two of them. We joined them after dinner for a mini celebration and drink before heading to our rooms to change for the theme night. 
When the Mood Strikes…..

One thing we learned is that you can’t force a vibe or a mood. Like any sexual situation, you have to be in the mood and have the right surroundings. We realized that while we had some very sexy times in the hot tub, it took a few times to find the right vibe and just let it happen. We discovered a lot of what appeals to us and what we may do differently next time. A hot tub full of naked people sounds hot,(and it can be), it’s the vibe and sexual tension in the air that can affect the flow of the time there. To be clear it has nothing to do with body image or age. There were people of all shapes, sizes, ages, colors and that didn’t affect our mood one way or another. But one thing that did was being in the middle of a hot sexual activity and things really heating up between us and others around us. Those few minutes when the stars are out at night, the mood is sensual and things go from laughs and flirting to passion and moans. But one thing we found distracting was people having conversations really close by was somewhat distracting as it was very late at night, and the mood between a lot of us was heating up. Don’t get us wrong, we love talking to people and learning their stories. But there were a couple moments where it may have been better for all of us if we all moved to a bed or two nearby and focus on each other. However, there were 5 couples in the middle of “stuff” and we didn’t want to ruin the moments by suggesting we all move over to the beds. 

We realize that the hot tub is very hot and can be sexual, it has to have the right vibe, and all. When we have been to lifestyle clubs, one thing we noticed in the playroom is no one is allowed in their street clothes, everyone has to be naked. It doesn’t mean you to have to be part of a group orgy, but at least be naked (with your towel) and your partner and lay on the bed or couch and take in the atmosphere. When we get naked in the locker room and head to the back play area the walk to the back is really hot and sensual. You leave the locker room where many people are nervous getting naked no matter how you slice it. Then walk into this huge sexy room with lots of beds, couches, and more and see all kinds of fun. Couples having fun, threesomes happening next to you, couples soft swapping, couples full swapping and couples just laying on the beds naked just watching or wanting to be watched. But the atmosphere is so hot with all the sounds, and all of the possibilities above really are a major turn on. Everyone is on an equal playing field if you will. Not that everyone is fair game but being naked in the area, letting people watch, letting people hear the juicy and sexy sounds that are happening. Wow! Need to take a break as Mrs. Swanilla decided to suck me as we write & read this blog post together! 🙂

So on one hand, we were looking for that type of vibe at Desire in the playroom and the hot tub area. We had it in the playroom one night but it wasn’t the right vibe. We had an incredibly hot sex in the hot tub with lots of involvement from others in our ‘circle of fun’ which we think about and whisper to each other still months after our trip. The thoughts of those nights are very hot and get us in the mood for sure! We enjoy having the pillow talk after a bottle of wine and whispering to each other what we saw, what we did to others together and separately, it gets us very hot and we can’t wait to return to meet new friends, see old friends and make new sensual memories!  

Mr. & Mrs. Swanilla
PS –  We have one more blog post coming soon about our last night at Desire. It’s our version of the snapshot that Mr. & Mrs. Jones from the We Gotta A Thing Podcast are known for sharing! 

Desire Trip Report: Part #3 – New Friends, The Foam Party & The United Nations?

Desire Trip Report: Day 3 – New Friends, The Foam Party & The United Nations? 

By our third day, things were definitely heating up! We started our morning like the day before, hot sex to help set the mood of the day. We were excited as many people and the staff told us not to miss the foam party in the pool that afternoon. We were very curious what it was going to be like.

We ran into the Texas Couple around late morning and ended up hanging out with them for most of the day in the pool. After a little bit, they introduced us to some sexy new friends they met from Brazil. What a great couple! She had the cutest smile and personality, and he was a true gentleman that you immediately realized was a good guy. We all shared many drinks and our lovely waitress Sylvia hooked us up with our new favorite drinks, the electric lemonade. As soon as our glasses were near empty she would be right there with a tray full of cold tasty drinks! After a few minutes, we noticed a couple more sexy couples and someone from our group had met them earlier.  They were a sexy couple from Las Vegas and another sexy couple from Argentina and we welcomed them with hugs and kisses to our group. At this point, there are five couples with another 1-2 couples having drinks with us on and off and talking to other friends nearby.  We had been in the pool at this point for close to 2.5 hours and knew the foam party would be starting about 2pm. It was about 1:45pm when Mrs. Swanilla and I looked at our friends and said: “oh shit, we forgot to eat lunch!” With all of their encouragement, they convinced us to just have another drink and eat lunch after the foam party. Not that it was hard to convince us to stay with so many sexy naked people in our group.

During this time there are sexy staff members and models that are walking around the pool putting on a fashion show with various pieces of clothes and lingerie. Shortly after that, the staff was dancing salsa near the pool. There was a great looking guy on the staff and Mrs. Swanilla made a comment on how good he was at dancing. Being Latina herself she can recognize great latin dancing from a mile away! While in the pool and watching him dance we realized he had to be the sexy latino that “A” from The Curious Couple referred to on their podcasts about Desire!

We noticed the staff setting up these large canisters near the pool and as we all grabbed another drink we noticed the music was getting louder, more of a party vibe was happening and the pool was packed! It seems many joined in to see what was told to us throughout the week there. Before we knew it the foam started and the party was underway. It was very cool seeing the foam on top of the water and everyone in their party vibe. Before we realized it there was a lot of foam on top of the pool and at some parts, it would be at least 3-6 feet higher than the water. Many mentioned that it could be claustrophobic for some. We joked around that we felt like it was the inside of a dishwasher. One thing that was funny was you would bump into people in the pool as it was hard to see where you going at times, especially in the middle of the pool. We ran into some new friends we met out first day there from Colorado. She is very sweet and he is a big flirt and couldn’t get enough of Mrs. Swanilla. He kissed her anytime he could and it was all very sweet and respectful, a true gentleman. Such a nice couple that we would love to see there again. Just good and fun people. He asked Mrs. Swanilla if she wanted to get on his shoulders and go into the foam across the pool. Before we knew it we were all laughing as we see Mrs. Swanila naked on top of his shoulders going into the foam and disappearing. All of us were joking with yelling her name saying “it was nice knowing you”. A few minutes later they emerge from across the pool covered in foamy soap suds. During the foam party which lasted a lot longer than we realized it would, the mood was definitely heating up! With so many sexy new friends and a lot of comfort between the couples, there was a sexual electricity in the air. Before we realized it there was a lot of touching, kissing, stroking and giggling happening. After enjoying our time together as a group of new friends, we realized the foam party was winding down and our friends from Texas mentioned that we should all head to the hot tub upstairs in a few minutes as it was late afternoon and we knew a few other friends were already up there. As everyone refreshed their drinks Mrs. Swanilla and I had a moment alone and kissed very passionately and checked in with each other to make sure we were both good, we were!

Many sexy memories were made here! 

Another great memory of our first trip to Desire was meeting new people at the resort who became friends by the end of the trip. As we were all getting in the hot tub we see our two other friends from earlier and they welcomed us. There was a circle of us in the smaller part of the hot tub. At one point there were about 5-6 couples all welcoming each other and getting to know each other with hugs,kisses and oh so much more! Many were from different countries and we joked around that we had our own United Nations welcoming committee in the hot tub. We had Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, Colombia and the great states of Texas, Georgia, Nevada, and Michigan representing the United States. Later I remembered our first trip to the XClub in Toronto and of their host gave us a tour of the club, and we were so nervous. He explained ‘in the playroom the white couch off to the side was neutral territory and doesn’t get involved, ya know like Switzerland’. Just a fun memory with so much fun happening!

As everyone was busy touching, licking, kissing, and sucking I made the comment that “if the real United Nations was this friendly we could have world peace in an afternoon!” There were a lot of giggles and laughs in between the moans. Things started to heat up between everyone and before we realized it, we had a pretty decent tropical rain coming down on all of us as we were in the hot tub. At one point Mrs. Swanilla and I made eye contact in between all of the kissing and touching of new friends and we just had a moment of “look at this, sexy new friends in a hot tub in Mexico at a great resort with rain coming down on all of us.” I remember saying later, “For dipping our toes in the Lifestyle we seemed to have fallen in”.

Mrs. Swanilla ready to party!

At one point, all of the ladies were kissing passionately and taking turns just having very hot moments. Most of the guys were watching as Mrs. Brazil was in the middle of everyone and she was being slowly passed around to each lady in our group. She is very sexy and such a sweet person!  It was all playful fun and I felt we all were respectful of each other anyone’s boundaries. As others started to join in, I noticed out of the corner of my eye that Mrs. Swanilla was kissing our new friends from Argentina, a lot. Not just her either, but both of them. Even though I was very close by, she turned to me and said “Mr. Swanilla, this is the first time that I have felt an attraction to both people of a couple!” as she proceeded to kiss both of them back and forth. This turned me completely on and got me very hot, and if Mrs. Swanilla wanted to take it any further with them I was totally ready! There was something about Mrs. Argentinas eyes that were very sexy and sensual! She was very sexy in many ways and he was a true gentleman. 

Mr. Swanilla ready for the night

After a fun afternoon with new friends, a lot of drinks and the evening   fast approaching we decided to head back to our room to have some alone time, reconnect, shower and get ready for dinner and also the theme night – Dress to Impress! And boy did Mrs. Swanilla look very sexy & stunning in her red dress! 

After a nice dinner just the two of us, we proceed to get ready for the sexy night ahead of us. There was a fun band playing and we danced on the open area on the outside patio where everyone hangs out before the nightclub opens that night. We said hello to new friends and after a drink we all proceeded to head to the disco for a fun night of dancing and more. 

Day 4 Coming soon! Stay tuned…..

Desire Trip Report – Part #2 – Which Bikini should I wear?

Hello Lovelies,

Here is Part #2 of our Desire Trip Report:

Day 2

We woke up to the great visual of the sun shining, the ocean in the distance and the possibilities of what the day would bring. To say the mood hit us right away would be an understatement, as we engaged in very passionate hot sex, we knew the day would be off to a great start. For being up for so long the day before, we didn’t really sleep in. Just something about the sun and atmosphere had us awake with only about 5-6 hours of sleep. 
After we made our way down to breakfast and headed back to our room to change, we realized the pool was already hopping close to 10:30am. We weren’t ready to drink just yet, but it was fun seeing the activities that were getting started.
We felt much more in our element our second day. Everything just flowed very naturally and any nerves we had the first day as we arrived were gone. We changed into our bikini and swim trunks and got ready for a day at the pool. Mrs. Swanillabrought a bunch of bikinis for the trip. We always talked when she would try them on at home ‘Are these Desire bikinis or vanilla ones?’ She has a couple that look great on her at a place like Desire, but she feels she may not be able to wear them to the beach at home or family community pool without a lot of judgment from other parents. I think she looks great in them of course and encourage her to wear them, even the skimpy ones! It would be funny if we were at a public pool or beach and she had that bikini on and other people saw us and they played The Game!

Mrs. Swanilla sneaking a nap after a day at the pool
We headed to the pool and ended up meeting more new people. This is one common theme that several other couples have mentioned on podcasts, blogs and other outlets is that the people are really nice, outgoing and welcoming. And it’s not because you’re around a ton of people in the lifestyle who just want to hook up. We know that exists as well, but we truly know that there are people who are naked in the pool or hot tub with you and just want to talk, share stories and learn about each other. Which is a big part of the ‘Lifestyle’ in general. We met a really nice couple in the pool. Their names were easy to remember as they were the first couple that we met that had necklaces on with their names on them. Very cool idea! We saw this a lot in our trip and will probably do the same thing when we go back. They were telling us how much they enjoy coming to Desire and how they live it up when they go. They had a funny story of them partying all day and hitting the disco at night. They went to the playroom and had a good time. They ended up passing out and woke up over an hour later to the cleaning crew turning on the lights! Hilarious!

We ended up in the hot tub again in the afternoon and really met a lot of great people from all over. There were a few couples from Oklahoma, Kansas, North Carolina and California that we hit it off with. Just fun conversations. Some about life and everyday talk. But it was fun when all of us share stories about people in their vanilla world that may know or suspect things. Many of the couples said their grown kids were suspecting things and they just played it off. One thing that was nice was the couple from North Carolina. We chatted for awhile, and then hung out with the Mr. of the group for a bit. He was a really nice guy. What was nice is that they could tell how “new” we were, and he gave us a lot of friendly advice on how to handle certain things, how to take our time, the differences that couples may have on approaching certain things in the lifestyle. It was very refreshing to talk things over with him. Podcasts are great, but it was very fun and welcoming to be able to bounce ideas off him from a guy’s perspective and he shared a lot of what has worked and not worked for them for over 20+ years of being in the lifestyle. We honestly forgot to get their info or screen names for any sites they belong to, as it would be fun to stay in touch with them every once in awhile. Again, even if the chemistry isn’t there or the timing isn’t right. You truly do make friends at Desire that you could stay in touch with for a long time. If we showed up next year and they were there, we would feel comfortable sharing a drink and catching up more.

One of the things that we also enjoy about the conversations is that we can all joke around about things at so many levels and no one seems to be offended. I know personally I have joked around with sexual jokes with vanilla friends and could tell someone was offended or uncomfortable. However, it’s just different around lifestyle people and at Desire. One fun memory was we were in the hot tub talking with a few couples, and there was a guy who was rather well-endowed as he was walking by to get a drink from the bar. Now, he wasn’t hard or engaged in sexual activity, to say it bluntly, the guy just had a huge dick! LOL! The lady of the California couple said out loud as he walked by “that thing is huge! Keep it away from me! No way!” We all were laughing and just having a good time, just playful banter and we felt right at home.

As we were talking to couples in the hot tub they asked where we were having dinner that night. We had reservations for Sahlo. We were told it was more of a fancy, sensual type of restaurant so we made reservations for that night. We didn’t know but a few people told us to plan on at least two hours or more for the dinner. At first it seemed overwhelming to hear that. But it was actually a very nice restaurant and had a great vibe and the service was excellent! One thing we learned is when making reservations, is to make it for a party of 4 or 6 in case you meet a couple or two and want to have more a quiet conversation over a great dinner. And if you don’t meet anyone, or your mood changes to just wanting to have a quiet dinner as a couple, then you just go to dinner and have a good time.


We had another great time at the disco and theme night. It’s a lot of fun walking to the main bar/open area outside while having a drink and a little music and dancing and taking in everyone’s outfits for theme night. It just seems more fun to dress up each night (for us at least). This night was sexy uniform night and we went as a cop and sexy prisoner. When we got to the dance floor we watched a professional show happening. Then before we realized it we found ourselves not only in the sexy uniform contest with five other couples, but they had us go first as we did our sexy dance and flirting. Mrs. Swanilla was so nervous at first. I had the attitude of fuck it, let’s live it up and have fun! What’s funny is we noticed a couple we hadn’t seen yet that was also in the competition. They were a very sexy couple and we will refer to them as The Texas Couple in any posts (hi guys if you’re reading – kisses!). As everyone was having fun during the competition and just dancing the night away throughout the night, we decided to sneak away to the playroom and have our own fun! There were a handful of couples in there, but enough room where we could have fun and just find our groove. We both enjoy a playroom that is a sexy environment and you can hear and see all the sexiness going on. When we started playing with each other it was very hot! Hearing the sounds around us from the other couples and the mood was there. However, as we got lost in our own play, we looked up at one point and noticed we were the only couple in there which isn’t that big of deal. But just then we saw a lady come in and start cleaning the room and the mood pretty much got killed. It was all good as we decided to head to the hot tub and take a dip and maybe have some late night fun there!

As we get settled in the hot tub we chat with friends from earlier in the day and there is some light touching and kissing. We then noticed the sexy Texas Couple were a few feet away from us and saw her get on top of him and just ride him while sitting on the bench in the hot tub. They started so slow and discreet and it turned into a very hot and passionate scene that caught a lot of people’s attention. Mrs. Swanilla and I at one point started to kiss passionately and just enjoy the show they were putting on.
After a bit we decided to head down to the bar with some friends we had made and have their late night pizza. As we are all hanging out and talking, the new Texas Couple shows up. We all start chatting and welcome them to the group. They explain that they had gotten in earlier that day. They introduce themselves and I said out loud, “Oh yeah, we all met earlier, while watching that great show in the hot tub!” They were so cute and maybe a little embarrassed but it was all in good fun. It was their first time to Desire as well but they didn’t know what a ‘vanilla’ was or that there were a ton of great podcasts/blogs out there. So naturally I told them about our blog and our fun names as The Swanilla’s and told them I would write down a bunch of blogs and podcasts for them to check out. It felt great being around new friends and just like minded people that we can share so much with.

Even though Mrs. Swanilla and I didn’t finish our playroom fun in the hot tub that night, we ended up making new friends and having a great time. The Texas couple explained that no one knew they were there except one vanilla friend they trusted and we all shared stories of what resort we all told our friends we were headed to. It’s naturally very fun to have great people that you can all share a common sexy secret with. Part of me sometimes wonders if we have that one friend or one normal couple that we could share our sexy secret with? Someone we could trust, that has an open mind and wouldn’t judge us. Someone we could send funny text messages too while at a place like Desire. Not sure if that would ever happen? The only couple we could think of is a lesbian couple that we have trusted and known for years. But still not sure we want to ever go down that road of cross-contamination of mixing vanilla life with lifestyle experiences. I know if we had them over for dinner and told them our sexy secrets, with almost 99.99% certainty they would say “we figured you two would do something like that” and that they would be able to keep a secret. Just don’t know if we ever would be able to do that or share our secret with a vanilla couple or friend.  I think that’s why we felt comfortable talking to so many people at the resort. We can all share a sexy secret together. One podcaster The Swinging MILF told us that she has confided in a vanilla friend or two about their sexy secret and it has helped them to have an outlet to share their thoughts with. As we were talking at the bar we all talked about how we had to take those boring normal (vanilla) photos to share with family/friends and were giving tips on good place to take them at around the resort! As we were chatting with the Texas Couple and others, we started asking if they too play The Game? Almost immediately we all started sharing stories and fun times of trying to pick people out. The Texas Couple told us they knew they spotted someone going to Desire from their first flight, before their connection flight to Cancun as the lady had on 4” high heels and looked very sexy! Sure enough they said they saw her later that night at the disco!

At this point it was close to 3am and we decided to call it a night. We also tweeted earlier that night, and we still feel it’s true… You really have to pace yourselves at a place like Desire!  The combination of being in the sun all day, tons of alcohol, great food, not having a ton of sleep, beach and pool games, drinking games, not to mention any day time turned play time activities, especially in the hot tub! This is all before 6pm for the most part. Then you have to get ready for dinner, maybe grab a cat nap, and have the entire evening’s festivities lined up for theme night, dancing, more drinking and of course play time! Trust us, we aren’t complaining. Just trying to provide a snapshot of the day to those that haven’t been there yet. Of course you can always just grab a beach bed or pool side chair and nap during the day, and we did that for a bit as well. That is one of the great things, is you really can control your own pace. But it can sneak up on you! As we said on Twitter while there, “Desire: The one place where time both stands still and flies by at the same time. Almost an alternate reality

Day 3 Coming soon….

Hugs & Kisses,

Mr. & Mrs. Swanilla 

Desire Trip Report – Part #1 – Our First Day!

We got naked and loved it!
Hello Lovelies!
Wow! What a trip! We are now back from our first trip to Desire and are now finally starting to adjust back to vanilla/regular life. To say we had a great trip would be an understatement. It was everything we thought it would be x1000. It took us several days to get back in the swing of things (ha!) with daily life.  
We are planning on doing our Desire trip reports over the next several weeks and will have our posts broken down by days and experiences.
We talked for months leading up to our trip, about any ideas, concerns or scenarios that we may find ourselves in and would be okay with certain things or not okay with others? One thing we are glad we did is talk about our comfort levels and our rules on a regular basis. We explained to each other what we are comfortable with at this time and that we both were headed to a great vacation with an open mind and promised to talk about any feelings in private and to have long and meaningful conversations about anything once back home. One thing we learned is that no matter how much you talk about ‘ideas’, ‘rules’ or wondering what Desire would be like, you just don’t know until you get there and go through it. But it is helpful to know what your boundaries are and how far you can go with your partner sitting right next to you. Read on for some fun and sexy stories!
Day 1
We woke up with little sleep from a long vanilla weekend, but were ready for a much needed vacation from reality and to spend the next several days as a couple, reconnecting, and having fun in a sexy environment with no expectations.
Our anticipation was building on our way to the airport, as we checked our bags and headed to our plane.
Side note: For those that haven’t been to Desire yet, plan on at least one suitcase being just full of shoes and the other just having sexy outfits. We gladly paid the luggage fees knowing we ‘needed’ all of what we packed!

One of the things we enjoy playing is The Game. You know, the game where you are in a public place and wonder to each other “who here is in the lifestyle?” or in this case at the airport, it was not just who is in the lifestyle, but who here is also getting on a plane to Cancun, or even on our plane and headed to Desire? It was pretty fun seeing some sexy couples in line and just looked a little more made up to be going to a vanilla resort or a business trip. There was one couple about 2 people in front of us that we both took one look and said “TOTALLY!” They both looked great, and had that flirty touch going on. This made going through the TSA that much more enjoyable and fun!
As we were boarded our plane, we took our time walking to our seats to scout for anyone that may be headed to Desire. Once we landed in Cancun we proceeded to immigration and customs with a few hundred other people. Again, we play The Game, and now we have several different planes of people that have landed from different cities and we start to wonder, who here is headed to Desire? There were several sexy couples at this point. We both had the looks in our eyes and small whispers of who we thought, and both wondered would we be seeing any of these people later by the pool or the beach? We proceeded through security and found our way to our shuttle to the resort. As we enjoyed a short ride from the airport to the resort, it really hit us as we drove down the street and the logo of the resort just appeared!
We finally arrive!
Upon getting out of the shuttle, Mrs. Swanilla was being greeted by our host Many at the entrance, and I hear him calling my name and waiving to me. At first, I didn’t realize who he was and thought “oh shit, we already recognize someone after being here for 2 minutes?” Once I realize that he was the host and we got settled with a glass of champagne we felt a lot more comfortable.
Our host went over all the details with us for the resort: The map, the rules, the theme nights, the ability to be naughty as he told us, and that we are now the ‘fresh meat’ as they joke at the resort! After a few more minutes we were told our room wasn’t quite ready but he would give us a tour and grab lunch afterwards. As we toured the resort with him, we knew we stuck out like two newbie’s as we were not only fully dressed, but were also carrying around two carry-ons with us. We are filled with excitement being at such a beautiful resort, we see the ocean, we hear the music, see cold drinks, and then a naked body here and naked body there walk by. Mrs. Swanilla and I look at each other and realize we aren’t in Kansas anymore!
Our host shows us where the lunch buffet is and we grab lunch and finally sit down after a whirlwind trip of being up late, getting up early for our flight, and maybe drinking too much champagne on an empty stomach. We aren’t even two minutes into enjoying lunch, and a couple, just a few tables away leans over and says to us “You guys just get in?” We explain yes, and they ask us where we are from. We tell them Michigan and they explain they were too. They were very comfortable and easy couple to talk to and tell us they were leaving the next day and that we had to party later. Sounds great!
After enjoying lunch, we walked around for a few minutes. We both packed swimsuits in our carry-on’s so we could change in case our rooms weren’t ready. But we both just were exhausted and weren’t feeling the best from traveling, and drinking already. We just went to the lobby to relax and take a few minutes to mentally prepare. After a few minutes our room is ready and we are taken to our room. It was just as we hoped, perfect location, nice bed, and air conditioning. We fell into bed for a few minutes to nap and prepare for our first afternoon/evening at Desire. This was important, as we both needed this time to mentally prepare and just clean up from traveling. Funny story, during lunch and walking around, we noticed a couple from the security line in Cancun. A couple that we said “yep, for sure”. Not sure what it is, do people in the lifestyle just have a special glow? 
Ready to take the plunge together
After about an hour or so we throw our swim trunks and bikini on and head to the pool. Now, this is where it would be interesting. So many people were naked already; would we feel comfortable being naked so soon? Did we need that first cocktail from the pool bar? We joked around for weeks with each other to see who would be naked first. Personally I thought I would be naked before Mrs. Swanilla knowing her personality and how she can be shy at times. We arrive to the pool and grab two chairs and lay down. As I am grabbing something from our bag, I have my back turned to Mrs. Swanilla, and I notice she is moving around. I turn around and see she is already topless. I was actually pretty surprised how fast it took her to remove her top. After a few minutes we both get into the pool and I still have my swim trunks on. She was teasing me how she thought I would be the first to do it. So after about 1 minute in the pool, I lose my trunks as well, after she loses her bottoms. 
At this point we are both completely naked in the pool and it felt fantastic! We realize within minutes if not seconds that it isn’t that big a deal. We grab a drink and slowly begin to say hi to a few other couples. After a few minutes of relaxing we are ready for another drink and realize the pool bar is empty, and we are just two of a couple people left in the pool. We ask a couple we said hello to, “did the bar close?” She said in late afternoon everyone heads up to the hot tub and grabs a drink up there. Of course! Between all of the podcasts and blogs that so many others have mentioned this, how did we forget? So we check in with each other to make sure we are ready to head to the hot tub. Sure we both say, let’s go check it out.
We walk up to the hot tub, and at this point are sure what we are going to see. Is there open sex happening already like we had heard about? Is it just people relaxing? Will it be very sensual play like at the club we frequent? We walk up and realize it’s just people relaxing in a very comfortable and pressure free environment. We slowly get into the tub and recognize a few people from earlier. We see the couple that told us everyone heads to the hot tub and I thanked her for the tip. She said “You’re welcome, you will find we are a friendly bunch here!” We grab a drink and start chatting with a handful of people. We find the couple from Michigan that we chatted with earlier. After having some laughs and conversation we realize we are one town away from them. We chat more and realize, shit, we share a main street and are only about 5 miles away from them. We all realize it’s all good and have nothing to worry about. In just a couple hours of being at resort, from the pool to the hot tub, we felt very comfortable and relaxed. Everyone truly is very nice and easy to talk to. We met couples from all over the States as well as couples from Mexico and Canada our first day. One couple told us it was their 25th trip to Desire. We had to ask “what do you tell your family where you are going? Their response was “They know, they know what we do, and we don’t give a shit” this made us laugh. After talking with people in the hot tub and learning people’s stories we realize what time it is and that two hours had nearly gone by, and that we should get ready for dinner and our first night there. 
We got ready for a nice dinner and it was such a nice change from a party atmosphere during the day to seeing everyone looking very sexy all dressed up for dinner. The mood seemed to change as well at the resort. It was very soft and sensual music with the right amount of lighting and just an overall great vibe seeing everyone looking so nice.
After dinner we headed back to our room to change into our theme for the night Glow Party! At this point we had been up for a long time on still little sleep but we rallied as we didn’t want to miss the Glow party. We headed to the lounge/bar to get settled and to see everyone’s outfits. It was fun seeing so many hot and sexy outfits.
We headed up to the disco and had a great time dancing and seeing all of the glow outfits. A short time later we noticed a couple near the bar paying a lot of attention to us. We went to the bar to grab a drink and they introduced themselves to us. She immediately put her arms around me, and he was flirting with Mrs. Swanilla. It wasn’t aggressive but probably a little more direct than we were used to. It made us both feel really good, like butterflies at one point. She then leaned into Mrs. Swanilla and said “Do you guys play? We play but are VERY selective and would like to play with you guys!” We knew what our boundaries were at this point, and it felt very good that they had their arms around us and light touching and flirting, and how selective they are and chose us made us both feel flattered, but we both knew that there wasn’t a connection. They were a cute couple but we knew the chemistry just wasn’t there. Mrs. Swanilla mentioned to them that it was our first night and we were just feeling out the vibe that night. 
After a great day of having our senses overloaded with our first day at the resort, and just the whirlwind of traveling, operating on about 3-4 hours of sleep we were exhausted by 1am and headed to our room. We collapsed in bed but not before getting very frisky with each other and having hot passionate sex!
Day 2 coming soon!

Stay tuned……

         Our song that sums up our first trip to Desire