Hello lovelies,

Sex on the beach? 
While this trip was our second time at Desire it was very familiar, yet a very different experience, in a great way! We talked at length ahead of our trip about how excited we were to returning and we knew that the fear of the unknown was gone. But the excitement of what the week there would bring. We knew we would have a great time between the two of us being together, laying naked by the beach, having intense sex and anything else that may happen would be sexy fun between new friends.

There was a KIK group started by some new friends that was dedicated to the week we would be there. It was a great way to get to know people ahead of time, learn their stories, answer questions for newbies and learn other things from those that had been there several times. Posting sexy fun pictures was always a fun way to build the excitement as well. We came up with an idea closer to our trip as our KIK group grew, to have a KIK Welcome Dinner one night. We found a common night that 99% of the group would be there, which happened to be the first day for most of them. Since we arrived a few days ahead of time we arranged the dinner with the staff and were excited to have some time with everyone we had been chatting with for months. Our dinner consisted of about 12-13 couples. As we sat and enjoyed a nice dinner with new friends we were able to get to know people on a different level than meeting for the first time hours earlier at the pool or hot tub naked.

We took up an entire section in the restaurant and we could tell some newer people had a look on their face of what group is this? as we had so many fun jokes and stories from chatting for months.

In talking with our friends throughout the trip one brought up a great point. They mentioned they had been to Desire several times but this was the first time that they had so many people they knew ahead of time before arriving. This provided a new circle of friends you knew from the chat group, we all had dinner the first day for most and immediately you had 12+ couples you had as a friends in the pool, beach, lunch time or the dance floor in the club that you could always go to if you were somewhat nervous approaching another couple, or ask your friends to introduce you to someone they knew. It may have looked cliquey from the outside but that wasn’t our goal at all. To this day our KIK group has stayed active and many of us stay in touch and we may go several weeks without anything, and we all pick up right where we left off. We even had a KIK/Desire reunion recently at a club. More to follow on that in a later post.

This trip provided a lot of things for us as a couple besides sexy naked fun. It provided clarity, communication, personalities and traits we were able to take back to real life and apply to our daily lives as professionals, and of course as a loving couple that ensures we always put each others needs first.

Last day at Desire
Always fun at the foam party 
Our last full day at Desire was full of a lot of sexy fun and sexy experiences. We knew the foam party was a few hours away and just planned on enjoying our last day as much as possible. As we finished breakfast we ran into two couples we knew from our KIK group that were also finishing breakfast. We decided to join them for a coffee and just chat for a bit. What we thought would be a 10 minute conversation turned into over a hour of chatting and the six of us just having fun conversations. As we all left to go our own ways to have quiet time, take a nap or walk the beach Mrs. Swanilla and I went into the gift shop at Desire. A few minutes later the couples popped their heads in and asked us if we would like to join the four of them for dinner? It sounded fun to us and we happily accepted.

Mrs. Swanilla with a unicorn in our room
Throughout the day we enjoyed time by the pool, saw our core group of friends from our KIK dinner, and all had a great time at the foam party in the pool. There was shift on Friday as some people had left and new couples started to show up, so the energy shifted, in a fun and sexy way. I was chatting with some friends and look over a few minutes later and notice that Mrs. Swanilla is not only doing fine by herself but having a very sexy moment with some new friends. I slowly walked through the crowd to enjoy the show and realize not only was she fine, but the only help they needed from me was to hold up her new friend laying on her back as the ladies and gentlemen took turns getting to know their friend! This time we brought a few fun surprises for the pool and hot tub.We bought a handful of blow up unicorn drink floaties. It was fun seeing them floating on top of the foam and hours later they made their way to the hot tub where a couple of them floated in different areas of the hot tub. What’s funny is several days later we tweeted a pic out of the floaties and a sexy couple from Mexico tweeted back that they were in the hot tub and remember seeing them and that they had fun with the floaties and the ping pong balls! That was another fun game that was played sponsored by our friends from Edmonton, Canada! Miss you guys!
Sex on the beach? Sure, why not?
As the day progressed we went back to our room to get ready for dinner, and were so turned on that we had very passionate sex before meeting our friends for dinner. Dinner was a lot of fun and we got to know everyone more, and talked about life and other experiences. This is one thing that we enjoy about the lifestyle. That it is not 100% sex in your face or 24/7 sex talk. We can talk about things you do with your vanilla friends, but when the conversation shifts to sexy talk or sexual discussions there is no hesitation or weirdness in discussing sexual topics with lifestyle friends.

Dinner with new friends
After dinner we all ended up at the outside bar to watch the band perform and dance to the Latin music they were playing. Mrs. Swanilla and I enjoy dancing, especially to Latin music and had a great time dancing outside on the patio before the club opened upstairs. As we were cooling off from dancing before we headed into the club where there was air conditioning, our friends from dinner (we’ll refer to them as the Utah couple) asked us “would you guys like to join us later on the beach?” We both agreed that it sounded like fun and accepted. We went upstairs to the club, have a drink and dance a few more songs. After a few songs we all decided it would be fun to head to the beach. As we walked to the beach Mrs. Swanilla and I held hands knowing there was fun to be had but went in with zero expectations and didn’t want to overthink anything. Someone suggested we go skinny dipping in the ocean. We all went into the ocean just a few feet out and all chatted for a bit. Our friends said that they had been to the resort several times but this was the most fun they had at this point, and that it had to do with getting to know so many people ahead of time. Mrs. Swanilla usually will share anything on her mind with me privately. Both lifestyle related and other areas of life. As we were all talking she talked about how this has been a life changing trip for her and us as a couple. I said out loud, “wow, guys I am hearing this for the first time with you as well”. But it showed how comfortable we were at this point in our journey into the lifestyle and how comfortable we feel around certain people we meet. As everyone was chatting, and flirting we had a security guard run down to us with a flashlight telling us to leave the water as there were manta rays out at night. We all left the water in a hurry and dried off next to our beach bed. The ladies laid next to each other to dry off and stay warm.

Our friends mentioned their room was the first building and they needed something from their room. I volunteered to go to the room. I quietly asked Mrs. Swanilla if she would be fine without me for a few minutes. She either didn’t hear me or I missed the cue of “I am doing just fine”. As I walked back to our beach bed our new lady friend was truly enjoying Mrs. Swanilla, and being the two gentlemen there, we didn’t want to interrupt, until we were invited to join in. As all got more comfortable we all had a very sexy time and sexy experiences together. Towards the end of our experience we heard other couples having their own fun just down the beach. I could tell Mrs. Swanilla was getting close and whispered to our friends “to listen” and within a few moments Mrs. Swanilla let out such a loud and intense orgasms. Something about the sound of her moans that traveled up and down the Riviera Maya beach into the late night Mexican moonlight that just made a great ending to the night. As we all had sexy fun together, we laid on the beach bed just talking about sexy fun and life in general. We shared life stories and it was a great ending to our last night at Desire. We slowly put our Desire robes and towels on and decided to get a late night snack at the beach bar.

We woke up the next morning and had our reconnection sex and looked at the passion in each others eyes. As we got ready to head back home, we said our goodbyes to many of the friends we met through our KIK group, new friends we met at Desire and exchanged information to stay in touch with new friends. When you leave Desire and are heading back to the airport in the shuttle there really is a sense of sadness that comes over you. You realize that you can’t be naked at the airport or be naked in a pool with friends, unless you are in a private pool with a different set of fun friends.

We collected many moments here!
We arrived at Desire with no expectations except to have fun with each other, celebrate some milestones in life and as a couple and we did that and more. As we arrived home and slowly got back into real life, we made it a point to talk about our trip, discuss our experiences and ensure we both were good. As we both said to each other with a smile, we are in a different place now and we are having a lot of fun!

Hugs & Kisses

Mr. & Mrs. Swanilla
Beyond Our Bedroom