Hello lovelies,

A few days into our week-long trip we were approached by one of the staff members who recognized us from the year prior when we checked in at the start of our trip. He had asked us if we were interested in a fun catamaran trip the following day leaving out of Desire Pearl? We agreed as it sounded fun. He explained it was an earlier pick up in the morning, and that another two-three couples would be joining us.

The following day we got ready and grabbed our bag, and took the shuttle with another couple. A third couple joined us as well, and we noticed as that got in the shuttle they were at the Rivera Maya the previous day as a couple that were putting on couple massages at Rivera Maya and Pearl the following day. So the plan was for them to go on the catamaran with us and then put on this seminar at Pearl afterwards. We recognized her immediately as she is former adult film star and we had recognized him from the Playboy channel as a licensed sex therapist and from Twitter of all places. We joked around for a few minutes and had to explain that we have enjoyed her films as a couple over the years and it was nice to meet her. We all got on the catamaran and just had a nice relaxing late morning ride about an hour from the resort. We all were a little tired but by the time we got there we each had a cocktail, and the music and sun woke everyone up. Mrs. Swanilla and I decided to go snorkeling for the first time. It was beautiful seeing the coral, and fish but the current was stronger than expected and really took us away from the boat. After about thirty minutes or so, our guide swam back with us to the boat and we felt like we just had an intense workout.

Sexy times at Desire 
Once back on the boat the staff passed out cold beers, and lunch was served. Everyone was a little more relaxed and we all started to chat for a bit and get to know each other. We chatted about a number of things related to sex, the lifestyle, and just spending time as a couple in a sexy environment. We talked about various adult film stars that they knew personally, lifestyle podcasts, and Desire. We disclosed at this point about our blog and that if we decided to write about our experiences we would of course use discretion. We asked for the same in return as sexy pics were happening and we followed each other on Twitter, and had to make sure no faces or names. After lunch and relaxing for a bit the boat took us to another location where the water was just a beautiful blue and we were able to swim and hang out in the water for a bit. Once back on the boat the party went up a notch and anyone who had bikinis or swim trunks on quickly lost them as the music was turned up louder and the drinks and shots really started flowing. Before we knew it, it was ladies time at the front of the boat. Chocolate syrup was flowing, a lot of licking, sucking and eating. The guys had to be complete gentlemen and at least watch to make sure no one fell overboard. And of course participated when needed! After a nice play session on the boat, we were all naked on the front of the boat just standing there and taking in the ocean breeze, the music, and enjoying the last 15-20 minutes of the trip. I remember standing at the front of the boat with Mrs. Swanilla and just thinking, here we are at Desire on vacation, celebrating life together. Having the time of our lives and just taking it all in and enjoying each moment. From little moments to large parties. I remember standing there naked with her and having our “I am the king of the world” moment. Little did we realize the sunscreen we had on came off and we would be burned the following day.

Mrs. Swanilla enjoying a dip in the ocean

As we made our way back to Desire Pearl, our friend on the boat dropped her phone into the ocean and Mrs. Swanilla went right in after it. She really is a caring person. We were able to spend the afternoon at Pearl and enjoy the pool, and take in the other resort. The seminar was going to start in late afternoon with the couple on the catamaran hosting the couples massage session. We walked into Pearl just as sexy games were underway. It felt nice seeing a different resort and being able to check it out for the afternoon to see if we would like to book a stay there someday. As we were walking in and the sexy games were getting started, Mrs. Swanilla dove head first into the action and before I realized what happened she was at the human sundae table making new friends! Many were happy to become new friends! We finally grabbed a spot in the shade and just chilled for a bit before the seminar started.

We made our way to the nightclub at Pearl as that’s where the seminar was being held. We entered the room, we saw small beds laid out around the area, with low lighting, soft music and a very sensual atmosphere. As Mrs. Swanilla laid on the bed, there were toys, lubes, and more. We had several new friends lay by us  and one lady said “you guys are fun, we want to lay by you for this!” As the host couple from the catamaran started the seminar they explained the art of the massage, pleasure points on the body and how to connect. The mood and the environment were perfect and everything was done in a very classy and sensual way. As the seminar begin the coach instructed us how to slowly massage our ladies in certain areas. Mrs. Swanilla was very relaxed from the sexy atmosphere, long day in the sun and a needed to decompress. I could tell that many of the ladies were enjoying their partners focusing on them. Being in such a sensual atmosphere with quiet discussions from the host couple, you could hear soft moans from the ladies. After spending time on the ladies, it was time for the guys to be massaged. The coaches were great in saying certain words or phrases that made everyone feel comfortable. They said quietly if the mood strikes do what you want.

The disco at Pearl turned massage play area

Slowly you would start hearing couples nearby going at it, watching them and then we found ourselves getting really into it. The coaches said as couples were fucking all around the room “we have both been on porn sets hundreds of times, and there is nothing hotter than watching a couple have sex who are in love, as they want to be there and aren’t being paid to be there.” Before I knew it we were going at it and Mrs. Swanilla was very into it. She was very loud and orgasmic. Everyone in the room knew she was having a great time! We noticed several couples looking up and those watching seemed to enjoy the show we were putting on. But in reality it wasn’t a show. It was just us having fun and we started getting off knowing sexy couples were watching us. Which just feed the energy. As we were going at it for awhile and then as she was cumming she grabbed me and said out loud “I am squirting, I am squirting and I can’t stop”! I whispered back to her “I know! It feels great!” After finishing we both were ready to take a nap. We laid in the room for a bit as couples slowly started to clear out. About twenty minutes later we found our friends from Chile who were in a bed nearby and were on the catamaran with us. As we walked through the courtyard of Pearl we had two couples stop us and say “thank you for such a great show, you guys were hot to watch!” We thanked them for the compliment and honestly couldn’t quite place them as they had clothes on at this point.
As we grow in the lifestyle and have sexy and sensual moments, both as a couple and with new friends, there is one thing we have both noticed. Mrs. Swanilla really is a screamer and is not afraid to let everyone know she is having a great time!

The four of us shared a shuttle back to Riviera Maya where we all were ready for a nap and to freshen up for dinner in a couple hours. This night was going to be a fun night as we had a total of 14 couples from our KIK group all arriving this day and we had a Desire KIK dinner set up for all of us.

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Hugs & Kisses

Mr. & Mrs. Swanilla
Beyond Our Bedroom