Hello lovelies,

We hope everyone is off to a sexy 2018!
We apologize for our very long delay in getting our posts up. As some of our sexy friends with podcasts and other bloggers have also apologized for taking longer than expected to have things posted. Life happens and life sure has been crazy the last several months. With family events, weddings, and extensive work travel and changes to our schedules/routine it took some time to adjust to. You know things are very busy when you look at each other and say we’ll get through this, get in bed for sexy fun, and both fall asleep. Our goal going forward is to have a much more constant post on a regular basis (hopefully monthly). Enough of our vanilla stories, we really have had some great experiences from the summer time forward, including some sexy and life changing experiences.


What have we been up to? Well, we went to Desire for the second time over the summer and had an absolute sexy, sensual and life changing experiences! We were on cloud nine for several weeks last summer into the fall. About a month after getting home from Desire we visited Toronto for the Xclub’s anniversary party in September and met some sexy friends from the general area, that we were able to spend time with at Desire just a few weeks prior. Fast forward another six weeks and we had a mini-Desire reunion in Toronto for their annual sexy Halloween party. We will have several new posts going up and are excited for what we have in mind for 2018 and beyond. So while we haven’t been active on our blog, we have made many sexy memories!


Mrs. Swanilla waiting for our flight in the Sky Lounge
On top of sexy fun getting back to reality after a wonderful time at Desire this summer was really tough. We remember landing back in Michigan after a week in such a sexy resort, with such sexy people. Just being naked, having fun conversations you don’t have with your neighbors at home and it doesn’t phase you at all to be talking about a number of different things. The day after we returned home, we spent the day at a family pool we enjoy hanging out at with our vanilla friends. We remember being in such a daze sitting around the pool with all the grown ups having their swimsuits on and just keeping to themselves. There are a few sexy MILFS that frequent this pool that we would love to see in Cancun! I remember whispering to Mrs. Swanilla during this first day back, and saying “this sucks!”
Breakfast before our flight to Desire
Our trip this time was so much more relaxing as the fear of the unknown was gone. We knew we were going in with no expectations except to have a great time with each other. We were excited to meet several new friends as there were at least a dozen couples or so chatting online ahead of time. Sharing pics of outfits for theme nights, sharing past stories of going to Desire and just other aspects of fun sexy talk that wouldn’t fly with your daily vanilla friends. The great thing was, by the time we all met at Desire it felt like we knew each other. We all knew each other on a first name basis, knew a lot of everyone’s story of how they found Desire, found the lifestyle, and decided to take the plunge of trying such a sensual vacation with a group of like-minded people.


Our first day back to Desire we arrived just as lunch was winding down and our room wasn’t ready. We checked our bags and this time we knew to pack a bikini and swim trunks in our carry-on. We changed after we checked in and it felt good to be entering Desire mode as we made our way to have a cold drink at the pool bar. We slowly eased into the vibe while we waited on our room (about a 3+ hour wait and one of our only complaints about Desire) and met a nice couple at the bar. Everyone is just so easy to start a conversation with and we ended up chatting with them for awhile. We splurged this time and got a superior room which was a nice treat to ourselves as we were celebrating some special moments this trip. We got settled in our room a short time later and finally felt we were 100% in vacation mode. Just knowing you have your room, your stuff all together and being able to relax feels great. We were able to turn off our “work mode and parent mode” and just be in ‘couple mode’ and meet sexy new friends along the way.

Welcome Back
Our first night as we finished dinner and made our way to the live entertainment we walked passed a couple briefly and within a minute or two we looked at each other and said: “weren’t they here last year?” We ran into them later in the evening and started talking and realized we hung out with them about a year or so earlier. After chatting, even more, we realized we had chatted with each other a few times online and they put two and two together and said “wait, you guys are Mr. & Mrs. Swanilla?” After we had some laughs he asked if we would be blogging from Desire. I told him not blogging that week but for sure posting a few things on Twitter as we had time. They are a fun couple and we refer to them as the California couple.


We headed to the disco to dance and to see the show that is put on nightly from Desire and the entertainment staff they have. We made our way to the dance floor and it felt good to be connecting as a couple in a sexy environment and to notice other sexy couples around and to notice a few sexy couples may be giving us a sexy smile back. We took a break from dancing and notice a couple on the couch and we started chatting. Turns out they are from our hometown about a 30 minutes away, and we also realized we had also chatted with them online. We had some laughs as we realized we had chatted recently and put the screen names together. They told us they saw us when we arrived that day while we grabbed lunch while they were relaxing in the pool. We ended up hanging out with them and just having some drinks and fun on the dance floor. What’s really great about Desire and the Lifestyle in general is that you make some nice friendships, and not everything or everyone will lead to play or even kissing. Sometimes the friendship is there, but the attraction isn’t. Or perhaps you have different play styles but enjoy hanging out with them at the pool or dinner. There isn’t a right or wrong way to be part of the lifestyle as long as you are honest with each other as a couple and are respectful to any new friends.

We have so many wonderful memories of our second trip to Desire and as we mentioned in the top of the blog, we experienced some truly sensual and life changing experiences. We pushed each others boundaries and comfort levels and smiled at each other (and moaned) while enjoying it. Be sure to check back for new sexy stories soon!

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Mr. & Mrs. Swanilla
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