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Summer is approaching and we are excited to see the U.S. and other parts of the world beginning to open up after such a challenging time with everything. With the warm weather here, we are excited for what is ahead of us in our personal lives as a couple and our Sexy Swanilla side! We are vaccinated and hoping to venture out later this year. We were very bummed we were unable to make it to Podcast-a-palooza (PCAP) but we were cheering from the sidelines, and have heard it was a great time! We are excited to see what else may be in store for 2022.

With sexy summer times ahead, and the birds and the bees out, we were discussing recently how we initiate sex as a couple. How it has evolved in nearly twenty-five years of marriage and being a couple. There were times when you started dating and things were very intense early on, and you were learning each other’s bodies, play styles, what buttons to push and what got your partner going. Depending on how old you were at the time, you may have had to navigate areas on where to have sex if you were together in high school or college. As you become a couple, you learn how best to initiate sex. Is morning sex really hot? Is having an afternoon delight the best way to get things going? Does sex at night time feel right? Of course, changing the scenery is also fun, your car, hotels, all over your home, pools, lakes, and more. Fast forward years later with healthy and active sex life, but now adding to your life of kids, careers, and life in suburbia, how do you make time to have initiate sex? The mornings during the school year have a high chance of being complete chaos. Once at home from your day, there are activities like dinner, homework, and other things all fighting for our attention. You fall into bed at 11pm exhausted and we both may have the urge to connect both intimately and physically. But also know our bodies can’t get there, even if our minds want to. We learned that while not ideal, we had to schedule sexy times with each other. This didn’t take away from being spontaneous but also set a goal for each other as a couple. We knew every Friday night we had a date night. With two young kids at home at the time, this didn’t mean we always went out. But it meant we would get the kids to bed, and also prepare all week for our alone time. Setting the mood, the room was clean, possibly candles, massages, sensual music, lingerie, and a bottle of wine. This was a great way for us to have at least a night or two to call our own. It was great when we would be at work or in the middle of something not very sexy, and we realized we had a sexy time planned later that evening. This was also our time when we discovered lifestyle podcasts, and listen to them. We also used this time to watch sexy shows on Playboy TV, including the infamous show Swing. This led to many conversations early on about our interest and desire for the lifestyle.  Sexy pillow talk is a strong way to share ideas and more.

With a different stage of life approaching and having more independence in our lives, we have been making it a point to try to initiate sex differently. When the pandemic hit, we were unsure of so many things like so many. But it also was a chance for us to hit reset and realign some personal goals and focus on ourselves as a couple, while so many other parts of life were forced to slow down. Since we both have been work from home going on a year and a half, and with a work from home model that will always be there going forward, we have made it a point to connect while alone in the house regularly. Sometimes scheduling a thirty-minute meeting and embracing each other in the middle of the workday, allows us to be ourselves, be loud, and use noisy toys, and be able to tease more. This has been a great stress reliever as well and has made us more self-aware of how much we need intimacy on so many different levels.

We have always strived to be creative, and try new things in our sex life. We enjoy the moments where we are both working out at home, and a sexy smile on how nice things are looking can turn into a hot sexual encounter while working out – Hey! You still burn calories this way! We both love showering together and seeing what different types of fun we can have. We love scheduling a seductive date night, where hair and nails are done, sexy outfits are worn, and we make it a long evening of locking ourselves in our room and having intense sex.

A recent encounter was having Mrs. Swanilla use her favorite toy – the Hitachi Magic Wand. We sat on the edge of the bed with her legs wide open as she leaned back onto me as I sat behind her, holding her as we both watched in the mirror in front of us. I whispered she couldn’t move until she made herself cum hard, and over and over again. She was intrigued and started to get really into it, and it was a sexy Saturday afternoon. The simple act of using a favorite toy in a different position, in the middle of the day, in front of the mirror can have such an intense impact on intimacy, sex, and how we initiate sex. We are always striving to do different things, with new toys, positions, and more.

What are some ways you initiate sex?
What has worked or not worked for you and your partner(s)?

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Mr. & Mrs. Swanilla


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