Hello Lovelies, 

We hope everyone is doing well and staying safe in these uncertain times. As we post this we just received word that Podcast-A-Palooza in Miami has been postponed to October. We were looking forward to being in Miami in a couple months soaking up the sun! While this is just one of many disruptions, we feel the organizers Cate and Darryl made the right call with so much uncertainty right now. Staying safe and healthy is everyone’s priority. But there will be a lot of sexual energy later in the year! That being said, we would like to share our thoughts on a topic that we had been discussing for some time, The Afterglow!

One thing that always intrigues us is when you return home after such a sensual vacation like Desire, NIN or just a sensual experience and sexy night at a lifestyle club, it’s hard to go back to real life and it feels like you need a day or sometimes multiple days to readjust. Some call it the Swinger Blues, post-vacation blues or sometimes it may be The Afterglow!

There have been several occasions where we headed to a lifestyle club, or a sexy resort and met sexy like-minded people, danced together and had sexy time as a couple and sometimes with others. But one thing that has happened on more than one occasion, is that we experience the afterglow. So what is The Afterglow? It may be different things to different people, but for us it’s made up of a combination of a few different things. It has elements of being a sexy roller-coaster ride, nervous and exciting. But also when you see others getting off watching you as a couple or whispering to us how sexy they think we are while watching or while playing together. 


One experience really sticks out in our mind. We had a very intense night at a lifestyle club. We had a great night that led to sexy times on the dance floor with so many sexy couples around us. The eye candy was sensual on many levels! We met friends old and new there. We made our way back to the large playroom and started kissing passionately as we enjoyed the sights and sounds all around us. It was a busy night, so there wasn’t a lot of space, which was okay as we all had to be very close as we enjoyed each other as a couple and added more people to the mix. It’s always fun to meet people in a playroom in the middle of things heating up and then whisper ‘thank you sweetie, that was so sexy! What was your name?” and we all have some playful laughs. As we were playing and things were heating up it was Mrs. Swanilla that let out such loud screams in the middle of the playroom that couples were stopping their sexy play as they were admiring her sounds, passion and performance. “I am very multi-orgasmic so there are times where the sounds and passion doesn’t stop for awhile. Even at home I have to bite my lip or bury my face in my pillow as I am screaming because it feels so good! If you add toys to mix its even louder and more intense” ~ Mrs. Swanilla

We left this particular city early the next day as our kids had a soccer tournament and we knew we had a longer drive, with time to get home, change, grab some coffee and head to the soccer field. As we were getting settled on the sidelines of the soccer field, and settled into our chairs, it hit us. As we were looking around at other parents, (some who were pretty sexy themselves) that just a few hours prior, we were in the middle of this intense sexy orgy! We both were in a daze and we were tired, but it was much deeper than that. We had this calming euphoria that came over us, as we had huge smiles on our faces and both sat there, just in awe of what we had gone through individually and as a couple. Things we observed and experienced that made us nervous before, but got us excited experiencing together or watching our partner experience something that turned the other on to another level! While we were sitting there, in the mid morning, with our sunglasses on, during an overcast morning, with huge smiles holding hands and just taking in everything. It was a moment of sensual bliss in our normal world that only the two of us understood. 

In a different, yet similar experience when we returned home from our very first trip to Desire, it was very difficult to adjust. The re-entry to real life after several days of being in a sexual paradise or sexual bubble is real. As you are in this private resort, that is very secluded from the beach. You may have a few people walking up and down on the beach. But once you are in the resort, you are with like-minded couples who are all into some version of the lifestyle or at least open to partying with people and as a couple. You go through whatever experiences you are comfortable with. Perhaps push your boundaries, but definitely step outside your comfort zone! 

There was a moment on the first week back home and we both were back at work. We were texting each other asking how we both felt, if we were tired, etc. We remember clearly texting each other and just talking about how we were staring at our desks/computers but not getting a whole lot done at work. It was a very Peter Gibbons moment from Office Space. 

It felt very surreal, sitting in our offices on a quiet day at work just daydreaming, reflecting, replaying things in our minds and fantasizing of what we experienced just a few days prior. This is one of the many things that warms our hearts for each other, and gives us butterflies still, The Afterglow.    

Have you ever experienced The Afterglow related to the lifestyle? What are some of your experiences or memories of it? We would love to hear your stories or memories. 


Mr. & Mrs. Swanilla