We are back after a long hiatus on the blogosphere!  Things have been very busy in our vanilla life with the usual suspects taking up a lot of our time, life events, vacations, and new ventures that have eaten into a lot of our spare time.
We had a brutal winter here in Michigan and in many areas of the country. You would think being stuck inside would provide ample time to post updates to the blog and more, but it was actually quite the opposite. It was a race to get home in the snow covered roads, stay warm by getting the fire going in the fireplace and drinking a lot of wine. Which in turned led to many sexy nights at home!
The commutes in the bad weather haven’t been that bad. What was really funny is I would notice other drivers stressed out that it would take an hour to go 20 miles due to snow and ice, which normally would make me crazy too! This winter, I tried a different approach. I listened to several sexy podcasts while driving and it made the commute go so much better. How can you get stressed out when you are listening to an episode of Lifestyle out Loud or SwapFu while driving? I am positive a few drivers were wondering why I had such a huge smile on my face while we were going 4 mph a few times. Little did they know what makes a long commute so much more enjoyable!
We went to a club (again)
We were able to sneak away and were able to make it back to Toronto for a return trip to the X-Club. This was a very different experience then our first time there.  We had received a message from another couple earlier in the day and that they would be there too. We chatted briefly via email and explained what our rules were, and they sent us what their rules were.
In reading over the email about their rules/preferences, Mrs. Swanilla said “is that an email to us or one we sent out? As it is exactly what our rules are too!” We weren’t looking to full swap, but have a nice sensual experience of having fun together on the same bed/play area, with some girl/girl play and same room sex. In looking at online profiles and possibly events or parties, we wondered if you meet a couple and chat online or meet in person, and they are more experienced then you, and their comfort level is up for a full swap,  but ours is not, would they dial it back to our comfort level in playing and being with newbies? This is one of the questions that we have discussed a lot together and would love any feedback on this.
As we left and headed towards Toronto, we chatted and listened to some podcasts on the way there (the always great Swingin Around & SwapFu) and there was both excitement and some nervousness between us. After the 4+ hour road trip we arrived at our hotel and just relaxed for a bit. As we started to get ready for the evening we talked about the what-if’s of the evening to make sure we were both on the same page. We agreed that there weren’t any expectations since we were meeting a couple for the first time. Our plan was to go and just have fun, and go back to the open play area and have fun with each other again, as watching and being watched is very hot for us. We enjoy the sights and sounds of being in an open play area!
As we finished getting ready, Mrs. Swanilla mentioned that she was nervous since we were meeting people for the first time. If we meet someone at the club as the night progresses that is one thing, but this was “let’s meet for a drink at the club” and was our first time in doing so. We definitely both had our first time nerves, anxiety, stress and more that so many other swingers have mentioned on blogs, podcasts and shows.  But I assured her we would be fine and just to relax as there were no expectations. We balance each other out quite nicely in all aspects of life, and she knew I had her back.  
As we left our hotel room, we had what we call the Sexy Swanilla Walk! You know the walk, where you head to the elevator, down the hallways, into the lobby and grab a taxi, wondering what other guests at the hotel lobby/lounge are thinking when you walk by dressed very sexy or if you may run into another couple dressed for the evening that may be headed to the same club! This was not an on premise hotel we stayed at so there were vanilla’s around we had to dodge!
As we arrived to the club, we paid our fee and grabbed a couple drinks. What was really great this time was that we weren’t nervous of being at the club like we were the first time. We were still nervous that we were meeting another couple but we felt very comfortable at the club and very much at ease. It felt very familiar and comfortable.
We grabbed a couple drinks and found a place to sit for a few minutes. After a song or two the couple we chatted with online approached us and introduced themselves. Once we met and started talking, all of our nervousness just went away.

It’s funny how you think of meeting people and once you do, you realize that they are a ‘normal’ couple that is out to have a good time as well. They filled us in on a few different clubs they had been at in the area and gave us their reviews and told us a few other times they had been to this club. This particular club had been renovated a few months prior, mainly the open play area. So the four of us went to check out the newly renovated play areas before it opened to everyone for the evening and it sure has a sexy vibe going on! Looks so much better and even sexier!

They were a nice couple and put us at ease very much. They explained there was no pressure or any expectations for the evening. As they were talking at one point, Mrs. Swanilla pulled me closer to her and whispered “I really like them, they are so nice!”This was nice to hear, because all four us mentioned in chatting that if nothing happens, there is at least another couple to talk with at the club and just take in the energy with. Plus it’s nice to be able to share essentially a naughty secret with others and have club friends or acquaintances. To be honest, we thought they way they handled us being newbie’s was so polite and pressure free that, in some essence, that became a turn on as well.
After enjoying a few drinks and conversation we moved to the dance floor and just had fun. They told us they were headed to the back play area in a private room in a few minutes and we were welcome to join them. But if we didn’t there wouldn’t be any hurt feelings, and again no expectations.
They told us as we were dancing and Mrs. Swanilla turned around after a few minutes and said “we should go back and join them”. As many in the swinging community know, the women tend to lead the pace of the evening, but with anything communication of course is key. I never had any expectations knowing our comfort levels at this point and our conversations we had earlier in the day, but was both excited and surprised at her response.

After getting very excited on the dance floor, just kissing and grinding on each other, we decided to head back. The X-Club has a large play area and several private rooms. We changed and found our way to the room they had after walking through the newly remodeled open play area slowly as possible so we could take in the very sexy sights and sounds.
Now, we won’t go into each and every exact detail of what happened in the private room, but we will say, that they made us feel very comfortable, and relaxed. So comfortable that Mrs. Swanilla had her first girl/girl experience and it was a very hot and satisfying night!

It was very hot to have other couples walk by and watch what was happening through the window and open door in our room and was a real turn on to be essentially be giving them a sexy show!

After we enjoyed our ourselves, we headed back to the bar, enjoyed a cocktail and danced for a little bit more. We started to get tired and decided to head back to the hotel. Once we got back, we were both so turned on that we had reclamation sex, and it was very hot!

The next day, we got up and got ready, headed down to the breakfast area of the hotel before we headed on the road back to Michigan. As we sat there having coffee, we looked around as the place was packed with families and wondered “who here looks like they may have been down the street at the club last night?!?!

We would love to hear some feedback on any of your first experiences! Were they what you thought they would be? Was it better or different than you imagined? Did you put any pressure on yourselves leading up to your first experiences? Please post a comment or send us an email, as we would love to hear your stories too! 

This is a great summary of the lifestyle and how there isn’t a one-size fits all approach

This post’s song is Seafoam by Magnus Buchan, a very sexy and sensual song. Be sure to listen while having a sexy time!

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