Hello Lovelies,

Mr & Mrs. Swanilla checking in after quite some time since our last post! We hope everyone is doing well!

Simply put, we have had been extremely busy the first several months into 2017 that we have struggled to have our regular date nights and reconnect. Life has been busy but we are finally seeing some commitments coming to an end so we can focus on things that are sexier!

We had a lot of family events from before Thanksgiving through the holidays and well into 2017. Because our logistics and schedules were a little off the last few months, it actually took us until the second week of January to exchange our sexy stockings that we do. Thanks to Mr & Mrs. Jones from the We Gotta Thing podcast for the idea of the sexy stockings! We have done it a couple years in a row now and it does make it a lot easier to have a dedicated theme night and fun gift exchange. In years past we would try to sneak a gift when no one was around or later in the day. So having a separate night that is essentially a Sexy and fun Christmas date night does make it easier. Especially when you know that the house will be full of family and friends for days at a time. We had a lot of fun on our stocking exchange, even if we had to wait until mid-January to do it. Mrs. Swanilla got a new toy, the cordless version of the Magic Wand and also some sexy lingerie (see pic)

..and the model even looks like Mrs. Swanilla too!- Swinger Diaries 
We ended 2016 with a fun trip to Toronto and a visit to the club for their annual Halloween party. We were able to make a weekend out of it this time and spend a few days in Toronto and enjoy some time together. We decided to go for the weekend and noticed it was Latin Dance/Club Havana night at the club. It was our first time experiencing a Friday night at the club and we weren’t sure what to expect. As we looked into going both nights, we realized that select single guys were allowed on Fridays. As we discussed it Mrs. Swanilla said: “If the club is as classy as we know they are, I trust their judgment on finding guys that would be respectful and not creepers”. It made me feel a lot better hearing her not only say that but that she was at ease. Other husbands/boyfriends may relate to this, but it makes the night and experience more enjoyable knowing that your beautiful wife is not only at ease but feels safe and respected so she can enjoy herself and focus on things like the shoes that match her outfit. Plus we really wanted to experience a night of fun latin dancing. We both enjoy Latin dancing of merengue, salsa, and bachata. We went to a nice restaurant beforehand and had a great romantic dinner just the two of us and felt good just to reconnect after some busy schedules in our lives. We try to make an attempt to do that in our vanilla world as well on a regular basis.  

After dinner, we headed back to our hotel to change into outfits that were a little sexier and may not have been appropriate for the restaurant. Unless we were having dinner at Desire! As we were leaving we noticed several young kids around the hotel playing hallway hockey and their parents all in one room just drinking with the door open. We somewhat thought “well it’s Friday, I am sure they will all be gone by tomorrow when the hotel is full of fun people in the lifestyle headed to the Halloween party.”

We arrived at the club, grabbed a drink and checked out the place. The music was fun and we knew we would have a great time no matter what, as we have each other first and foremost. We didn’t notice any single guys anywhere and honestly forgot about it being a Friday night. We did notice that as the night progressed that there were maybe 30-35 people there total and it was a slower night than we had thought. But then it hit us, this is the night before one of the biggest Swinger/Lifestyle events of the year. In the lifestyle, it seems that Halloween, Valentine’s Day and New Years are very big events of course. Although it was slower than we thought, we had a lot, of fun just dancing latin music together, and noticing some of the other couples. We could tell there were a few couples that it may have been their first time there and they looked a little nervous. There was one couple that had a little look of nervousness but looked sexy, Mrs. Swanilla whispered to me “I  just stared at them like I was eye fucking them and she turned away nervously

After a few dances, Mrs. Swanilla said she was going to the bar to get us a couple of cocktails. Because it was slower than usual, and we had already spent our first time at Desire in Mexico, we both felt like our confidence has improved and didn’t have anywhere near the nervousness we had in the past. When she came back, she mentioned that there was a guy at the bar really checking her out up and down. She said she gave him a smile and looked for his wife or girlfriend, and then she realized he was alone. Agh, the single guy. More on this in a future post.

Towards the end of the night, we realized that the mood wasn’t quite there for us to head to the back playroom. But we did notice two couples that hit it off and they both had a little nervousness between the four of them. We thought of possibly heading to the back area to at least play near them and enjoy the show. But we couldn’t tell if they had a private room or went to the open play area. So we decided to call it a night, head back to the hotel and have our own fun! As we were ready to call it a night, a lady that had been friendly to us earlier stopped Mrs. Swanilla and says “aren’t you guys going to the back playroom?” Mrs. Swanilla said to her, “no, not tonight sweetie but we will be here again tomorrow for the Halloween party”. The girl had a playful pout on her face as we smiled. Only if she had asked 20 minutes earlier.

Once we got back to the hotel, within seconds we were both just going at it in a very intense and sensual way! Just being in that environment with only a small crowd still got us in the mood. The combination of being away for the weekend, having a great time together all night and perhaps the confidence or spark that a couple people had flirted with us got us both very hot! We both had a few cocktails in us and weren’t at home so didn’t care how loud we were at 2am! Of course the next morning we realized right across the hall were several rooms full of kids and parents for a hockey tournament! We totally forgot! That made an awkward and somewhat fun time at the continental breakfast buffet in the hotel!

The next day we decided to head to downtown Toronto and do a little exploring while in town. We have been to Toronto several times, both for sexy fun weekends and for family vacations. We love the city and always find something new to see, a cool area to check out or just to head towards Lake Ontario or downtown and check it out. After spending the afternoon playing tourists, we headed back to the hotel to start getting ready for Halloween party. We both were excited as this brought back memories of theme nights we had from not only previous club visits but our trip to Desire a few months prior. We both decided to wear outfits that were a little more revealing than we would have in the past. It may have been because we feel more comfortable after spending several days in Mexico with new friends naked most of the day. And perhaps we both just felt like we were in good shape and could pull off certain outfits.

Sexy Halloween Party

As we got ready to our fun and sexy playlist #SexySwanilla full of sensual music, Latin dance, and music that just makes you smile! We reassured each other how great the other looked and how we were looking forward to a fun time. It’s always fun to leave your room to the hotel lobby not knowing who you will see in the hallway and hope you don’t bump into several families or vanilla’s on your way to the lobby to meet others headed to the club. Of course, as we open our door the hockey parents are in their room with other parents in their sweatpants, watching TV and see us headed to some sort of Halloween party! What were they thinking…..?????

As we reach the elevator there are two other couples that are all dressed up, or actually not really dressed at all with their outfits. We all smile and laugh and say “where are you guys headed?” It almost seems when you’re in a hotel that isn’t a complete take over you’re always nervous as to who may see you that isn’t part of the lifestyle or the party at least that night. But once you reach the elevator or other like-minded people or the hotel lobby where there seems to be several of us it’s very easy to hang out, share some laughs and strike up conversations with others about the club or the lifestyle in general. Perhaps strength in numbers. We ended up chatting with a couple from New York as we waited on the shuttle about Desire and our trip and how they go a couple times a year as well. It’s fun to chat so you have a familiar face at the club later you can say hello to again or have taking fun pics while dressed up in your costumes.

Once we arrived at the club in the shuttle we were able to skip the line since so many people staying at the hotel had done an early check-in with the club earlier that day. The crowd Saturday night compared to Friday night was night and day difference. You could barely find a place to stand let alone dance on Saturday. We were able to stand, dance, sit anywhere we wanted on Friday. This was our third Halloween party at the club and it had to be the biggest we had seen.

Despite being in such a larger crowd, we had the pleasure of finally meeting the lovely Penn & Paige from the Swinger Diaries podcast. They are such a wonderful, fun and sexy couple who compliment each other very well. It actually felt like we already had known each other from chatting over the years and of course listening to them on car rides or over a glass of wine. While chatting Penn laughed and of course we recognized his laugh from the podcast. It was great to finally catch up with them, and have a drink together. If you haven’t met them in person yet, they are just as sweet as you would imagine!

As the night progressed the temperature of the room was definitely heating up on many levels! We noticed several people getting in the mood on the dance floor, on the couches around the dance floor so we decided to head to the back playroom. Depending on the time you head to the back playroom, you tend to see sexier things on the dance floor as the mood hits people at a certain time of the night. As we got undressed and made our way back to playroom, we both felt very comfortable and not nearly as nervous as we had in the past. We figured being at Desire for several days a few months prior help shed certain nerves. We had butterflies on the possibilities of the evening, but nervous wasn’t the right word as we undressed and walked slowly through the playroom enjoying the scenery around us. We found ourselves in the larger back playroom. We had never been in the room before besides looking in briefly. But the sounds, and views were too much and we just had to see more. After taking our time to enjoy the sights and sounds by slowly walking around and stopping and kissing along the way we finally found a spot on the large play area.

The perfect place to meet new friends 

As we are started to kiss and slowly touch each other the sounds were turning us both on to another level. Mrs. Swanilla couldn’t handle it and slowly pushed my face down her body until I was able to slowly kiss and lick her in all the right places. After a few minutes of tasting her, I opened my eyes and noticed some sexy hands caressing her body. She really was enjoying the attention she was receiving and was on sensory overload. After a few more minutes of enjoying my tongue and the hands of new friends, she turned me over and started sucking me. We watched each other in the mirrors all around us, watched the sexy couples next to us on the side, the foursome on our other side. Mrs. Swanilla finally told me to start fucking her! She was so wet and juicy on top of her surroundings that she was becoming one of the loudest in the room! It was pretty hot to see so many couples in the middle of playing, stop in the middle of play and just pop their heads up and watch us. Almost like little prairie dogs sticking their heads up to watch, and then went back to their own fun! To say we enjoyed ourselves that night would be an understatement.

About a week later we were having a fun sexy twitter chat and doing some Q&A with others about their sexy Halloween fun! We tweeted on the chat that we enjoyed ourselves at the club in Toronto, and noticed a response from Swinger Diaries that said: “We enjoyed the show that Mr. & Mrs. Swanilla put on for everyone“. We started laughing as we hadn’t realized they were in the same room, as we had ‘lost’ them in the puppy pile.

A few weeks later there was a fun chat on Twitter among some lifestyle couples and the question was about possible sexy gifts for Christmas. I posted the pic above of model in the pink lingerie and that I was going to buy that for Mrs. Swanilla for her naughty stocking gift. There was a fun response from Swinger Diaries that said ….and the model even looks like Mrs. Swanilla too! After Mrs. Swanilla opened her stocking and tried on her sexy lingerie, I showed her the tweet and she smiled in her usual playful way!

Stay tuned for more blog posts and updates as we have some fun topics in the works, some sexy travel scheduled, and other events we are thinking of attending.


Mr. & Mrs. Swanilla