We got naked and loved it!
Hello Lovelies!
Wow! What a trip! We are now back from our first trip to Desire and are now finally starting to adjust back to vanilla/regular life. To say we had a great trip would be an understatement. It was everything we thought it would be x 1000! It took us several days to get back in the swing of things (ha!) with daily life.
We are planning on doing our Desire trip reports over the next several weeks and will have our posts broken down by days and experiences.
We talked for months leading up to our trip, about any ideas, concerns or scenarios that we may find ourselves in and would be okay with certain things or not okay with others? One thing we are glad we did is talk about our comfort levels and our rules on a regular basis. We explained to each other what we are comfortable with at this time and that we both were headed to a great vacation with an open mind and promised to talk about any feelings in private and to have long and meaningful conversations about anything once back home. One thing we learned is that no matter how much you talk about ‘ideas’, ‘rules’ or wondering what Desire would be like, you just don’t know until you get there and go through it. But it is helpful to know what your boundaries are and how far you can go with your partner sitting right next to you. Read on for some fun and sexy stories!
Day 1
We woke up with little sleep from a long vanilla weekend, but were ready for a much needed vacation from reality and to spend the next several days as a couple, reconnecting, and having fun in a sexy environment with no expectations. Our anticipation was building on our way to the airport, as we checked our bags and headed to our plane.
Side note: For those that haven’t been to Desire yet, plan on at least one suitcase being just full of shoes and the other just having sexy outfits. We gladly paid the luggage fees knowing we ‘needed’ all of what we packed!
One of the things we enjoy playing is The Game. You know, the game where you are in a public place and wonder to each other “who here is in the lifestyle?” or in this case at the airport, it was not just who is in the lifestyle, but who here is also getting on a plane to Cancun, or even on our plane and headed to Desire? It was pretty fun seeing some sexy couples in line and just looked a little more made up to be going to a vanilla resort or a business trip. There was one couple about 2 people in front of us that we both took one look and said “TOTALLY!” They both looked great, and had that flirty touch going on. This made going through the TSA that much more enjoyable and fun!
As we were boarded our plane, we took our time walking to our seats to scout for anyone that may be headed to Desire. Once we landed in Cancun we proceeded to immigration and customs with a few hundred other people. Again, we play The Game, and now we have several different planes of people that have landed from different cities and we start to wonder, who here is headed to Desire? There were several sexy couples at this point. We both had the looks in our eyes and small whispers of who we thought, and both wondered would we be seeing any of these people later by the pool or the beach? We proceeded through security and found our way to our shuttle to the resort. As we enjoyed a short ride from the airport to the resort, it really hit us as we drove down the street and the logo of the resort just appeared!
We finally arrive!
Upon getting out of the shuttle, Mrs. Swanilla was being greeted by our host Many at the entrance, and I hear him calling my name and waiving to me. At first, I didn’t realize who he was and thought “oh shit, we already recognize someone after being here for 2 minutes?” Once I realize that he was the host and we got settled with a glass of champagne we felt a lot more comfortable.
Our host went over all the details with us for the resort: The map, the rules, the theme nights, the ability to be naughty as he told us, and that we are now the ‘fresh meat’ as they joke at the resort! After a few more minutes we were told our room wasn’t quite ready but he would give us a tour and grab lunch afterwards. As we toured the resort with him, we knew we stuck out like two newbie’s as we were not only fully dressed, but were also carrying around two carry-ons with us. We are filled with excitement being at such a beautiful resort, we see the ocean, we hear the music, see cold drinks, and then a naked body here and naked body there walk by. Mrs. Swanilla and I look at each other and realize we aren’t in Kansas anymore!
Our host shows us where the lunch buffet is and we grab lunch and finally sit down after a whirlwind trip of being up late, getting up early for our flight, and maybe drinking too much champagne on an empty stomach. We aren’t even two minutes into enjoying lunch, and a couple, just a few tables away leans over and says to us “You guys just get in?” We explain yes, and they ask us where we are from. We tell them Michigan and they explain they were too. They were very comfortable and easy couple to talk to and tell us they were leaving the next day and that we had to party later. Sounds great!
After enjoying lunch, we walked around for a few minutes. We both packed swimsuits in our carry-on’s so we could change in case our rooms weren’t ready. But we both just were exhausted and weren’t feeling the best from traveling, and drinking already. We just went to the lobby to relax and take a few minutes to mentally prepare. After a few minutes our room is ready and we are taken to our room. It was just as we hoped, perfect location, nice bed, and air conditioning. We fell into bed for a few minutes to nap and prepare for our first afternoon/evening at Desire. This was important, as we both needed this time to mentally prepare and just clean up from traveling. Funny story, during lunch and walking around, we noticed a couple from the security line in Cancun. A couple that we said “yep, for sure”. Not sure what it is, do people in the lifestyle just have a special glow?
Ready to take the plunge together
After about an hour or so we throw our swim trunks and bikini on and head to the pool. Now, this is where it would be interesting. So many people were naked already; would we feel comfortable being naked so soon? Did we need that first cocktail from the pool bar? We joked around for weeks with each other to see who would be naked first. Personally I thought I would be naked before Mrs. Swanilla knowing her personality and how she can be shy at times. We arrive to the pool and grab two chairs and lay down. As I am grabbing something from our bag, I have my back turned to Mrs. Swanilla, and I notice she is moving around. I turn around and see she is already topless. I was actually pretty surprised how fast it took her to remove her top. After a few minutes we both get into the pool and I still have my swim trunks on. She was teasing me how she thought I would be the first to do it. So after about 1 minute in the pool, I lose my trunks as well, after she loses her bottoms.
At this point we are both completely naked in the pool and it felt fantastic! We realize within minutes if not seconds that it isn’t that big a deal. We grab a drink and slowly begin to say hi to a few other couples. After a few minutes of relaxing we are ready for another drink and realize the pool bar is empty, and we are just two of a couple people left in the pool. We ask a couple we said hello to, “did the bar close?” She said in late afternoon everyone heads up to the hot tub and grabs a drink up there. Of course! Between all of the podcasts and blogs that so many others have mentioned this, how did we forget? So we check in with each other to make sure we are ready to head to the hot tub. Sure we both say, let’s go check it out.
We walk up to the hot tub, and at this point are sure what we are going to see. Is there open sex happening already like we had heard about? Is it just people relaxing? Will it be very sensual play like at the club we frequent? We walk up and realize it’s just people relaxing in a very comfortable and pressure free environment. We slowly get into the tub and recognize a few people from earlier. We see the couple that told us everyone heads to the hot tub and I thanked her for the tip. She said “You’re welcome, you will find we are a friendly bunch here!” We grab a drink and start chatting with a handful of people. We find the couple from Michigan that we chatted with earlier. After having some laughs and conversation we realize we are one town away from them. We chat more and realize, shit, we share a main street and are only about 5 miles away from them. We all realize it’s all good and have nothing to worry about. In just a couple hours of being at resort, from the pool to the hot tub, we felt very comfortable and relaxed. Everyone truly is very nice and easy to talk to. We met couples from all over the States as well as couples from Mexico and Canada our first day. One couple told us it was their 25th trip to Desire. We had to ask “what do you tell your family where you are going? Their response was “They know, they know what we do, and we don’t give a shit” this made us laugh. After talking with people in the hot tub and learning people’s stories we realize what time it is and that two hours had nearly gone by, and that we should get ready for dinner and our first night there.
We got ready for a nice dinner and it was such a nice change from a party atmosphere during the day to seeing everyone looking very sexy all dressed up for dinner. The mood seemed to change as well at the resort. It was very soft and sensual music with the right amount of lighting and just an overall great vibe seeing everyone looking so nice.
After dinner we headed back to our room to change into our theme for the night Glow Party! At this point we had been up for a long time on still little sleep but we rallied as we didn’t want to miss the Glow party. We headed to the lounge/bar to get settled and to see everyone’s outfits. It was fun seeing so many hot and sexy outfits.
We headed up to the disco and had a great time dancing and seeing all of the glow outfits. A short time later we noticed a couple near the bar paying a lot of attention to us. We went to the bar to grab a drink and they introduced themselves to us. She immediately put her arms around me, and he was flirting with Mrs. Swanilla. It wasn’t aggressive but probably a little more direct than we were used to. It made us both feel really good, like butterflies at one point. She then leaned into Mrs. Swanilla and said “Do you guys play? We play but are VERY selective and would like to play with you guys!” We knew what our boundaries were at this point, and it felt very good that they had their arms around us and light touching and flirting, and how selective they are and chose us made us both feel flattered, but we both knew that there wasn’t a connection. They were a cute couple but we knew the chemistry just wasn’t there. Mrs. Swanilla mentioned to them that it was our first night and we were just feeling out the vibe that night.
After a great day of having our senses overloaded with our first day at the resort, and just the whirlwind of traveling, operating on about 3-4 hours of sleep we were exhausted by 1am and headed to our room. We collapsed in bed but not before getting very frisky with each other and having hot passionate sex!
Day 2 coming soon!
Stay tuned……
         Our song that sums up our first trip to Desire