Hello Lovelies,

Here is Part #2 of our Desire Trip Report:

Day 2

We woke up to the great visual of the sun shining, the ocean in the distance and the possibilities of what the day would bring. To say the mood hit us right away would be an understatement, as we engaged in very passionate hot sex, we knew the day would be off to a great start. For being up for so long the day before, we didn’t really sleep in. Just something about the sun and atmosphere had us awake with only about 5-6 hours of sleep. 
After we made our way down to breakfast and headed back to our room to change, we realized the pool was already hopping close to 10:30am. We weren’t ready to drink just yet, but it was fun seeing the activities that were getting started.
We felt much more in our element our second day. Everything just flowed very naturally and any nerves we had the first day as we arrived were gone. We changed into our bikini and swim trunks and got ready for a day at the pool. Mrs. Swanillabrought a bunch of bikinis for the trip. We always talked when she would try them on at home ‘Are these Desire bikinis or vanilla ones?’ She has a couple that look great on her at a place like Desire, but she feels she may not be able to wear them to the beach at home or family community pool without a lot of judgment from other parents. I think she looks great in them of course and encourage her to wear them, even the skimpy ones! It would be funny if we were at a public pool or beach and she had that bikini on and other people saw us and they played The Game!

Mrs. Swanilla sneaking a nap after a day at the pool
We headed to the pool and ended up meeting more new people. This is one common theme that several other couples have mentioned on podcasts, blogs and other outlets is that the people are really nice, outgoing and welcoming. And it’s not because you’re around a ton of people in the lifestyle who just want to hook up. We know that exists as well, but we truly know that there are people who are naked in the pool or hot tub with you and just want to talk, share stories and learn about each other. Which is a big part of the ‘Lifestyle’ in general. We met a really nice couple in the pool. Their names were easy to remember as they were the first couple that we met that had necklaces on with their names on them. Very cool idea! We saw this a lot in our trip and will probably do the same thing when we go back. They were telling us how much they enjoy coming to Desire and how they live it up when they go. They had a funny story of them partying all day and hitting the disco at night. They went to the playroom and had a good time. They ended up passing out and woke up over an hour later to the cleaning crew turning on the lights! Hilarious!

We ended up in the hot tub again in the afternoon and really met a lot of great people from all over. There were a few couples from Oklahoma, Kansas, North Carolina and California that we hit it off with. Just fun conversations. Some about life and everyday talk. But it was fun when all of us share stories about people in their vanilla world that may know or suspect things. Many of the couples said their grown kids were suspecting things and they just played it off. One thing that was nice was the couple from North Carolina. We chatted for awhile, and then hung out with the Mr. of the group for a bit. He was a really nice guy. What was nice is that they could tell how “new” we were, and he gave us a lot of friendly advice on how to handle certain things, how to take our time, the differences that couples may have on approaching certain things in the lifestyle. It was very refreshing to talk things over with him. Podcasts are great, but it was very fun and welcoming to be able to bounce ideas off him from a guy’s perspective and he shared a lot of what has worked and not worked for them for over 20+ years of being in the lifestyle. We honestly forgot to get their info or screen names for any sites they belong to, as it would be fun to stay in touch with them every once in awhile. Again, even if the chemistry isn’t there or the timing isn’t right. You truly do make friends at Desire that you could stay in touch with for a long time. If we showed up next year and they were there, we would feel comfortable sharing a drink and catching up more.

One of the things that we also enjoy about the conversations is that we can all joke around about things at so many levels and no one seems to be offended. I know personally I have joked around with sexual jokes with vanilla friends and could tell someone was offended or uncomfortable. However, it’s just different around lifestyle people and at Desire. One fun memory was we were in the hot tub talking with a few couples, and there was a guy who was rather well-endowed as he was walking by to get a drink from the bar. Now, he wasn’t hard or engaged in sexual activity, to say it bluntly, the guy just had a huge dick! LOL! The lady of the California couple said out loud as he walked by “that thing is huge! Keep it away from me! No way!” We all were laughing and just having a good time, just playful banter and we felt right at home.

As we were talking to couples in the hot tub they asked where we were having dinner that night. We had reservations for Sahlo. We were told it was more of a fancy, sensual type of restaurant so we made reservations for that night. We didn’t know but a few people told us to plan on at least two hours or more for the dinner. At first it seemed overwhelming to hear that. But it was actually a very nice restaurant and had a great vibe and the service was excellent! One thing we learned is when making reservations, is to make it for a party of 4 or 6 in case you meet a couple or two and want to have more a quiet conversation over a great dinner. And if you don’t meet anyone, or your mood changes to just wanting to have a quiet dinner as a couple, then you just go to dinner and have a good time.


We had another great time at the disco and theme night. It’s a lot of fun walking to the main bar/open area outside while having a drink and a little music and dancing and taking in everyone’s outfits for theme night. It just seems more fun to dress up each night (for us at least). This night was sexy uniform night and we went as a cop and sexy prisoner. When we got to the dance floor we watched a professional show happening. Then before we realized it we found ourselves not only in the sexy uniform contest with five other couples, but they had us go first as we did our sexy dance and flirting. Mrs. Swanilla was so nervous at first. I had the attitude of fuck it, let’s live it up and have fun! What’s funny is we noticed a couple we hadn’t seen yet that was also in the competition. They were a very sexy couple and we will refer to them as The Texas Couple in any posts (hi guys if you’re reading – kisses!). As everyone was having fun during the competition and just dancing the night away throughout the night, we decided to sneak away to the playroom and have our own fun! There were a handful of couples in there, but enough room where we could have fun and just find our groove. We both enjoy a playroom that is a sexy environment and you can hear and see all the sexiness going on. When we started playing with each other it was very hot! Hearing the sounds around us from the other couples and the mood was there. However, as we got lost in our own play, we looked up at one point and noticed we were the only couple in there which isn’t that big of deal. But just then we saw a lady come in and start cleaning the room and the mood pretty much got killed. It was all good as we decided to head to the hot tub and take a dip and maybe have some late night fun there!

As we get settled in the hot tub we chat with friends from earlier in the day and there is some light touching and kissing. We then noticed the sexy Texas Couple were a few feet away from us and saw her get on top of him and just ride him while sitting on the bench in the hot tub. They started so slow and discreet and it turned into a very hot and passionate scene that caught a lot of people’s attention. Mrs. Swanilla and I at one point started to kiss passionately and just enjoy the show they were putting on.
After a bit we decided to head down to the bar with some friends we had made and have their late night pizza. As we are all hanging out and talking, the new Texas Couple shows up. We all start chatting and welcome them to the group. They explain that they had gotten in earlier that day. They introduce themselves and I said out loud, “Oh yeah, we all met earlier, while watching that great show in the hot tub!” They were so cute and maybe a little embarrassed but it was all in good fun. It was their first time to Desire as well but they didn’t know what a ‘vanilla’ was or that there were a ton of great podcasts/blogs out there. So naturally I told them about our blog and our fun names as The Swanilla’s and told them I would write down a bunch of blogs and podcasts for them to check out. It felt great being around new friends and just like minded people that we can share so much with.

Even though Mrs. Swanilla and I didn’t finish our playroom fun in the hot tub that night, we ended up making new friends and having a great time. The Texas couple explained that no one knew they were there except one vanilla friend they trusted and we all shared stories of what resort we all told our friends we were headed to. It’s naturally very fun to have great people that you can all share a common sexy secret with. Part of me sometimes wonders if we have that one friend or one normal couple that we could share our sexy secret with? Someone we could trust, that has an open mind and wouldn’t judge us. Someone we could send funny text messages too while at a place like Desire. Not sure if that would ever happen? The only couple we could think of is a lesbian couple that we have trusted and known for years. But still not sure we want to ever go down that road of cross-contamination of mixing vanilla life with lifestyle experiences. I know if we had them over for dinner and told them our sexy secrets, with almost 99.99% certainty they would say “we figured you two would do something like that” and that they would be able to keep a secret. Just don’t know if we ever would be able to do that or share our secret with a vanilla couple or friend.  I think that’s why we felt comfortable talking to so many people at the resort. We can all share a sexy secret together. One podcaster The Swinging MILF told us that she has confided in a vanilla friend or two about their sexy secret and it has helped them to have an outlet to share their thoughts with. As we were talking at the bar we all talked about how we had to take those boring normal (vanilla) photos to share with family/friends and were giving tips on good place to take them at around the resort! As we were chatting with the Texas Couple and others, we started asking if they too play The Game? Almost immediately we all started sharing stories and fun times of trying to pick people out. The Texas Couple told us they knew they spotted someone going to Desire from their first flight, before their connection flight to Cancun as the lady had on 4” high heels and looked very sexy! Sure enough they said they saw her later that night at the disco!

At this point it was close to 3am and we decided to call it a night. We also tweeted earlier that night, and we still feel it’s true… You really have to pace yourselves at a place like Desire!  The combination of being in the sun all day, tons of alcohol, great food, not having a ton of sleep, beach and pool games, drinking games, not to mention any day time turned play time activities, especially in the hot tub! This is all before 6pm for the most part. Then you have to get ready for dinner, maybe grab a cat nap, and have the entire evening’s festivities lined up for theme night, dancing, more drinking and of course play time! Trust us, we aren’t complaining. Just trying to provide a snapshot of the day to those that haven’t been there yet. Of course you can always just grab a beach bed or pool side chair and nap during the day, and we did that for a bit as well. That is one of the great things, is you really can control your own pace. But it can sneak up on you! As we said on Twitter while there, “Desire: The one place where time both stands still and flies by at the same time. Almost an alternate reality

Day 3 Coming soon….

Hugs & Kisses,

Mr. & Mrs. Swanilla