Would you ever consider appearing on a TV show about the Lifestyle?

We started wondering how many people would feel comfortable appearing on a show that is related to the swinging lifestyle? Obviously there is the more known show Swing on Playboy TV which personally we really enjoy and has really taught us a lot of how the lifestyle works compared to other outlets. Looking forward to the new season starting June 20th!
Then there was the show Secret Sex Lives: Swingers that was on Discovery Health Channel in 2013. This was decent and did show a lot of the dynamics on how being in the lifestyle effects other aspects of your life (spouses, feelings, family, etc.) This show didn’t show any sex which was fine. But one thing we don’t understand is why this show and the more recent show on A&E Neighbors with Benefits have to focus on the religious aspect of swinging. The Discovery show had a couple that met with their pastor and he knew what their secret was. He made the lady feel like shit on a number of things, including an upcoming wedding and being faithful. We may touch on religion on another blog post in the future, as this stirs up some strong opinions!
The most recent show Neighbors with Benefits on A&Elasted only two episodes before the network pulled the plug.See A&E Cancels ‘Neighbors with Benefits’  Personally I (Mr. Swanilla) only saw the second episode and watched it alone while doing laundry one night. I was looking forward to the first episode as a re-run and watching the show together with Mrs. Swanilla. I won’t bother commenting on whether the show seems scripted/fake or trying too hard. There is enough going around Twitter on that aspect of the show.

Canceled after only 2 episodes

Based on some of the twitter comments and comments on various web pages, there are a lot of people that bring religion and god into the bedroom. They had an overly religious couple and of course parents who disapproved and said ‘you were raised better than that with God in your life‘. Granted both shows were either based in cities in the bible belt or in more conservative areas. Curious as to why the show lasted an entire season on the Discovery Health Channel and not even to the third episode on A&E?

This lead us to wonder how many people would be comfortable on a show about the lifestyle? Whether on Playboy TV’s Swing, Discovery Health show or the Neighbors With Benefits, or another show that may be in the works? Then we wondered about how many podcasters or bloggers in the lifestyle would feel comfortable being on one of these shows? 
Many of our favorite podcasters/bloggers already have an audience that listens/reads to their views on the lifestyle on a regular basis, so on one hand it seems like it would be a nice compliment. Of course many in the lifestyle regardless of their podcast/blog prefer discretion or anonymity.
Speaking of podcasts and blogs, we have enjoyed many new ones in 2014 & 2015 including the blog Our Room or Yours? blog and podcasts We Gotta Thing, The Curious Couple, Swinger Diaries, and SapphicSwingers. All of them are great and enjoyable and bring a familiarity that other podcasts have, but also their own unique spin. For example, Sapphic Swingers podcast consists of couple Tiffany & Rachel who are a married lesbian couple that are in the lifestyle. They discuss how they got into the lifestyle, how they met and how they only play with other women. They have talked about guys saying they would show them how to love cock again. It’s a fun podcast with great content and humor. I started thinking they would be a unique couple to join the cast of Swing on Playboy TV. I mean they are there as a married couple, only play with women and it could add to some nice dynamics in the red room for sure!!!!
Mrs. Swanilla and I have talked about this a few times, and we know being on a show isn’t for us for many reasons. One is we are still learning about the lifestyle and finding our comfort levels. It isn’t something we discuss every day or even every week. We also do like the privacy aspect and being discreet is something we do prefer. From both a personal preference and a workplace/professional setting. However, if I had to pick, I personally would prefer to be on Swing, just because it’s on the Playboy Channel and the chances of as many people seeing it are smaller compared to a vanilla network channel.

Fuck like your being watched!
I did tell Mrs. Swanilla that I would love to attend the swing house or a house party like the show someday, without the cameras of course. Our only experiences have been in swing clubs which have been great! I am curious about house parties and if we were able to go to a setting like what is presented on the show with a handful of like minded couples just to learn more, experience a night in a controlled/discreet setting and meet potential sexy friends then I would be interested. Of course what is presented on TV may very well be different than reality. Perhaps we are naive in that area??? 🙂
So would you appear on a show based on the lifestyle? If so, which one? Or do you have an idea of another type of show that hasn’t been developed yet? Leave a comment below or tweet us @BeyondRbedroom