Do fantasies have to come true?

Happy New Year! Hopefully you had a great holiday season and fun new years!

We wanted to post a quick question/topic for everyone and throw it out there to perhaps get some feedback or a discussion going. This will be part of another topic that we will touch on soon and did post a link related to an article on sexual fantasies.Would love to hear back from you guys! 

Do fantasies have to come true? If not all of them how do you decide which ones are okay to bring to life & which ones are better left in your mind (both as a couple or individual)? How do you decide which ones are okay to bring up to your partner? Are there any fantasies that took longer to bring up to your partner than others? Have any fantasies back-fired while bringing them up or while acting them out? How many of your fantasies have come true vs. not? 

Drop us a line via email or on twitter and let us know your thoughts.

10 Ways to Bring Fantasy Into the Bedroom

Studies show couples who regularly indulge [in sexual fantasy] tend to have a solid, happy and pleasurable relationship.”

Getting Your Fantasy Started
The next hurdle would be to tell your spouse that you want to share fantasies during sex. Here are 10 simple steps to get you started:

1. Start small, go slow. Successfully integrating new ideas into your regular love making routine need to be brought in gently.

2. Think of a simple, neutral (i.e. not too exotic) fantasy. Like the FedEx guy delivering a “package” or you meet a stranger in a bar.

3. Practice saying the fantasy out loud. Yes, this may seem tedious yet if you’re not used to talking dirty or sharing your fantasies, it’s best to have a few practice runs; that way you don’t feel tongue tied when it comes time to share.

4. Test the waters. During your next sexual encounter, say to your spouse, “Want to hear my naughty fantasy?”

5. Wait to get their permission. If they seize up and get upset, don’t take it personally. Often introducing something new makes people feel they are sexually inadequate and will put them on the defensive.

6. Respect their reaction. If they don’t want to hear then you need to pull back and move on.

7. Share your fantasy. If you get their permission, tell them your fantasy.

8. Roll with the fantasy. Expect your sex to become incredibly hot.

9. When the endorphins have settled, do a follow-up. After the sex, ask how they liked it and would like to do it again.

10. Don’t pressure them. If your spouse isn’t comfortable sharing their fantasy, don’t pressure them. Think of this as your sex specialty; what you give to the sexual experience.

Remember, the first few times you try adding fantasy to your lovemaking, there’s bound to be flub ups. Give it some time before it feels comfortable. After a while expect fantasy-inspired sex to be times to look forward to.

If you are among the very brave, take the fantasy from between the sheets and act it out. I find Halloween is the perfect time to “go public” with a fantasy—as everyone is expecting you to dress up and act differently anyway.

Couples report that Halloween has turned into their favorite holiday because they can completely let loose; that the build-up of adventurous energy leads to amazing sex.

So is it realistic to bring fantasy into your bedroom? There’s only one way for you to find out.

As always a nice song for background music while getting your Sexy Swanilla on! 

Our First Halloween Lifestyle Party

Some Treats & a few Tricks……

Seeing how it is almost Christmas, we figured it was good to post about our first Halloween party at a Lifestyle club. We actually had this post ready to go in draft mode, but life took over before we could add a few pics & edit it before we sent it out.

As we made our way into fall a few months ago we started talking about possibly attending our first lifestyle Halloween party. 

As we reviewed our calendar and talked about what it may be like we started getting very excited.  We knew we wanted to attend the same club that we have before – The X Club in Toronto for a few different reasons, mainly being familiar with the place and being comfortable. Knowing that Halloween is the biggest party in the lifestyle community we were excited and a little nervous. First was to decide what we were going to dress as. We looked at some very hot outfits online and decided to go as a Sexy Flight attendant & Captain! I was Captain Hugh Jorgan per my name tag!

Not Mrs. Swanilla but her costume!

We arrived at our hotel and noticed a few other couples arriving about the same time. Many just had that ‘look’ that they were attending the Halloween party! As we were checking in, the hotel staff was helping another couple and they said out loud “Oh you’re here for the Halloween party, have fun tonight!” Once we settled in and relaxed for a bit we had our pre-game conversation about what the evening could bring. Again, never any expectations with each other but it’s always nice to have that time to bring up the what if’s, to make sure we are both on the same page for the evening.  We knew we were in for a treat when we left our hotel room and headed for the lobby to grab limo service to the club. At first Mrs. Swanilla thought she may be a little revealing in her sexy flight attendant costume. Once we were in the lobby and saw fellow club goers in their sexy costumes, that all went away! There were plenty of others that were revealing a lot more, that had a lot of confidence and playfulness. As we waited for about 15 minutes with others, we chatted with a few other couples. There were probably 15-20+ couples waiting in the lobby. Everyone was so nice and approachable. It just seemed very normal to be waiting with others that were all like minded people, regardless of their comfort level that were just dressed sexier than normal. In reality there wasn’t a lot of lifestyle talk while waiting. Some dirty jokes, sexual/dirty comments among friends, along with drinks flowing and laughing. Honestly, we felt very comfortable.

Not Mr. Swanilla 

The week of the party we realized there was an annual event in Toronto called the Everything to do with Sex Show (ETDWSS).  Twitter @The_Sex_Show 
We were bummed we found out about it so late as we would have loved to tweak our trip so we could have been there for 1-2 full days to enjoy the show. They had a wide range of sex products, seminars on various topics with celebrities such as the lovely Jessica O’Reilly (from Sex with Jess & Playboy’s Swing) as well as Michael & Holli from Playboy’s SWING. Being on twitter a lot we noticed some tweets from Michael and Holli that they could be at the X-Club as they were at The X-Club booth at the Sex show.
Sure enough, the minute we walk into the club, right at the bar is Michael & Holli. We said hello and introduced ourselves, told them we enjoyed the show Swing very much and how the show has helped us learn and grow into where we are now. They were impressed we drove from Michigan for the party and said ‘that is dedication!’ They were both very nice and approachable and it was fun having them be the emcee’s/guest hosts for the big event. There was an area that night with the X-Club logo that you could take pics with them or other sexy couples to have fun with the various costumes. We chose not to take any pics for many reasons, but mainly we enjoy being discreet. 
Michael & Holli 

As we made away around the club it was just a sea of sexy people! From the staff to the guests just a lot of sexy costumes and people. We noticed a hot woman probably in her late 20’s dressed as a unicorn. Once we realized what she was dressed as we looked at each other and were like “niiice!!!” There were a few costumes that made us scratch our heads a little. Saw a few guys dressed with lots of blood and a monster theme. Nothing sexy or attractive about it all and we were unsure on the thought behind that. We noticed a few couples that looked scared and very nervous to be there. If anyone is ever unsure if they should attend a lifestyle club we would recommend Halloween not being your first time. It just seems to be a lot to take in for a first timer. 

After we grabbed a drink we noticed a few couples near the photo area. So we started chatting with a few couples and one asked us how long we had been in the lifestyle. They like us have been dipping their toes in for a couple years and learning their comfort levels. They were fun to talk to and told us how they ended up at Lifestyle party near U of M while in Michigan.  So if the Buffalo, NY couple are reading this, drop us a line, it would be fun to stay in touch.

After we chatted with a few people, we decide to head to the dance floor. The place was packed and we had a great time on the dance floor!!! We both danced and really enjoyed being so close and physical with each other on the dance floor that it became incredibly sexy – even for the two of us! We were able to leave our daily lives behind for a nice evening and just connect in a sexy way. That’s what it is about anyway. Having a great time with each other in a sexy environment and if something else happens or an opportunity is upon us/presents itself, then we would take it from there. 
Overall, we had one of the best times in terms of being with each other, dancing, and talking to a lot of people. It felt so comfortable and familiar to be there and just approach people and have them approach us. Halloween is so much easier to do this, as people compliment each other’s costumes all night so it’s a quick ice breaker “I love your costume!” can naturally turn into “is this your first Halloween party here?” to “How long have you been in the LS?” to ‘We’ll find you on the dance floor in a few minutes”.

After a little bit as we were on the dance floor having a great time, Mrs. Swanilla looked at me and said “would you like to go to the back?” I was somewhat surprised as it was earlier than I thought we would. We headed to the back and I was up for the open play area so we could be seen and watch several others or a private room. I was down for either and told Mrs. Swanilla to choose what she was comfortable with at the time.

Now at this club, if you go to the open area, you head to the locker room first, strip down to a towel and head to the open play area. If you get a private room, you can change in your room. So sometimes you may see couples with little to no clothes on while they make their way to the open play area or fully dressed as they make their way to a private room. We had never been to a private room alone as a couple. The last time we were in a private room, it was with another couple. Read about that experience here (New Experiences)
We started to get undressed and started kissing on the bed. Now remember, when the door is closed it is closed for a reason, even if you are in a room with a window. As I started to go down on Mrs. Swanilla she was still in her costume and enjoying it. After a few minutes we switched and she was going down on me. I whispered to her as a few sexy couples slowly walked by, they were watching. This really turns us on and gets us hot. Knowing that other ‘couples’ are watching and getting turned on by us. A few minutes later as we started to fuck – I had her bent over the bed and took her from behind. As we were enjoying ourselves, we noticed these two guys walk by. Then a minute later they came back and were watching/staring in a less than hot way and we noticed some obscene gestures, facial expressions, etc. – needless to say it killed the mood! Mrs. Swanilla had a minor freak out/ WTF moment when these douche bags were staring and left what seemed like an eternity later. She apologized to me and said “I can’t do this with these guys here”. I told her it was okay and just to calm down. She knew I had her back. Before we decided to call it, she calmed down and asked me if I would like a blowjob? Since I was ‘ready’ to go, I wasn’t going to turn her down!!! She gave a great blowjob and had her back turned to the window. After we finished we got dressed and took a few minutes to focus on ourselves in our room, talk for a few minutes and just bring our smiles back. We decided to go out, grab a drink and just dance some more.

Tricks – not Treats!

As far as the two douche bags, we weren’t exactly sure if they were there alone (single males) and thought it would be fun to go watch people in the lifestyle fuck? They both were fully dressed and we didn’t see any women with them. So they may have each had a girlfriend or spouse they were with, but it seems highly unlikely. It seems many guys would act more classy and polite if they had their spouse/date on their arm while they watched. Not all, but just seems that has been our experiences.
After we grabbed a drink and were on the dance floor, we noticed a couple that we had smiled with earlier in the night. He was dressed as a scuba diver and we just chatted for a bit on the dance floor. They were such a nice couple. They were from there in Toronto and we talked about traveling in the lifestyle. He and I were cracking jokes within minutes of chatting. They told us they had been to lifestyle clubs and resorts in Vegas, Florida and Desire of course. I told him we were looking into Vegas as I wanted to take Mrs. Swanilla there for her birthday next year. They asked us how old we were, and their response was “you guys are in your thirties? You look so good, what do you eat?”  My response was ‘each other, as much as possible’!!!

They were such a fun a couple to talk to, that it felt very natural and fitting to talk to. We never had a moment where we thought it would lead to something else with them, but they were just nice to talk to and honestly, if we lived closer to them, they seem like a cool couple to stay in touch with. Grab a drink with, crack dirty jokes with without having to worry if you would offend someone with a sexually charged joke. I told them about our twitter & blog here so if you guys are reading this be sure to message us and say hello! 
At this point the dance floor was heating up very nicely. We were going to grab another drink and noticed a small crowd/jam off to the side of the dance floor. As we got closer, we noticed a hot lady standing on the dance floor with a very sensual look on her face as she was looking down. Turns out, another girl was on her knees going down on her on the dance floor as the two guys held her up. Not one to shy away from something, we decided to walk by slowly as we both enjoyed the view!

We danced and got so hot for each other that about an hour or so later, the mood struck again and I asked Mrs. Swanilla if she was interested in heading to the back again? So we headed to the back and this time got a private room without a window. We both loved being in private at this point and it was nice to reconnect after a less than hot experience just a little earlier. So as we started playing, we could hear everyone in rooms next to ours as well as the open play area next to us. Having mirrors all around us was really hot as well! We fucked and we fucked hard! Mrs. Swanilla looked great with a little of her costume still on while being 99% naked! It was such a different experience compared to earlier in the night and it also showed what the right environment and situation can play a role in a fun time! Even with each other, as you don’t always have to play with others or even make your way to the open area. It is okay to just have a fun and hot night with each other and let others hear you screaming and moaning as you have multiple orgasms!

We did notice that as the night progressed we noticed a couple that were pursuing another couple on the dance floor. Sometimes if you don’t find that connection or just aren’t looking for anyone else that night, it is fun to just watch how others interact. From both a sexual and lifestyle perspective – almost a way to take some mental notes for your own use someday. In a vanilla club it is so prevalent and common to be hit on as everyone there is single for the most part. If someone hits on a woman that is taken, things could usually lead to guys arguing or turning into alpha males. However, we have always thought it is not only a compliment to be hit on, but the fact that others find us attractive, sexy or even fuckable is also a turn on for us. If a guy (or lady) tells Mrs. Swanilla that she looks sexy and compliments her, I don’t see that as a threat. It’s all how you present the compliment though. In a sexy and classy way. I would be more skeptical if we were at a vanilla dance club and a guy hit on her. Just something about a lifestyle club where there are more manners, a little more class. Maybe many lifestyle friendly couples have been listening to a lot of lifestyle podcasts or reading blogs have picked up on how to behave?!?!

As we noticed this couple flirting with another couple, they were grinding/dancing and noticed the two girls were kissing, then the couples were kissing their different partners. So it was hot to see things progress with them. However, out of nowhere three people (two girls and a guy) more or less pushed their way into the 4-some/flirting/kissing on the dance floor, to where the two new girls were kissing one of the original girls, and the other couple were whispering and had a look on their face like “what just happened”. So we aren’t sure if they cock-blocked them, or it was all welcoming and lead to perhaps a more-some in the back. But from our perspective it looked like a mood kill. 

As we got back to our room, we were exhausted and got into bed about 2:30am. We were awoken at 4:30am to our neighbors just moaning in a nice and sexy way. We could hear them starting out and next thing we knew, we just hear her screaming and their bed just going crazy!!! Knowing our floor was full of sexy swingers this wasn’t at all surprising. On our way out a few hours later we noticed a sexy pair of fuck me shoes in front of their door! 

Kind of goes with the “you know you are at a swingers party when……..”
The next morning we got ready and grabbed some breakfast at the hotel. I didn’t realize it at the time, but there was a couple that we had chatted with night before a few tables away as we were finishing up. I only knew them with their costumes on but Mrs. Swanilla recognized who they were. We didn’t approach them as everyone looked a little rough the next day and we were just 15 minutes from leaving for a 4+ hour car ride back home to Michigan. But they seemed nice and who knows, maybe they are reading this!?!
The following day it was very surreal. The drive home was very enjoyable, listening to some fun podcasts, some lifestyle based and some others we enjoy. We had great weather, no bad traffic, and sacrificed sleep to get home faster. However, as we slipped into our normal vanilla lives when we got home, there was such a nice afterglow. Just being among other people and the public in general at local event that day, it was nothing but smiles on our faces and thinking about our fun night. Looking at other couples and whispering to each other “You think they are in the LS?” or our simple version “Look to your left would or wouldn’t?” when we see someone that is hot!

Our ‘weapons’ for a fun weekend!

Funny story, when we approached the border at Sarnia Ontario/Pt. Huron Michigan, we handed the immigration officer our passports and answered a few questions, including do you have any weapons? Thinking of the toys in our bag from our dirty minds we just said no.

One of the last questions was the border patrol officer saying  “You mean to tell me you guys drove all the way to Toronto for one night?” After we left Mrs. Swanilla said next time we should be honest and tell them when they ask  “We went to a Swingers Lifestyle club and since Michigan doesn’t have any upscale and classy clubs or allow any that are Lifestyle friendly we make trips regularly to Toronto!” 

Then watch the look on their face. I mean we are doing nothing illegal, not bothering anyone and ethically and morally we enjoy ourselves so if the agent had a problem with it, that’s on them! Who knows maybe they will go home to their spouse that day and say “honey I have an idea“. 

Overall our first Halloween party really was a lot of fun! Everyone looked very sexy and it was such a nice time just being with so many like minded people. It was one of the first times where we weren’t nervous and just let things go and realized we are all there for the same thing or some version of the same thing. Everyone we saw was very non-judgmental and we wish there was something similar closer to home. Even 1-2 hours away to make it easier to attend. We have talked about attending again next year or possibly another club. It would be great to line up the Everything to do with Sex Show next year and make it a longer weekend with more fun!

Have any good stories to share about your first time at a lifestyle Halloween party? Please feel free to drop us an email or leave a comment below!

As always, we like to post sexy songs that we enjoy and have gotten us in the mood! This is a great song to have playing while things are heating up!!! Very sensual!

Our review of The Magic Wand – Hint – it made her squirt!!!

A few months ago we were watching the latest season of Swing from Playboy. This show is so great! Plus Jessica O’Reilly is very easy on the eyes! Both sexy & classy! We noticed the last few seasons that the women were always using this toy that looked something old school, as it had the electric cord. It didn’t have the typical hot pink, sleek, modern look like so many toys do. So after an episode Mrs. Swanilla mentioned that she really wanted to try one and we should look into getting one. After a few days of reading reviews and learning more about it, we ordered one.

By the weekend it had arrived. I being the sly guy I am, didn’t tell her. I had it ready in our room and hidden behind our pillows. After we enjoyed a glass of wine while watching another episode of Swing she made a comment about the toy again. After we started to play around, I grabbed and it asked her if she was up for the challenge!?!

She laid on back and tried it out as I enjoyed watching. She giggled and laughed as she couldn’t believe how it felt! She then turned it on full speed as she thought the speed she had it on was full speed. After a couple minutes of exploring herself and getting her groove with her new toy, she lost control and had a very intense orgasm! And then another! I was there just enjoying what I was seeing, as we have a number of toys and I had never seen her react to any of them like she did to the magic wand! She is a woman who loves her toys for sure! But this took it to a whole new level.

When she thought she was done, I asked her to get on her knees at the edge of the bed. As I was standing up, and she was on her knees, she put her arms around me as we kissed passionately! I slowly grabbed the toy and put it on her clit, and turned it on again. She was feeling very good, and she was starting to get the body movements that you know an orgasm is coming (or cumming)! Ha!

Except this time it wasn’t just an orgasm, as she started to cum, the look on her face changed and she said I am squirting! We looked down and she was speechless (in a good way) as she soaked the sheets! We both were so fascinated and impressed. This wasn’t the first time Mrs. Swanilla has squirted, but it had been a long time and never of this magnitude. After a minute of admiring the power of the magic wand Mrs. Swanilla said “why did we wait this long to buy this thing?!?!” I mentioned “We have to tweet this out!”

Mrs. Swanilla loves her magic wand! 

We had some fun responses from a few people. Matt & Bianca from the Everybody Swing podcast said “Hitachis are amazing! If you really want to get your sheets wet, next you have to try a Sybian!”

So of course we knew what a Sybian was from seeing it on Swing and in some porno we have seen. It’s a bit out of our price range right now, but we of course are willing to take a basic model from the company to do a product review on it! That would be fun for sure! We can only imagine what would happen if we get to play with one. 

We have a demonstration below on how they work for your viewing pleasure! 

Sybian Machine in action

Lifestyle Apps – Which ones would you recommend?

In learning more about the Lifestyle, there are a ton of podcasts and blogs that are very helpful. We have several linked here on our blog that we would recommend you check out as they are very fun and educational. Of course there are sexy shows such as Swing that really have been both exciting and educational to watch.
Naturally there are a lot of people in the Lifestyle on twitter, Instagram and there are also several webpages and apps that are very helpful in your journey. 
What are some of the best apps for the Lifestyle? Such as games for ice breakers, parties, calendars, club finders, etc. When looking in the App store, there seems to be slim pickings, so please share your thoughts of Lifestyle apps or Sexy apps in general.

New Experiences & More…..

We are back after a long hiatus on the blogosphere!  Things have been very busy in our vanilla life with the usual suspects taking up a lot of our time, life events, vacations, and new ventures that have eaten into a lot of our spare time.
We had a brutal winter here in Michigan and in many areas of the country. You would think being stuck inside would provide ample time to post updates to the blog and more, but it was actually quite the opposite. It was a race to get home in the snow covered roads, stay warm by getting the fire going in the fireplace and drinking a lot of wine. Which in turned led to many sexy nights at home!
The commutes in the bad weather haven’t been that bad. What was really funny is I would notice other drivers stressed out that it would take an hour to go 20 miles due to snow and ice, which normally would make me crazy too! This winter, I tried a different approach. I listened to several sexy podcasts while driving and it made the commute go so much better. How can you get stressed out when you are listening to an episode of Lifestyle out Loud or SwapFu while driving? I am positive a few drivers were wondering why I had such a huge smile on my face while we were going 4 mph a few times. Little did they know what makes a long commute so much more enjoyable!
We went to a club (again)
We were able to sneak away and were able to make it back to Toronto for a return trip to the X-Club. This was a very different experience then our first time there.  We had received a message from another couple earlier in the day and that they would be there too. We chatted briefly via email and explained what our rules were, and they sent us what their rules were.
In reading over the email about their rules/preferences, Mrs. Swanilla said “is that an email to us or one we sent out? As it is exactly what our rules are too!” We weren’t looking to full swap, but have a nice sensual experience of having fun together on the same bed/play area, with some girl/girl play and same room sex. In looking at online profiles and possibly events or parties, we wondered if you meet a couple and chat online or meet in person, and they are more experienced then you, and their comfort level is up for a full swap,  but ours is not, would they dial it back to our comfort level in playing and being with newbies? This is one of the questions that we have discussed a lot together and would love any feedback on this.
As we left and headed towards Toronto, we chatted and listened to some podcasts on the way there (the always great Swingin Around & SwapFu) and there was both excitement and some nervousness between us. After the 4+ hour road trip we arrived at our hotel and just relaxed for a bit. As we started to get ready for the evening we talked about the what-if’s of the evening to make sure we were both on the same page. We agreed that there weren’t any expectations since we were meeting a couple for the first time. Our plan was to go and just have fun, and go back to the open play area and have fun with each other again, as watching and being watched is very hot for us. We enjoy the sights and sounds of being in an open play area!
As we finished getting ready, Mrs. Swanilla mentioned that she was nervous since we were meeting people for the first time. If we meet someone at the club as the night progresses that is one thing, but this was “let’s meet for a drink at the club” and was our first time in doing so. We definitely both had our first time nerves, anxiety, stress and more that so many other swingers have mentioned on blogs, podcasts and shows.  But I assured her we would be fine and just to relax as there were no expectations. We balance each other out quite nicely in all aspects of life, and she knew I had her back.  
As we left our hotel room, we had what we call the Sexy Swanilla Walk! You know the walk, where you head to the elevator, down the hallways, into the lobby and grab a taxi, wondering what other guests at the hotel lobby/lounge are thinking when you walk by dressed very sexy or if you may run into another couple dressed for the evening that may be headed to the same club! This was not an on premise hotel we stayed at so there were vanilla’s around we had to dodge!
As we arrived to the club, we paid our fee and grabbed a couple drinks. What was really great this time was that we weren’t nervous of being at the club like we were the first time. We were still nervous that we were meeting another couple but we felt very comfortable at the club and very much at ease. It felt very familiar and comfortable.
We grabbed a couple drinks and found a place to sit for a few minutes. After a song or two the couple we chatted with online approached us and introduced themselves. Once we met and started talking, all of our nervousness just went away.

It’s funny how you think of meeting people and once you do, you realize that they are a ‘normal’ couple that is out to have a good time as well. They filled us in on a few different clubs they had been at in the area and gave us their reviews and told us a few other times they had been to this club. This particular club had been renovated a few months prior, mainly the open play area. So the four of us went to check out the newly renovated play areas before it opened to everyone for the evening and it sure has a sexy vibe going on! Looks so much better and even sexier!

They were a nice couple and put us at ease very much. They explained there was no pressure or any expectations for the evening. As they were talking at one point, Mrs. Swanilla pulled me closer to her and whispered “I really like them, they are so nice!”This was nice to hear, because all four us mentioned in chatting that if nothing happens, there is at least another couple to talk with at the club and just take in the energy with. Plus it’s nice to be able to share essentially a naughty secret with others and have club friends or acquaintances. To be honest, we thought they way they handled us being newbie’s was so polite and pressure free that, in some essence, that became a turn on as well.
After enjoying a few drinks and conversation we moved to the dance floor and just had fun. They told us they were headed to the back play area in a private room in a few minutes and we were welcome to join them. But if we didn’t there wouldn’t be any hurt feelings, and again no expectations.
They told us as we were dancing and Mrs. Swanilla turned around after a few minutes and said “we should go back and join them”. As many in the swinging community know, the women tend to lead the pace of the evening, but with anything communication of course is key. I never had any expectations knowing our comfort levels at this point and our conversations we had earlier in the day, but was both excited and surprised at her response.

After getting very excited on the dance floor, just kissing and grinding on each other, we decided to head back. The X-Club has a large play area and several private rooms. We changed and found our way to the room they had after walking through the newly remodeled open play area slowly as possible so we could take in the very sexy sights and sounds.
Now, we won’t go into each and every exact detail of what happened in the private room, but we will say, that they made us feel very comfortable, and relaxed. So comfortable that Mrs. Swanilla had her first girl/girl experience and it was a very hot and satisfying night!

It was very hot to have other couples walk by and watch what was happening through the window and open door in our room and was a real turn on to be essentially be giving them a sexy show!

After we enjoyed our ourselves, we headed back to the bar, enjoyed a cocktail and danced for a little bit more. We started to get tired and decided to head back to the hotel. Once we got back, we were both so turned on that we had reclamation sex, and it was very hot!

The next day, we got up and got ready, headed down to the breakfast area of the hotel before we headed on the road back to Michigan. As we sat there having coffee, we looked around as the place was packed with families and wondered “who here looks like they may have been down the street at the club last night?!?!

We would love to hear some feedback on any of your first experiences! Were they what you thought they would be? Was it better or different than you imagined? Did you put any pressure on yourselves leading up to your first experiences? Please post a comment or send us an email, as we would love to hear your stories too! 

This is a great summary of the lifestyle and how there isn’t a one-size fits all approach

This post’s song is Seafoam by Magnus Buchan, a very sexy and sensual song. Be sure to listen while having a sexy time!

Hello Everyone,

We have NOT given up on our blog. We have had some technical issues with blog posts not going out and trying to resolve a few things behind the scenes.

We have several posts ready to go, but want to ensure everything is working, etc. If anyone has any tips on blogger, settings, email us.

Stay tuned…….

Mr. & Mrs. Swanilla