Desire Trip Report – Part 4 – New Friends & New Experiences

As we finish up our Desire trip reports, we have a few more memories that we wanted to share that may answer some questions for those that haven’t been there yet. For those that have, they may relate to some of these perspectives as well. 

Some other memories of our first trip to Desire was meeting new people at the resort who became fast friends by the end of the trip. There are a lot of friendly and open minded people at a place like Desire, and many people are easy to talk to and open to having a conversation. Some may seem unapproachable because they may seem like “seasoned” swingers or lifestylers. Some may just know people from previous trips or just talking to others that they met there a couple days prior.
We found it very fascinating to learn a lot of people’s stories and their journey’s, both in the lifestyle and just life in general. There was one couple that we chatted with throughout our time at Desire. They were from Chile and they were an older couple. They looked great and we couldn’t quite guess their age. At one point I saw Mrs. Swanilla chatting with them later in our visit by the pool. She was asking them a lot about their trip to Mexico and how often they visit. They said they were in their late 60’s (which we would have never guessed that) and they have had a great time in the lifestyle over the years. But that they are at a point where they love to visit Desire, people watch and see others having a great time and they feel they are passing the torch to others that are in the lifestyle or are dipping their toes to find their place or set their own pace within their journey. They essentially were telling us that their play days are somewhat winding down and to enjoy life and just have a great time! We felt that was both really sweet and humbling at the same time.
We were finally able to grab a beach bed on our last full day there and as we laid there, we had some great moments. We had our speaker with soft sensual music playing while we were ready to fall asleep in the afternoon sun and shade with the ocean in front of us. We then noticed these clouds way in the distance of the ocean, and how dark they were. But also how fast they were approaching our beach. We grabbed our things and before we realized it we were running towards one of the bars to get out of the rain. It was fun because we just grabbed a drink and ended up meeting a lovely couple from Canada and from Kansas. The Canadian couple knew of the XClub and had been there a few times themselves. They told us some fun stories and of experiences they had while traveling as well. 
After the storm passed we realized the beach beds were soaking wet and decided to head to the pool and ended up spending more time with our friends from Texas, Oklahoma, Argentina, and Brazil. After a long afternoon of more partying and playing we headed to the hot tub to warm up from the rain. As we started to relax in the warm water, things started heating up in the hot tub between a lot of us in late afternoon. There was a lot of flirting, group kissing, touching and then the vibe just happened. It was very natural with so many sensual and sexy couples around. As things were heating up, we were making out while standing up in the hot tub with our new friends around us.
Mrs. Swanilla had me sit on the edge of the hot tub with the stairs just behind me. She proceeded to give me an incredible blowjob with so many sexy people around us enjoying themselves and others that needed a little more help than just 1 on 1 next to us. A lady we had chatted with earlier in the pool was outside the hot tub and walked up behind me, grabbed my cock and essentially was feeding it to Mrs. Swanilla. It took me a minute to realize who was holding my cock! As she was sucking me, she had this very sexy look in her eyes. That look of pure bliss while making eye contact the entire time she was sucking me. As I look around the hot tub as Mrs. Swanilla is eye fucking me with my cock in her mouth, I notice the mood changed quickly in the hot tub, and there were several couples engaging in fun sexual activities.
Many guys were sitting on the edge of the hot tub while they were all being pleasured. All of this while a warm tropical rain was coming down and just made it much more passionate.  As we realized it was time to get cleaned up for dinner and the theme night, the Sexy Brazilian couple invited us to dinner at Sahlo our last night. It was a lot of fun, as we had a long conversation about many things in life and talked at length about many things that we have in common. We all noticed The Texas couple were also a few tables away from us. We invited them to join us but they were having a quiet evening with just the two of them. We joined them after dinner for a mini celebration and drink before heading to our rooms to change for the theme night.

When the Mood Strikes…..

One thing we learned is that you can’t force a vibe or a mood. Like any sexual situation, you have to be in the mood and have the right surroundings. We realized that while we had some very sexy times in the hot tub, it took a few times to find the right vibe and just let it happen. We discovered a lot of what appeals to us and what we may do differently next time. A hot tub full of naked people sounds hot,(and it can be), it’s the vibe and sexual tension in the air that can affect the flow of the time there. To be clear it has nothing to do with body image or age. There were people of all shapes, sizes, ages, colors and that didn’t affect our mood one way or another. But one thing that did was being in the middle of a hot sexual activity and things really heating up between us and others around us. Those few minutes when the stars are out at night, the mood is sensual and things go from laughs and flirting to passion and moans. But one thing we found distracting was people having conversations really close by was somewhat distracting as it was very late at night, and the mood between a lot of us was heating up. Don’t get us wrong, we love talking to people and learning their stories. But there were a couple moments where it may have been better for all of us if we all moved to a bed or two nearby and focus on each other. However, there were 5 couples in the middle of “stuff” and we didn’t want to ruin the moments by suggesting we all move over to the beds. 
We realize that the hot tub is very hot and can be sexual, it has to have the right vibe, and all. When we have been to lifestyle clubs, one thing we noticed in the playroom is no one is allowed in their street clothes, everyone has to be naked. It doesn’t mean you to have to be part of a group orgy, but at least be naked (with your towel) and your partner and lay on the bed or couch and take in the atmosphere. When we get naked in the locker room and head to the back play area the walk to the back is really hot and sensual. You leave the locker room where many people are nervous getting naked no matter how you slice it. Then walk into this huge sexy room with lots of beds, couches, and more and see all kinds of fun. Couples having fun, threesomes happening next to you, couples soft swapping, couples full swapping and couples just laying on the beds naked just watching or wanting to be watched. But the atmosphere is so hot with all the sounds, and all of the possibilities above really are a major turn on. Everyone is on an equal playing field if you will. Not that everyone is fair game but being naked in the area, letting people watch, letting people hear the juicy and sexy sounds that are happening. Wow! Need to take a break as Mrs. Swanilla decided to suck me as we write & read this blog post together! 🙂
So on one hand, we were looking for that type of vibe at Desire in the playroom and the hot tub area. We had it in the playroom one night but it wasn’t the right vibe. We had an incredibly hot sex in the hot tub with lots of involvement from others in our ‘circle of fun’ which we think about and whisper to each other still months after our trip. The thoughts of those nights are very hot and get us in the mood for sure! We enjoy having the pillow talk after a bottle of wine and whispering to each other what we saw, what we did to others together and separately, it gets us very hot and we can’t wait to return to meet new friends, see old friends and make new sensual memories!  
Mr. & Mrs. Swanilla
PS –  We have one more blog post coming soon about our last night at Desire. It’s our version of the snapshot that Mr. & Mrs. Jones from the We Gotta A Thing Podcast are known for sharing!