Desire Trip Report: Day 3 – New Friends, The Foam Party & The United Nations? 

By our third day, things were definitely heating up! We started our morning like the day before, hot sex to help set the mood of the day. We were excited as many people and the staff told us not to miss the foam party in the pool that afternoon. We were very curious what it was going to be like.

We ran into the Texas Couple around late morning and ended up hanging out with them for most of the day in the pool. After a little bit, they introduced us to some sexy new friends they met from Brazil. What a great couple! She had the cutest smile and personality, and he was a true gentleman that you immediately realized was a good guy. We all shared many drinks and our lovely waitress Sylvia hooked us up with our new favorite drinks, the electric lemonade. As soon as our glasses were near empty she would be right there with a tray full of cold tasty drinks! After a few minutes, we noticed a couple more sexy couples and someone from our group had met them earlier.  They were a sexy couple from Las Vegas and another sexy couple from Argentina and we welcomed them with hugs and kisses to our group. At this point, there are five couples with another 1-2 couples having drinks with us on and off and talking to other friends nearby.  We had been in the pool at this point for close to 2.5 hours and knew the foam party would be starting about 2pm. It was about 1:45pm when Mrs. Swanilla and I looked at our friends and said: “oh shit, we forgot to eat lunch!” With all of their encouragement, they convinced us to just have another drink and eat lunch after the foam party. Not that it was hard to convince us to stay with so many sexy naked people in our group.

During this time there are sexy staff members and models that are walking around the pool putting on a fashion show with various pieces of clothes and lingerie. Shortly after that, the staff was dancing salsa near the pool. There was a great looking guy on the staff and Mrs. Swanilla made a comment on how good he was at dancing. Being Latina herself she can recognize great latin dancing from a mile away! While in the pool and watching him dance we realized he had to be the sexy latino that “A” from The Curious Couple referred to on their podcasts about Desire!

We noticed the staff setting up these large canisters near the pool and as we all grabbed another drink we noticed the music was getting louder, more of a party vibe was happening and the pool was packed! It seems many joined in to see what was told to us throughout the week there. Before we knew it the foam started and the party was underway. It was very cool seeing the foam on top of the water and everyone in their party vibe. Before we realized it there was a lot of foam on top of the pool and at some parts, it would be at least 3-6 feet higher than the water. Many mentioned that it could be claustrophobic for some. We joked around that we felt like it was the inside of a dishwasher. One thing that was funny was you would bump into people in the pool as it was hard to see where you going at times, especially in the middle of the pool. We ran into some new friends we met out first day there from Colorado. She is very sweet and he is a big flirt and couldn’t get enough of Mrs. Swanilla. He kissed her anytime he could and it was all very sweet and respectful, a true gentleman. Such a nice couple that we would love to see there again. Just good and fun people. He asked Mrs. Swanilla if she wanted to get on his shoulders and go into the foam across the pool. Before we knew it we were all laughing as we see Mrs. Swanila naked on top of his shoulders going into the foam and disappearing. All of us were joking with yelling her name saying “it was nice knowing you”. A few minutes later they emerge from across the pool covered in foamy soap suds. During the foam party which lasted a lot longer than we realized it would, the mood was definitely heating up! With so many sexy new friends and a lot of comfort between the couples, there was a sexual electricity in the air. Before we realized it there was a lot of touching, kissing, stroking and giggling happening. After enjoying our time together as a group of new friends, we realized the foam party was winding down and our friends from Texas mentioned that we should all head to the hot tub upstairs in a few minutes as it was late afternoon and we knew a few other friends were already up there. As everyone refreshed their drinks Mrs. Swanilla and I had a moment alone and kissed very passionately and checked in with each other to make sure we were both good, we were!

Many sexy memories were made here! 

Another great memory of our first trip to Desire was meeting new people at the resort who became friends by the end of the trip. As we were all getting in the hot tub we see our two other friends from earlier and they welcomed us. There was a circle of us in the smaller part of the hot tub. At one point there were about 5-6 couples all welcoming each other and getting to know each other with hugs,kisses and oh so much more! Many were from different countries and we joked around that we had our own United Nations welcoming committee in the hot tub. We had Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, Colombia and the great states of Texas, Georgia, Nevada, and Michigan representing the United States. Later I remembered our first trip to the XClub in Toronto and of their host gave us a tour of the club, and we were so nervous. He explained ‘in the playroom the white couch off to the side was neutral territory and doesn’t get involved, ya know like Switzerland’. Just a fun memory with so much fun happening!

As everyone was busy touching, licking, kissing, and sucking I made the comment that “if the real United Nations was this friendly we could have world peace in an afternoon!” There were a lot of giggles and laughs in between the moans. Things started to heat up between everyone and before we realized it, we had a pretty decent tropical rain coming down on all of us as we were in the hot tub. At one point Mrs. Swanilla and I made eye contact in between all of the kissing and touching of new friends and we just had a moment of “look at this, sexy new friends in a hot tub in Mexico at a great resort with rain coming down on all of us.” I remember saying later, “For dipping our toes in the Lifestyle we seemed to have fallen in”.

Mrs. Swanilla ready to party!

At one point, all of the ladies were kissing passionately and taking turns just having very hot moments. Most of the guys were watching as Mrs. Brazil was in the middle of everyone and she was being slowly passed around to each lady in our group. She is very sexy and such a sweet person!  It was all playful fun and I felt we all were respectful of each other anyone’s boundaries. As others started to join in, I noticed out of the corner of my eye that Mrs. Swanilla was kissing our new friends from Argentina, a lot. Not just her either, but both of them. Even though I was very close by, she turned to me and said “Mr. Swanilla, this is the first time that I have felt an attraction to both people of a couple!” as she proceeded to kiss both of them back and forth. This turned me completely on and got me very hot, and if Mrs. Swanilla wanted to take it any further with them I was totally ready! There was something about Mrs. Argentinas eyes that were very sexy and sensual! She was very sexy in many ways and he was a true gentleman. 

Mr. Swanilla ready for the night

After a fun afternoon with new friends, a lot of drinks and the evening   fast approaching we decided to head back to our room to have some alone time, reconnect, shower and get ready for dinner and also the theme night – Dress to Impress! And boy did Mrs. Swanilla look very sexy & stunning in her red dress! 

After a nice dinner just the two of us, we proceed to get ready for the sexy night ahead of us. There was a fun band playing and we danced on the open area on the outside patio where everyone hangs out before the nightclub opens that night. We said hello to new friends and after a drink we all proceeded to head to the disco for a fun night of dancing and more. 

Day 4 Coming soon! Stay tuned…..