Our last night & last dance at Desire!

This is our version of a snapshot that we shared together on our last night at Desire. Snapshots are a great story or memory that Mr. & Mrs. Jones from the We Gotta Thing podcast have been sharing, and we wanted to share ours.

It was our last night at Desire and we knew we were going to live it up and make every moment count. It was masquerade night and we both wore sexy outfits and love the theme nights. We went into the disco and the night was just getting started. Due to weather most people were in the disco, so it was packed. After saying hello to some new friends, we hit the dance floor and lived it up. We both enjoy dancing but Mrs. Swanilla likes it even more when there is Latin music playing. Being on the dance floor to the right type of music, with the right mix of sexy people, having a great dinner earlier with new friends from Brazil, and having a great experience earlier in the day we were both on cloud 9 at this point. Just embracing each other in the music, the sensual dancing, and soaking up every minute of it while staring into each other’s eyes!  After about 20 minutes of dancing, we head to the bar to grab a drink. A couple approached us and the gentleman said to Mrs. SwanillaIf you don’t mind me saying so, you are absolutely beautiful and you guys are very sexy to watch on the dance floor!” 
Dancing our night away
Mrs. Swanilla thanked him and we all chatted for a few minutes. He explained he recognized us from a private online group that was set up for those headed to Desire so we introduced ourselves and we chatted with him and his lovely wife. He proceeded to tell us both the following: “It has been a true pleasure watching you guys dance, and having a great time out there. We can tell that you guys are truly in love with each other and just wanted to say it’s been a lot of fun just watching the two of you get lost in each other in a room full of so many sexy people”.
We both truly felt the sincerity of his words and we chatted for a little about the resort, the lifestyle and more. Then, one of our favorite songs came on, (see song below) and we said “can’t miss this song, give us a minute and we can chat again”. As we embraced each other on the dance floor after hearing such nice comments, it gave us a sense of even more love and affection than we already had that night and truly made us feel special that another couple took the time to say something so sweet to us. It just made us feel so nice hearing that from someone that isn’t part of our daily life.
As we lived it up on the dance floor and just had an amazing time between the two of us. We realized after awhile that we had the dance floor to ourselves and a few other couples, as most of the place cleared out as everyone headed to the playroom or hot tub. The DJ just kept playing great songs in a similar latin dance style. He was definitely reading the room by playing the right music. We then realized what time it was, and went into the playroom to see if we liked the vibe happening in there. We decided to head to the hot tub to live it up there one last night before heading home to reality in the morning. At one point on the way to the hot tub, I asked Mrs. SwanillaDid Pitbull and Enrique Iglesias cock block me from getting to the hot tub sooner?” We both laughed and she said: “Pretty much! Thank you baby, I needed that night!” I told her it was my pleasure and love dancing with her.

We have so many memories from our first trip to Desire but this one really touched our hearts and made us feel like newlyweds after close to 20 years of marriage! 

As we headed to the hot tub, we slowly got undressed and went to dip our toes in the tub! But may have slipped and ‘fell in’ to the good times to be had with many new friends waiting for us to join them! Many kisses to Mr. & Mrs. Argentina, Mr. & Mrs. Las Vegas & Mr. & Mrs. Mexico for having such a wonderful time in the hot tub with us in our circle of fun! 

As we heard Mr. & Mrs. Jones say on their podcast We Gotta Thing recently in talking about their trip to Desire this summer, they said something just stuck with us and we related to. 

If you’ve ever been to Desire no explanation is necessary, if you haven’t no explanation is possible


Caution: Slippery When Wet!

A great song that has many memories of our last night at Desire!