Oct 31, 2012 – Halloween is here.

As you know from our previous posts and our blog we are busy parents and we have a lot going on. This Halloween would be a busier one as well. We have made the mistake of not getting out of work early enough in years past and had that rushing around feeling, we both hate that. We both left work early this year to get things in order before the kids came home from school and our house was full of neighborhood kids and their parents having a few adult beverages before we all headed out to walk the neighborhood in the cold weather.

We both found ourselves alone in the house with no kids, no neighbors and no kids running around. We just smiled as we looked at each other. As we ran upstairs we decided to get under the covers to warm up, and turned on some cable porn. We found one that looked promising, a few things happening on the TV that sparked an interest and then, the quality acting kicked in! Nothing like bad acting in what was an erotic movie that made us both laugh! We are both so done with cable porn, but it is fun to laugh at!

I have a large meat lovers delivery here

The wife decided she wanted her own treat as it was Halloween. I wasn’t sure what she had in mind until she pulled out her favorite toy. She was really enjoying herself and had me take over with holding it in the right spot. As she moaned louder and louder she had me get up on my knees as she was laying on her back so she could suck me while she warmed herself up before we fucked! After a few minutes of getting a wonderful blowjob from the wife I could tell it was starting to feel way too good! I realized that the more she was clinching to her toy and watching her body move as she was ready to cum, her mouth felt even better! Before I knew it she had made herself cum three times with her toy going in and out of her while she was sucking me faster and harder. She just gave me that look with her sexy eyes with my cock in her mouth. No words exchanged, as this is one of the few times where as a guy, I can be a mind reader! 🙂

I knew she wasn’t stopping as she wanted to taste me and was going to make me cum any second. Within another minute her mouth was filling up with my hot cum and she couldn’t get enough. Even when I thought I was done, she kept sucking my cock so she would get every last drop!

Once we finished I just looked at her and said wow! “How’s that for a treat on Halloween baby?” She smiled and just kept sucking and sucking until there was nothing left!
We fell onto the bed, cuddled, laughed, and smiled about how hot that was and how bad that movie was! Definitely a great time to hold us over until date night a couple days later and a great way to help relax for that cold night of walking around with neighbors, a wagon full of mommy juice, beer and drinks for the dad. Little did I realize that is how our parents got through it 30+ years ago too! I always thought my parents hot cider smelled funny. Now I know it was filled with rum!

Perhaps better cable porn?