A few months ago we were watching the latest season of Swing from Playboy. This show is so great! Plus Jessica O’Reilly is very easy on the eyes! Both sexy & classy! We noticed the last few seasons that the women were always using this toy that looked something old school, as it had the electric cord. It didn’t have the typical hot pink, sleek, modern look like so many toys do. So after an episode Mrs. Swanilla mentioned that she really wanted to try one and we should look into getting one. After a few days of reading reviews and learning more about it, we ordered one.

By the weekend it had arrived. I being the sly guy I am, didn’t tell her. I had it ready in our room and hidden behind our pillows. After we enjoyed a glass of wine while watching another episode of Swing she made a comment about the toy again. After we started to play around, I grabbed and it asked her if she was up for the challenge!?!

She laid on back and tried it out as I enjoyed watching. She giggled and laughed as she couldn’t believe how it felt! She then turned it on full speed as she thought the speed she had it on was full speed. After a couple minutes of exploring herself and getting her groove with her new toy, she lost control and had a very intense orgasm! And then another! I was there just enjoying what I was seeing, as we have a number of toys and I had never seen her react to any of them like she did to the magic wand! She is a woman who loves her toys for sure! But this took it to a whole new level.

When she thought she was done, I asked her to get on her knees at the edge of the bed. As I was standing up, and she was on her knees, she put her arms around me as we kissed passionately! I slowly grabbed the toy and put it on her clit, and turned it on again. She was feeling very good, and she was starting to get the body movements that you know an orgasm is coming (or cumming)! Ha!

Except this time it wasn’t just an orgasm, as she started to cum, the look on her face changed and she said I am squirting! We looked down and she was speechless (in a good way) as she soaked the sheets! We both were so fascinated and impressed. This wasn’t the first time Mrs. Swanilla has squirted, but it had been a long time and never of this magnitude. After a minute of admiring the power of the magic wand Mrs. Swanilla said “why did we wait this long to buy this thing?!?!” I mentioned “We have to tweet this out!”

Mrs. Swanilla loves her magic wand! 

We had some fun responses from a few people. Matt & Bianca from the Everybody Swing podcast said “Hitachis are amazing! If you really want to get your sheets wet, next you have to try a Sybian!”

So of course we knew what a Sybian was from seeing it on Swing and in some porno we have seen. It’s a bit out of our price range right now, but we of course are willing to take a basic model from the company to do a product review on it! That would be fun for sure! We can only imagine what would happen if we get to play with one. 

We have a demonstration below on how they work for your viewing pleasure! 

Sybian Machine in action